Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eid Mubarak 1438H

We are already in Jakarta since this morning to have Eid Fitr tomorrow with our family and friends until next week. Hope we are all able to reap the blessings and benefits of this Ramadhan as much as we can.  Taqabballahu minna wa minkum.. Taqabbal yaa karim. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Diaper Rash

Another misfortune that befalls us lately really got me so beaten up. Knowing that it's actually avoidable and it's beknown as the consequence of the decision I took, made me feel so bad about myself as S's mother.  

Several days ago S got an itchy rash in her diaper area. I know it's my fault since I deliberately gave her disposable diapers instead of her usual cloth diapers just because I didn't want to have this cloth diaper washing-drying-folding tasks in my to do list at least until Ramadan ends. 

It didn't get better even though I've given over the counter diaper cream for consecutive three days. I was so worried if it's a yeast or bacteria infection that I brought her to a pediatrician. Alhamdulillah the pediatrician confirmed that it's not fungus infection, he said it might be the result of her wet disposable diapers rubbing against her skin. 

It's already two days today since our visit to the clinic, but S still has this redness especially every morning that it made she wake up very early because she couldn't stand the itchiness. That's it, she's sensitive to the chemical used in her disposable diaper. I was so guilty as charged. Started this morning, I gave her diaper free time for 2,5 hours, hoping that her skin can breath a little and recover soon. 

Because of this mischance we have now, I promise to myself that after the Eid holiday has over, I will definitely begin the toilet training for S. I hope that before entering the age of two, she's toilet trained and diaper free. Let's see how it'll go. 

For now, I can only pray that her diaper rash will be totally gone soon before the end of this week as we'll be going to Jakarta. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Little Nightmare at Dawn

Two days ago, we wake up early at 5 am to have our sahoor meal. I went to the dining room to prepare my chocolate and butter sandwiches where I saw my husband already sitting there and holding his stomach in agony. I didn't realize that he was in a very serious pain, so I told him to start eating his cereal meal, but he refused and only took a little sip of plain water. Seconds after realizing that drinking water didn't make him any better, he went to the bathroom, while I started to munch my sandwich. My husband came back from the bathroom  with a paler face and he could barely breath, let alone talk. I was so frightened to see his condition so I panically call 995. The officer asked me some questions I couldn't even digest so I just answered with the same answer that my husband's in pain, we need an ambulance now.

Five minutes later after, the ambulance arrived in front of our apartment. My husband still managed to walk outside himself while I put my sleeping child inside the babycarrier. But unfortunately only one company can go inside the ambulance, so my baby and I couldn't go to the hospital with them. I ordered a Grab taxi for me and my baby and then rushed to CGH following after the ambulance. 

When I arrived at the A&E, my husband was just brought to the triage. I swear it was the most terrifying moment I have ever had in my life. My mind was not so clear and I thought of so many bad possibilities that could happen. Fortunately it didn't take so long to get the check up done, so I could stop all of the negative thoughts popping into my head and we were escorted to the consultation and treatment's waiting area. 

My husband was no longer in pain, he said that it stopped while he was in the triage. I tried to cheer him up by telling him I was so stressed that my stomach could not stop growling, until I couldn't help farting in the taxi. Lol. I am still sorry for the driver though. 

In the consultation room, the doctor checked and asked several questions, and he came up with a conclusion that no treatment was needed, but he suggested a blood test. And then we had to wait again for the lab result. I sent message to my sister in law and told her about my husband's condition, she thought it might be a gastritis. Yes she's right, after the lab test has done and the result was stated OK, the A&E doctor gave us discharge permit and medication prescription for gastritis. 

It was already 7.30am when we were in a taxi headed back home, by this time my husband already looked good and healthy. Alhamdulillah it was nothing serious though I knew that gastritis pain is very bad. My husband decided to work from home so he could take some rest before start working. At 5 pm he was good enough to have his usual 20 minutes running session again. 😑

Regardless of the appaling way to start the day, we're still grateful that at the end of the day everything is okay. It's a reminder for me to always take good care of what my family is eating and try to keep stress at bay. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Motivational Words

I just read a post in FreeCodeCamp's forum. And I want to keep for myself some words of motivation from a self-taught developer. 

If you work hard enough, stay consistent, and willing to make sacrifices in your life to achieve your dreams. You will eventually make it happen.
Failure is part of the process. I applied to more than 100 jobs and only got responses from about 5% of jobs postings and only two interview offers.
It doesn't matter your education background, your upbringing, or your failures. If you remain consistent and never give into the stress, frustrations, and challenges you face, you will become a developer.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Homemade Ice Cream

My daughter loves ice cream. She usually eats it on its own or together with avocado, banana, bread, etc. So I made it myself because it's easy and inexpensive compared to supermarket's price. Plus, I know that the ingredients are all fresh and halal. This is the recipe that I often use, I learned it from


5 tbsp sweetened condensed milk 
5 tbsp sugar 
3 tbsp corn flour (maizena) 
250 ml UHT milk 
1/2 tsp emulsifier (Ovalet, etc)  
Cookie crumbs (Oreo, etc)


1. Mix in a medium saucepan the sweetened condensed milk, sugar, corn flour and UHT milk over low heat. Stir constantly until smooth and slightly thickened. Remove saucepan from heat, and allow to cool. 

2. Remove the mixture to a plastic container and then freeze for 4-5 hours. 

3. Put ovalet and 2 tbsp water in a small bowl. And set the bowl in a water-filled saucepan.  Heat for 20 minutes until the ovalet has melted. And then remove the bowl from saucepan. Allow to cool. 

4. Pour the frozen mixture to the blender together with the ovalet. Let it rise. 

5. Pour the blended mixture into a plastic container, cover and freeze overnight until firm.

I skipped Oreo this time and used Chocolate flavored UHT milk instead

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Those Days

Those days are the days I will always treasure as life experiences with so many valuable lessons that made me who I am today. No matter how pathetic, desperate, and miserable I was on those days, it was still the days I embrace my youth to the fullest while being weighed down by the pressure of the general mindset about how women should live. 

Though some people said that I lose that battle because I finally gave in and went mainstream, I could say that whatever decision I made, I am glad that I did it, because it took me here, to what I have now. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Things to Cherish, Lately

Baby S has now totally stopped sucking her thumb. She has had this habit since she was 3 months old and it became one of the reasons she's an easy and not fussy baby ever since, because she knew how to comfort and calm herself. But no more thumb sucking from now on. Good job baby. 

She also has a very good appetite now that I had to feed her big meal 4 times a day, plus several snack times. And along with that, she gain a whole lot of weight, too! I always remember how small she was at the time I popped her out, she was only 2.5 kg weight, or below 10 percentile. But, look at her now, at 21 months old she's almost 12 kg, ranging at 75-90 percentile. Good job mommy! Hehe, I think I deserve the acknowledgement, because of my persistence in making and offering her food, she eventually eats well.

In order to prepare her for the weaning, we introduced her UHT milks to ensure that she will still have milk supply during the transition, but after tried some brands of cow milk, we didn't find any that suits her taste, until one day my friend told me that she gave her child fresh goat milk produced in the local goat farm. Yes, thanks T for telling us about Hay Dairies

She already showed some signs that she's ready for toilet training. And she continues to go poo in the potty since last week. Pee is still a homework though, but we're working on it! 

Little feet on digital scale :D