Kaleidoscope @2008

Too many things had happened through this year,
Anyhow my 2008 was such a wonderful phase in life.

I should have already been in SG after my internship application’s proposal from University has been approved, but bad, family’s financial condition asked my little patience to just cancel it.

Well, that’s not bad, and (not just) at least, I finally got again my chance of internship in an architectural consultant in Jakarta. I should thank those great architects for giving me such a valueable chance of learning so many things about the real life of architecture and planning industries.

My relationship with mother and the two siblings became stronger; here we have faced
our lovely mother's problem together by praying and giving more attention to each other.

At the end of this month, I decided to leave my office for good; so I can be more focus on doing observation for the final thesis.

Here, I met this
good plain man and he has made my friendship with old very-bestfriends kept well-maintained and got closer and closer after.

This was the hardest time just like other final semester students’; I devoted all the days to finish the thesis' writing.

The thesis final presentation was held and passed (not really) successfully, but that happily relieving to realize that I made it, anyway! :P

Yuppp, I finally graduated and had my Bachelor of Architecture degree from the (so-called) best university in town with thanks-God!-it’s-a-good GPA. ;)

I barely believed that I’m a part of unemployment already. For me, It really sucks when you used to be very hectic for all this times and suddenly you had no routines. I felt it really sucks, I’m not kidding. So I tried to get myself a job.

Here I go then, got finally employed! This is so nice; I get very very new experiences for everything I see, I do, and I feel, even the job description itself is truly stunning, plus the colleagues are all friendly and pleasing, ;) a job like this is exactly what I’ve dreamed for! :P

The new life with new job made me feel like I lost contacts with some of my close friends. But I know already and now will believe that this exactly even give me meaning that it’s really true: Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

Well, I’m enjoying these all and very thankful to God for giving me this much, even though there are some lose happen (but there's the win also, oc). I still consider this as one of His plan and just take it for granted, trying to be simpler than before. That's all! this year has been such a reallyyy wonderful year of mine. ^^


Dearest Allah, the only God of my own..
Mother told me to not forget to ask anything I need to You, while me myself feel improper to ask more than what You've given to me. She said, You the most compassionate will never left any prayers that our hands ask to You go back empty afterwards. You love your creatures who are always get You along with in every single things of their life by praying.
If it is so, this is my deepest prayer tonight...
"Though the day where You finally take away people I loved from me would come in anytime, though people who used to love me would someday go away from me at the time I am no more useful to them as I always encountered, though in this present time, things are going so well as it seems under control, I have nothing to be asked for but just don't You ever leave me.."
and she said, the power that makes her comes stand today this way is no other then because of the power of the prayers she repeatedly asked to You and the efforts on obeying your commands and undoubtedly belief that You will always hear from there.

And O beloved, when My bondsmen ask you about Me, then I am indeed near, accept the call of the caller when he calls upon Me; then they should obey My Commands and believe in Me, so that they may get the way.
Al Baqarah:186

Stephen Prouse

This is what I call CRAZINESS!!!

The Little Rascals

I saw this black and white TV series (which was firstly filmed at 30's) on my little telli when I was just four or five years old, at the time it was showed again either 80's or 90's (I am not really sure), I just watched it as the only movie that I can understand, it's really funny so I can't stop laughing, full of adventure and smart discussion among innocent kids around my age but they are already critical and have a good thinking for the problems that the gang faced.
One of the big issues I still can remember was when Alfalfa fell in love with Darla and they went out together silently since the gang (If I'm not mistaken) which was named we men hate women didn't allow the members to go out with girls. So there goes on, until they found out this fact and try to apart the two. And on and on.
When all of sudden I missed these innocent and critical kids lately, I browsed through the webs and finally found the fact that this kids movie was not that simple as I thought. It was filmed before the World War II yes, and if we can remember back that the time of 30's was a Great Depression era, where then, the sensitivity of the American public will kill the rich history of comedy displayed in these series if media doesn’t separate racism from racial humor, because actually this movie was sometimes racist towards black. After the depression, these series became good humored parodies about that one of unique characters in American culture.
An example I can mention is when most times Stymie or Farina (the black kids) were leaders of the gang (mostly white kids} and maybe ( I think..) that it's a kind of empowerment. But I don't really know what I'm saying though. :P
But I know for sure that it's still a thing that worth to be watched. And after that we can see the message, that hopefully the racist people will be able to overcome their humorless attitude and can accept those unique characters instead of bashing their own traits in hopes of a grey world.
Thank you, thank you :)

Like Crazy

I ate almost in every time like I am so starving over here, but really I am hehehe
I went shopping like possessed by the spirit of evil (AY's comment yesterday: bawaan tanggal muda yee mus!)
I watched DVDs unstoppably: cartoons, korean, hollywood box offices, girl's series, yepppsss
I bought books (again and again and again) to heighten the stacks on unread book collection, eh? :P
and I read magazines just like the teenage girls on TV series

Caught by the Cough

Mother have tried to give me many kind of medications, but they seemed not much helping. I am now still having trouble with this cough which is already have been here for almost two weeks! Huhhhhh ;( But thanks God anyway, because: bye bye fever!

Favourite Architects and Architecture

Just a little sharing of my current favourites,
Who and what are yours?

Diller+Scofidio with Blur Building
Asymptote with Penang Tower

Santiago Calatrava with Turning Torso

Arabian Village

Today, I was accompanying my friends and a lecturer met some important persons around Pekojan. It was really nice, everybody we met was all friendly, they are Arabian, Chinese, Betawi, who live at that area. We got in to several unique houses, saw the urban space, social relationship, the history of the place, and all. We ate popular Soto Betawi at Mangga Besar (which Tata didn't) and had a little hang out at Ambassador till night, the three of us :) unfortunately we left the camera on the car so we can't take the picture of the stormy chit-chats.
Anyway, this was my first time seeing Masjid Jami'Annawier, a historical mosque and included as one of the oldest mosque in Jakarta. I can't take the picture at that time because they were holding a Jum'atan prayer, but one of the people we met showed his collection; a painting of early Annawier.
the chief of neighborhood association told us that they are going to have a marawis party on Islamic new year day that falls on December 29, anyone wanna join? ;P

Tag#4: My Story

"Happy Seven Award"
"This appreciation is aimed for whoever still having lucky certain love relations, have millions memories and billions stories behind it. Possibly also had something's overturned of the date figure? Let us know what your unforgotten periods have!"

1. Everyone who gets this award is obliged to write his/ her recent love story & these rules in his/ her new post.
2. Everyone who gets this award is obliged to tag 7 of his/ her friends who have a unique love story to be shared then they must do what he/ she does as well.
Notes on the award:
This award is under license of Cindy Perdana Computeria & Fediani Putri Andarini, so you must certify that you have the right to distribute & you do not violate the rules. Contact person(s): Cindy (candle)/ Fediani (hana)
Wow, recent love story yaa? Hahahaha what should I write? It even doesn't proper enough to be published here. Well Okey, even I don't know exactly with what does this will mean to Neno who gave me this and all of you, but at least I'm trying to give what I can.

Tag#3: My Blog

As I have been pleased by my nice friend Neno, I would like to do this :)
1. Why did your blog has vanilla ice cream in root beer floats as its name?
I was a root beer big fans actually, and a franchise-fast food restaurant from American has the best root beer ever which is flooded by ice cream over it. Nyummm.. I can't bear it, really I was. At the early postings, I wrote those good things happened in my days, so there was this friend said that my daily writings have already represent the name. your life seems as nice as the vanilla ice cream in root beer floats. thank you for interpreting this simple thing, but I think that's too much.
2. Why did your blog use this template?
This is the second template I use in my blogging history, the first one was so influenced by green issue, so there were all green in color. But, I get bored with it, and find myself playing with banner design and changing all the green into this lovely purple. Heheheh. There is nothing special with the template. No stunning background image as you can see.
3. Please mention a moment in your life that you can't ever forget.
I remember almost many things in life, but I am rarely able to manage all the memories. Well, oke, the unforgetable moment in life is, the time when I realized that there would be no more father here in us to give everything. It hurts. I can't forget that pain. so I can't forget that moment. Oh sorry for being melancholic this way......
4. Send this tag thing to ten of your blog buddies.
If now I have not choose buddies to be tagged yet, maybe later yaa. :)

Tag#2: My Style

Thank you again, ayu! :)

It doesn't need to be genius to recognize my initial style, since I love wearing colorful dresses combined with cardigan in it's gradation, you can finally find me in the crowds, "woww, OK, now we should find a big girl with a shocking pink dress with abstract pattern on it", let's say! hahahaha

In some ways I can be casual with only T shirt and (me somehow feeling guilty if not wearing) mini skirt over the jeans. Moreover, I can't adapt with skinny jeans, boot cut is always the best one.

I have once loved wearing flat shoes, but now heels and stilettos can somehow improve my confidence hehehe :P

I am very infatuated by bags, the one made with original leather is highly considered. Louis Vitton has the best bag's designs from all over, I think :) and fortunately I share this craziness with my mother, so we could unite to make everything about bags happens :P

I usually try to find color matching with dress-bracelet as the only accs I like to wear.

and last, I wore my veil as simple as can be :)

Tag#1: My Picture

Thank you ayu for tagging.
This one is really nice, but since I have ever posted this ten facts thingy before. So let me just finish it:

I want to tell you that, I was wearing red satin shirt and pink mini skirt over black pants. Well I thought it's good to say Merry Christmas through it.

p.s: Happy holiday, everyone!
Have a great time.
All the best with you in this year end moment. :)

Master of Structure

Once, I have ever wanted soo enthusiastically to be a master of structure when I was still in the university because it was just seemed so cool being a part of great buildings. I was really really passionate with this brilliant idea exactly when my classmates and I were boiled (hihihi) in architecture studio #4. :P
My entire work on that studio was began with this presentation:

  Somehow, I still have the desire to get it. And I think it can't be only an illusion. :D

Isn't it cool? I mean, me being a master of structure. Hehehe

yes yess yesss, it will be one of my dreams then :)

Go to Hang

We finally met again, but now, no more Kemang please, because the traffic is so horrible, thank you guys, that I met for the last time at our graduation party also joined us.

Anyway, the noodle with teriyaki is not as hot as it sounds, I forget the name hehehe :p
but you can easily recognize it when you see the menu booklet.

Lost in Bali

Benny & Mice have launched their newest comic book.
This is it...
Wowww! it reminds me a lot to the experience of internship program at which my friends and I attended in the island more than a year ago. Also, we did some losts in places we headed for at the journeys. ;p uuuuuuuuugghh I can't hardly wait to get it soon, so this will be a fastest shortcut to it.


I think I should start considering this seriously that I must stop sleeping in the public transportation, from NOW on! Because it’s really dangerous.
Just like this morning, I which was supposed to be dropped at Senayan, had to get back by walking of about 30 minutes from Slipi because of my silly habit of sleeping in the morning bus, and just waked up after the halte bus I usually drop at was already passed by a long long time ago. Heheheee.. Not that hyperbolic. :P
Well, okey, at least the 30 minutes-walking will worth 10,000 steps for this day, preventing the osteoporosis, eh? :D


I just had no idea about what to post, and then suddenly realized that I forgot to tell that I was having an "arisan" with the guys from high school lately. this was the second event, at Ayu's house, the first one was held at ag's on September 08. ;)
See ya again guys, in April 09 :)
since we managed to hold it for every 3 or 4 months.

Apple Green

Well actually,
In some little extents, I do share the same taste of line with my mother, but neither of us are willing to admit it. And this is just another sample of proof.


"Life isn't defined by others.
It is what you want it to be.
You have to build it with your own two hands."


ning nong ning nong ning nong...
as if I listen to the railway crossbar's siren, hehehe, ooh it totally didn't mean that I miss the way go back home too earlier :P
Everybody was still busy while I have done with this week's deadline of my own, hence the manager pleased me to blog and the rest colleagues told me to better go home, hehehee.
So here I am, decide to prepare next week's projects rather than get sleepy in the remaining office hours.

Oh I regret why I didn't bring teenvogue, at least I have another interesting thing.:)

Another books at home waited to be read:


I've read an article in the Jakarta Post this morning at the office, and I really admitted that She is so inspirational!
you can read the article here, and another writing about her here and here.

(to be) Happy

I am enjoying every details of my days; the dawns, the noons, and the nights. Though we sometime; you and I, guys, were only can say hi to each other just through this very unreal cyber thingy. And anyway, I really thank a friend for just coming back again. I think that's how good friend should be like.


This woman used to ride on a bus to travel daily is pregnant. The bus itself is so crowded. And no one seems care enough just to give her a seat. Not a single one. Even the men which I think often declare themselves manly human being.
Oh, where do all the good hearts go?
Well, I'm not a good enough to talk about this. I just wonder didn't they think if she's their wife or daughter? or even their own self? It would be a very big shame if someday I become people like that.


The eight of us were using maxicab as the mode of transportation leaving our office at Gatot Subroto to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The picture is courtesy of our marketing communication manager :D

and it's my fist time experiencing VW Caravelle :P

Research Meeting 2008

I already forgot all the hatred I felt so much yesterday, hahahaaa, I'm not surprised because it always happened this way, after all the words shouted; the feeling is just gone then. So now I would really love to share the snaps from our Reseach Meeting 2008 event, on November 14-17. 

Welcome to Jatim Park!

The researchers with the periodic table of the chemical elements as background

We were competing on a remote racing car games.

I was feeling so full since we tried to eat almost anything we found

Research team posed before the rafting at Kesambon!

This young and energetic red team were (finally) beaten by the grown and wise green one on an airsoft gun's less-man-standing war :P

What should we call this? disaster tourism? unlucky Porong. I ever lived near this place for a couple of year, and it's now totally different with what I still can remember.

Well, we have some other series of photos but it won't be interesting for you, since those were all about the meeting, hehehe :)


This guy seems to deceive me as he maybe thinks he is smart enough to do that.
But if only he knows that I can be even smarter than he thought he was, he would have never been dare to irk me this way.
Hi there, I don't try to make any statements that I am a good person by saying that I can't stand holding grudge in any time, but I  actually will let you make me suffer once if later I can sure that you will feel suffering twice or more than I do. I am sorry, why should I care? You the one who make yourself worthy enough to be defeated dumbly. Well, I am not a smart person, but do not ever try thinking that you can be smarter when fooling me around.
You are facing the wrong person, because I'm even not a good one, though. Never.

Dear My Books

It's been weeks since I have never touched any books. Oh I'm telling you how much I miss those though; the words, the phrases, the story lines and all the feelings. ;(
But instead of reading my unread books collection with a-10inches-thickness in total, I successfully made myself comfortable disappear within stacks of newspaper from different provinces that I manage at work. Well, it's an activity I should deal with as I work to be a researcher therefore I am wished to be update always :P


Finally updating!
Hi today Mom sent a 20x40 dapur coklat's triple decker chocolate cake to my office and we just celebrated it together before lunch.
and a group of my best friends from Uni gave me a present when I finally arrived at home, they said the present can be very useful to help me working in the office. Well I have some photos of it actually but since I plan to rearrange the lay out of my workstation and make it as homey as it can be, I'll show the present which will be presented in my workstation later, see yaa!

ps: I thank you all who remember this day and send me prays! :)


I am so longing and very obsessed about Sumatera Island and I thank God for giving me this lovely job which is made me spend most of my working time to gain any knowledges about the island. The job even gives me this very stunning job-desc, to communicate directly with the people. There are so many things have changed since the last time I lived there, the building construction industry are becoming greater and greater and greater these days; new roads, new towers, even new regents are formed. Maybe I have ever visited it once in my childhood but I never heard before about the name of Musi Rawas regent in South Sumatera province.
It sounds so lovely and moreover if you could find some pics posted in this site and other related site that show the real condition of the place. Hopefully someday I can make it happens, me travelling to the Island! Oh yesss!! Because there are still many great places (and spaces) to be experienced :)

Do Not

What if someone said to you that s/he does care about you and loves you and wants to help you anytime you need, would you believe it? well unsurprisingly I wouldn't. Yaa, I don't believe if I can't see it. S/he can say that s/he really wants to help you but the in the time s/he just can't. Well I take it as "they just too busy (or too lazy?) to go doing it". So I'm sorry for generating this: s/he actually doesn't really mean what s/he has said about loving me and caring and those stupid things which I'm not going to go believe.

Hours before, I saw a daughter around my age was walking with her old father in the railway station. They were two people holding hands. Oh no, I can't stand seeing this. In a side, I feel enviousness fills my heart since I now no longer can't touch my old man's hands anymore, but in the other side I feel this was so heart-touchy, the girl did not have to say with words how much she loved his dad, just from the way she guided his walks, I personally can feel her love, even though I never hear her voice stating it.

That's why I never say those words to anyone since I think no one would believe it as I do. and I'm not going to say sorry for this.

Father, I still regret the days I never showed that I love you before you're gone, so probably you never know that I really do.


I hate it. I hate thunderbolt.
Because it has cost me several couples of hundred thousand rupiah to buy a new ADSL modem and Ethernet LAN Card with RG 45 connector. They were all suddenly swoop down by thunderbolts emerged in a row not so long after I posted previous posting about rain and just went dead that way. It was why I've been off blogging and Yahoo!messaging in the meantime.

raindrops in my window - with no thunder
Although always being online in the office, I can not do messaging with you all since my PC doesn't have the appropriate software, and to install it I need to tell first the office's person-in-charge of IT stuffs; moreover, I have no enough time to do that chat thingy. :(

Oh, even to do blogging..
My manager who was once have read this blog had ridiculed me that I have to work on as much projects as I can, instead of blog posting. He hopes that he will have never known that I was blogging in the office's rush hours. Hehehee, okay Boss! :P

The Rains

I had once read this blog..which I don't know whose it is,
and think that I still don't have enough understanding about thing no.76 stated there.
But I somehow do agree and the feeling of it now is becoming stronger.

Anyway, I love rain.
image source

Rain always gets me become sleepy all at once makes me so thoughtful of anything.. mostly the unconspicuous leaping thoughts.
But I somehow do agree and the feeling of it now is becoming so strong.
So that I'll consider this.


Speaking about my current best thing for now:
Did you ever feel tired of listening to others telling you the same old boring and unimportant things of their selves without asking you whether do you mind it or not? o yes I did. And at the same time they were still talking, I acted as if I cared while I didn't. Daadaaadaaada...

Silica Gel

A good friend of mine made a visit and asked me to help him designing the cover box's layout for his own-made medicines for his mid-test assignment.
me: ded, kok dimasukin silikon ke dalam botolnya?
my friend: bukan silikon muy, itu silica gel!
Hihihii, see how stupid I am at those medical things, (If you could see the correlation :D) and that's why I thought that manage myself well to not become a doctor was the best decision I've ever made in life. :p

Make A Wish

Huhuhu, I was so craving for the dress I posted before actually, but there are some other things I passionately want more for now... :) and I saw this is already available at the nearest department store in my town, and so temptiiiiing, really!

oh I will be waiting for the time I can buy this Guess By Marciano Shadow Large Satchel (any colors, but mocha is preferred) by myself :D

Lurex Mini Dress

I'll curse myself if I ever wish to have this sweet Juicy Culture Lurex Mini Dress
cause it'lll cost me THIS much! hehehe! But keep on dreaming, mus!


I already felt in love with architecture since I was a little and I thought that it was only such a euphoric blast feeling when I finally finished my study at architecture school. But now I know, don't care how hard I've tried to leave it, I was never let to get any chances to do so.
Thank you, my senior from architecture school and my passionate architect friend for the chit-chat about keeping our passion alive on architecture after the SineArs IAI event at JDC yesterday :), that definitely makes me realize about so many good things which are too many to be mentioned. Hehehe. I'm so thankful to you both, really.

Minus One

The posting's title was written after considering AY's words at last :)
D and M, the escaping lecturers :P

AY and Cal, the Deutro-Melanesian descents, ahahahaa Peace!

B - me, the anti-carbs girls

"the 7********@yahoogroups.com gathering" hihihihi

and T, the missing one that we really hope to see her coming back here in us again soon with those new nice sights heheee :)


I was so happy today! :) :) :)
My friends and I were going out together! and we had sooo much laughters and funny talks. Were visiting several places in Jakarta as to see the architectural things happen there, since we all are architects! Ahahahah! Hey billy, you should admit it at least once, because; we are. :P
So I would like to show some snaps we took at most of the time. The first one's caption is: the fatty party :D

So, guys! Thank you sooo muchh for the day! Rasuna Epicentrum, Pasar Festival, FX, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, Taman Menteng, Jakarta's streets and Mr. Policeman (hahaha) were really really great!! See ya again! :)

Dear Monica

This was what I did repeatedly moments ago:

Sending man who sings awesome-chinese-language-song audibles to my own self, like a geek, haa?. Hihihihi. These men actually recalled the memories of (about) 6months ago when my friends and I were facing our final project in Uni. Miss those times, though. But unfortunately, I won't wish to go back to that time. Never. You know, because it was such a really really big disaster! :P

10 Facts

Whohooo I was tagged for the first time in my blogging history hehe, thank you Livia for tagging me! =)

so, Ten Facts About Me
1. My name as written on the birth certificate consists of two words in which I can be called by both.
2. The only daughter of 3siblings. I've spent my first days of my life socializing with men; my late father, my brothers, and their friends. That's why some said that I'm not sensitive about feelings in friendship, even a little. So, sorry for that.
3. Easy to laugh, but easy to get mad. And easy to forget too. Well, I should cherish that I don't hold grudge.
4. Really love to make new friends in any time, even blogging makes me happy and gives me these lovely friends :)
5. Obvious. Hell yeah, I am naive, in a word-to-say of talking about way of thinking. Even though I love reading philosophical thoughts, it doesn't make me complicated :P
6. I went to 3 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools and enough with only a senior high school. My youth (do I sound as if I'm not young anymore? ;p) was spent mostly on the streets (correction: i mean, roads), since father was a great traveler! my parents brought us (just the two of us, my big brother and I) travelling from Sumatra island to Java and Dad did the driving when I was still 6 months old! rock youuuu Daddy :) that's why my lifetime INTEREST is TO TRAVEL! hehe
7. Was an architecture student, and sooo passionate in doing those architectural ASSignments. Commited almost 24hours and 7 days full to them. Hihihii. I hate to admit this matter-of-factly, oooh well,OK, let's do it: I am a nocturnal person, people! Working in the middle of the night is another interest :(
8. Not-so-recently being a jobless person after graduation, and simply felt bored then, so dedicated the whole world being a jobseeker..!:D
9. And oh yeah, I am a hard-worker who has high willingness to learn many aspects in life, excellent in both analytical and creative works, independent person but also a good team player. these are the most important facts I think. Well, just in case you are an employer and interested in hiring me in your company. :)
10. So, the last would be this statement that: it takes several couples of hours to write down these whole ten facts about myself, because it's not easy to tell what you think about yourself, believe it!hehehehhehehe, but very pleasant, though =D

So now, I tag you!: youyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyou, and you. Happy thinking!:)


my little brother and I were going to the mall yesterday. While waiting the cinema to be opened, we entered the bookstore and I found this book of my favorite writer. After being conscious that maybe the cinema is already opened, I ran myself to it and told my brother to pay the book first and convinced him that I'll reimburse it later. But, since he got his own money from work and received Holy Day remuneration, I asked him for my portion, so, I don't have to repay this! Ehehehe

Taking benefit from your brother like this is very fun! ;p

Ied Mubarak 1429 H

Happy Ied Mubarak 1429 H, everyone! ;)
forgive me for all mistakes I've done to you, yaaa!

and we were so happy to gather with all of the big family members again as we only have it annually, though.
{oct 1st,2008}