Thursday, May 26, 2016

the same little prize in the cereal box of life

So so sooo happy that we could finally see each other again, talk and talk and talk like it's just another lunch, another day, even though actually, it's almost five years since the last time we met! Thanks for visiting me and my baby, dear! And thanks for the thoughtful presents, we love it sooo much! I'm so happy too that we still think of each other after all these years :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Who is just coming back? Back again? Again.. And again. Well, okay. I still find it hard to steal a little bit of time to write as I promised to myself. There's a moment when I was feeling happy and inspired, I wanted to write. There was a moment when I was all gloomy then I wanted to write too. All things that happened, all about my baby, all my thoughts.. I really want to pour them here like no one would give a damn to whatever it is, but my biggest problem is to find the time to do so. I am all consumed from one morning to another morning by the household chores, looking after my baby, and researching about what to expect and what to do with her developments. That day I researched about activities that would stimulate the strength of her feet, on the other day I surveyed about training cups for infants, and now these days I am still browsing recipes here and there to plan her weekly menu. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We're back!

Hello! We've came back from our two weeks trip to Jakarta. Still cant believe that two weeks passed by so quickly, that we are home again now. Although it's a short trip, alhamdulillah everything went well and we happily spent every minute of our time there with both side of our family and some close friends.  :)

I couldn't thank my husband enough for giving me more time to stay in my mother's house, and my in-laws as well for the understanding, so both my husband and I could have our own personal moments to accompany our parents. I think I should celebrate this achievement that we didn't fight at all during the trip regarding planned agenda and time slots (like we usually did :p), despite some minor arguments.

After all the good times back in Jakarta, we eventually should go back to Singapore. I feel so devastated that I would be separated with my mother again and I think half our my heart was left behind when I left her house :(. I am not really in a good of health as I caught a cold several days before we departed so I dont think I could write much here now.  I will later write about the flight, things we brought back in, and some family events, but before I need to get myself recovered first,  unpack some luggages, and clean the house --it's so messy here! Above of all, Baby S is all healthy and happy during and after the trip, that's the highlight that I am cherished for right now. See ya!

baby S during her angkot ride! :))

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Upcoming Trip

We'll be flying to Jakarta this Saturday insyaaAllah! This is gonna be the first time ever for Baby S to go out of this country she was born in leaving for her original home country; Indonesia.

I am so excited to go home and see my mother, but I am a little bit scared too because now we have a baby with us, who is still unable to sit in her own so that she needs to be held most of the time on the trip. Not that I refuse to hold her though, but as far as I'm concerned, baby S is not so into it, and she prefers to be laid on a spacious area where she can freely kick her retless legs.

But I think this wont be a real problem, I hold her during 2 hours tafseer class though, so I know that as long as she can suck her thumbs, she wouldn't mind lying on my lap. So I think I just need to let her put her thumbs in her mouth as long as she wants.

In addition to that, she's no where near to be able to talk yet now, so she'll cry every time she's trying to communicate with us. I know it's pretty normal, but my biggest concern is that when you're on a low cost budget flight, the least thing you want to get is screaming and crying baby (and other passengers' annoyed stares. What am I supposed to do when she feels bored and uncomfortable? Nurse her, rock her, talk to her, gently pat her back, what else?

Another concern is about her personality. Baby S is an easy and happy baby, as we dont need to provide sophisticated toys full of stimulations to entertain her, she can contentedly play only with her burp cloth. She generously gives me her sweetest smile in return every time  I smile to her, but this doesnt always happen with her father, sometimes she smiles back to him, sometimes she doesnt. Well till now, she has not met many people yet because I rarely brought her out to meet friends. And that makes me a bit hesitant, would she still be a smiling face when we are in Indonesia, where our family and friends are going to meet her? Hopefully!

Since last week, I've said to her several times a day that we will be going to Indonesia for two weeks, and on that trip, she will be expected to be nice and happy as she always is. I cant really say that it's a kind of hypnowords, but I hope it would work this time like it did when I was still pregnant with her. We'll see!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Labor & Delivery (part 2)

Previously on hello! I've written my experience several days before the delivery, now I'm going to continue with the D-day!

*switching to Bahasa setting mode*

28 Agustus 2015

03.30 pm
Sepulang dari klinik, mules-mules kontraksi mulai bikin meringis dan flek-flek makin banyak karena abis cek dalam, kayaknya emang cek dalam itu lumayan bikin ngebuka jalan lahir juga yaa. Emak gue udah makin yaqin kalau akan segera lahir karena katanya fundus rahim gue udah turun banget. Suami gue langsung ngecek ulang kelengkapan barang - barang yang udah disiapkan di dalam hospital bag serta dokumen yang diperlukan untuk admission nanti malam. Sedangkan gue kembali lagi ke kegiatan ngepel sambil jongkok bolak balik dari ujung ke ujung, sampe jadi kinclong banget tuh lantai rumah kayaknya.. Ini gue lakukan semata - mata karena gue pengen lahirnya normal aja, dan nggak pake  diinduksi kalau bisa, hiks.

07.30 pm
Sehabis sholat maghrib, kami makan malam bertiga dengan nasi briyani kambing beli di As-Salam depan masjid Kassim. Gue beneran habis satu bungkus sendiri demi persiapan energi untuk proses melahirkan yang akan gue hadapi sebentar lagi.

09.00 pm
Setelah isya semua orang udah masuk kamar untuk istirahat sebentar, supaya bisa bangun entar malam jam 12 untuk berangkat ke rumah sakit. Perut bawah makin sakit tiap kontraksi datang, tapi masih bisa ditahan sih.. Buktinya gue pulesss sampe tau-tau udah lewat jam setengah satu malam.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Labor & Delivery

It's only 5 months since I gave birth to Baby S, but it seems like that my memory of the delivery process started to fade away. Honestly, I already forgot how the labor pain was like. Yeah I know childbirth is the worst pain that women have ever experienced, but I just cant recall how painful it was.

Mumpung masih bisa diingat-ingat, mendingan buru - buru gue tulis deh sekarang. Posting kali ini gue mau pake bahasa sehari-hari aja, karena kayaknya bakal panjang banget dan gue lagi males banget mikir pakai bahasa inggris, baru nulis sekalimat, eh bayi bangun, gak selesai - selesai yang ada! hihihi. Yok, kita mulai!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Social Media Detox

Have you ever really thought about how digital life and social media have been a place we visit the most? Have you ever noticed how we become so attached to our gadgets, spending most of our time looking at the screen? Have you ever realized how we are very keen to our smartphone that we just couldnt bear missing out any update because of  not checking it yet for quite some time? If the answers were mostly no then it shows that we dont know how gadgets and social media have been an important part of our daily life.

I didnt admit it at the first time those questions cross my mind, because I know what I was doing with my gadget and social media. Some of my defending reasons are:
(1) I live outside my home country distanced from my family and friends, hence I need social media(s) to keep myself updated with what's going on there with them while I am away.
(2) I have to keep my mother (who doesn't into social media) posted about my daughter's well being several times a day and because I couldn't be able not to talk with her for a day in my entire life anyway, therefore communication by chat messages and video calls is inevitable.
(3) I am a first time mom living with my husband and we take care of the baby on our own. We face new things every day when our baby is growing up. Sometimes we dont have any idea what should we do or what's the best for her in a certain circumstance, so that browsing the internet to the rescue! BabyCentre,, and mommiesdaily forum are some of my ultimate resources about newborn care and parenting.

Pretty understable, right? But then there's this one day while I was nursing my baby, she stared at me with that deep look into my eyes when I was still glued to the phone screen, so I had to admit that I've come too far with this, so I need to stop. Why would I bring my phone near my baby on the first place, anyway? When I already know that It's harmfull for her? Addicted, that's it, I just couldnt resist. I feel sick about it and I really need to stop. So I decide to start a digital detox,  or social media detox to be specific, as soon as tomorrow.

Some of what I have done so far are I've unfollowed several accounts from my Instagram to make it less interesting or not interesting at all in order to prevent myself checking the app. I've probihited myself to open Path these three days, and I feel okay, not a biggie at all! Anyway, I dont have Facebook app installed in my phone though, so I just need to restrain myself signing in from browser. We have some unread baby care books here at home, I guess I 'll take my time to read them one by one instead of googling here and there (then end up being unnecessarily agigated and worried). I am not going to uninstall anything including Whats App, but I will just try to reduce having long chats unless it's really important. So far I only made chat with my mother, brothers, and husband. Will see if I could continue this for three weeks or more.

In the meantime, I probably still make some entries in this blog, but I promise to myself that I will only do it during my baby's naps. Wish me luck! ;)