Our Rehearsal

we attended the A[rch] UI fair 2008: architecture beneath surface.
But before, we held our second rehearsal for the thesis final presentation.

Here's the topic of each presentation:
A: Acculturation of Chinese and Malay Culture (Case Study: Housing Settlement in Bagan Siapi-Api Town and Halang Island)
B:Loft Concept in Urban Housing
C: Dwelling Transformation as a result of the Information and Communication Technology Development
D: Capitalism and Quasi-Public Realm
M: Construction: From the Existence of Idea to the Presence of Shape
T: Image of Brand in Architecture
and.. Me: Gated Communities as Spatial Manifestation of Urban Fear

A Place in the Sun

'Cause there's a place in the sunWhere there's hope for ev'ryoneWhere my poor restless heart's gotta run.There's a place in the sunAnd before my life is doneGot to find me a place in the sun.


you can't have everything under your plans. this what once my friend told me about a thing (you know what I'm talking about) yeah.. He is true, feel so bitter that I didn't listen to what he said, otherwise I lost it all. LOST IT.. and almost my sanity. o God, You know I can be strong. So now, please make me strong for once again. therefore I can change the plan now; yet unknown destination, still. Cause I'm just so scared. I am just hoping for a bravery's coming at tomorrow's dawn to start something new. I know I need whoever to talk to now, but pathetically I don't have any. Since everyone's busy these days. (lol)

So just try hard to not grieving.

Childhood's Characters

I am sooooooooo nervous for today's meeting with the thesis’ supervisor. Hope everything will be okey, so that there would be not so many revisions at the final draft, amin. Unexpectedly, I missed friends from my childhood and they are these characters:


Don't Talk to Strangers

In point of fact, this is what I really mean: I do talk to strangers.don't mind to pay attention to; even you are new people walking towards me.Cause some maybe can be altogether good friends of mine.and I won't have me bothered if they decide to walk out.
you can easy come easy go.. (and I won't chase, hihii)
well, basically I love making new friends.
but it's you people whose decision whether we're going to be good friends or not.
I will be any body's friend if they want me to.If not, I am nobody's friend, then.
That's how I act.Just don't be rude and obnoxious and selfish by performing this way in order to say that I am not supposed to be like that, dickhead! It's just not-so-me.So?

people I LOVE the most

Daddy's words one day in my childhood:
"be good to your siblings, dear; they're your only saviors in anytime."
I finally recovered from the fever after the 4days-bed rest. And very happy can go out again!Woho! So tonight, we had a dinner at the mall.

And during the time, we discussed about our planning and asked the mother's opinion. here's the agenda of our discussions:1. Big bro decided to still work with his current job. Mother and the rest of us obviously debated him because we thought that he was underpaid and actually deserved a better wage than before. but well, it's about loving the job, so we didn't force him to find another job.
2. Little bro planned to extend his college duration to 9th semester although his credits are only 12 left, which is can be made in 7semesters. he intended to get 'a position' in the university bureaucracy or something. I didn't really get it.
3. and not surprisingly, little bro also planned to continue his study to post-graduate. He said the foundation in which he hold his current job promised him the expenses of his post graduate program, later. And he mischievously teased me: "so you do find a scholarship!" wooooo, I answered him simply: I am not interested in continuing my study. (No, not in this near time. I've been tired enough for school haha)4. This was the most horrible topic: what would I do after graduation? Where will I work? Well, all said that they'll let me make my own decision, and there'll be no interruptions anymore, like before. And lil bro declared firmly : We should be set free after all, Mom.
Some said that we resemble on each other. Hahaha
But I don't see any similarities in our faces (ooo really?hoho)
anyhooo, graduation is the most moment I've ever wanted. It is such a big momentum in your life, isn't it?


"The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend."
Henry David Thoreau

A Blast of Good Last Year

While I was still sleeping,One of my best friends sent a text message this morning telling that exactly this date of 2007 we were on a flight to Ngurah Rai airport.
And precisely this day from last year, at afternoon 3, We were mumbling to each other, "why should we go this far just to have an internship programme?:" God whose the answers for all of our questions and lets us know after.
This was actually my first long road from home departure for a long of time. The almost three months of life separated with the family made us even closer to each other now. There's no doubt in showing our loves. :)
We were on board, June 14 2007

The Cure

"Cure for an obsession: get another one."
-Mason Cooley

how much carbon you RELEASE today?

Just think of it :)

Contemporary Art Gallery

I finally finished the poster for the exhibition of architecture UI's next open house.
Since it's an educational exhibition, I put all the design processes including the exploration of the theme (e a s t), the activity related to east (c o n t e m p l a t e), the manifestation of east on the site (p e a r l), the mass analogy, etc. hahahah looks so funny and unprofessional :P (even as an architecture student )

This last architectural studio project (but it's not a design thesis) was finally reviewed by a star architect in town. He commented on the details, technique of constructions, quality of spaces, utility services, and many more. And he suggested me to explore more on the landscape design so as to support the quality of space in the every floor's corridors.
Well, enough for today, still have several things to do, though, but better sleep now, One of my girls reminded us to not stay wake at night too often, and everybody told the same and it would be a shame to mine as it looks like I don't care, but I do. Wait y'all, until all these messy things are (well-) done! I'll sleep many hours more than you!hihi ;p

Body Pains

Totally not feeling good today.
This Chinese Restaurant Syndrome's killing me. I knew that
(maybe) the chicken terriyaki I ate at canteen must be containing monosodium glutamate a.k.a MSG which my body can't deal with, and unfortunately a great headache attacked me. Ooo I supposed to resist that from the beginning. Damn consequences. 

But after, the multiprobiotic drinks made pain in my stomach instead of helping the intestine's process of food absorption. Can't consentrate at all. And now I think I'm going to get a cold. O.. so troubled :'(

The Great Debaters

I have no much time to write down the review, but as far as I know, this is one of the best inspiring movies. You should watch it. And just like that so you know that everybody has the right to win live. Just like you and us and all the people. No hatred, no grudge, no racism, other than equality.Well, gotta back to work again, these are several to-do things:1. Studio design poster for affair's exhibition2. Workbook Design Project: Contemporary House3. Thesis' draft finalization

Daddy's Lullaby

I've heard someone talked about sincerity today.
That there would be no one can count on how they feel sincerity to what they did or faced or received or done. When you tell you are sincere in doing this, so you know that it's not sincerity you've did. Maybe only God knows how sincere you are in doing this something. So shouldn't say or tell or claim even to you yourself that you are sincere.
On the coming back home after attending a recitation in agit's house, I found no one. Mom was going uncle's house, little brother was (supposed to be) in his dormitory, big brother visited his friend in hospital. and where's the maid? oh yeahh it's weekend, she's on a date, perhaps.

And this was me, home alone. And I didn't know, the feeling was just..!bloom!.. arose, unexpectedly: tenderly missed daddy today. I came to this feeling since I have much thought about death lately, maybe.
That everyone will be surely gone like this, and how will I go on? How are anything I'll bring to accompany being prepared? just it, the thing I did at most, though.

I remembered, on May 2007 I wrote on a journal that I knowingly recognized that he often came to my dreams. There, he just didn't anything, just saw me with those calmly eyes through mine. Told my mother about that dreams, Send him more prayer then, It was all he needed. she said. I knew I was busy with the college stuffs and just commented her words: oou I think I missed him too much and he just gave a visit. But somehow, the feeling of those days was just flew into today.
No more tears, dear. It'll make him troubled there. Just let him goes by and be sincere with it.
an uncle said that precisely couple of hours after he was buried, more than eight years ago.
So yess, no more tears to get you bothersome, Dad? Well, better have a sleep now. And hope you'll give a visit in a dream tonight. Speak a word, so I won't be bad by forgetting your voice again.
and I wish I can tell you this,
that even if it's been hard for us at the moment, we are here strong with no you between us. Mom and the three of us are trying to make you happy there with the good life we lead today.
So you can see, that you've derived virtues on earth.

Meet the Pokers

Meeting old friends is always my favorite thing. telling stories about life, carrier, love and the most of all: memories. It was nice to get you through your amusing moments for a while, however. How did we look, what we were, what we've done in our time of togetherness which was full of intrigue, camouflage, and idiotic occurrences.
The rendang, fried kwetiau, and cap cay together with the (diet) cokes, full box of peanuts, and spongecake (thank you Ag!) are more than enough to make us stay until night.
but the fact that there's still a long road home from here Depok to Jakarta made them finally decide to leave at 10. Well, truly a nice home party in this dense schedule road to thesis' submission.
And I somehow inspired by you all guys, I think much considerably about the idea of while just referring to look the life as simple as it is, having plan about what you would do with that is unquestionably a MUST!
and so, what about your plan, mustikasari? hufhhhh. suddenly get nervous in a glimpse :(

What I think lately:
2 days of weekend are the portion of times you can use to be a socialite.
hmm, I mean, to mix socially with others :)

anyway, miss you already guys..
[bagasi]. Jakarta, June 2004.

Bali of the Six of Us [Part 2]


It was all the student said about the teaching assistance of Introduction to Architecture class.
We've done this semester. and hope they get something from the class and the discussions ( I think it's supposed to be more than something) but I am sorry if I can't help much.

Well, the thesis' supervisor gave me a week to find the sexiest title.
it's supposed to be began with Urban Fear: bla, bla, and bla
and the bla bla bla should be veryyyy gorgeous, she said, hhhh how sexy is a word.. any idea, people?
urban housing, neighborhood, citizen, etc are common. so I was prohibited to use it. She said.
So she gave a clue to use something like crime, identity, minority, etc.
yeah, will think of it later, still have a week though :P

and yess yess yesssss
It's almost a year regarding to our previous vacation (read: internship) at Bali 2007 heehehe
so, we made our reunion today at Pancious pancake hihihi

But wowowo, we forgot to plan our next vacation! It might be because of the sinetron actor Coraline was eyeing for almost of the time ahahah peace Cal! gossip, girl! :P
(I remember now, his name's maybe hikmal or akbar or something..HAHAHAHA.. unimportant!)

Aroma of the Day

I was going to my mom’s toilet desk and found bottles of essential oils for aromatherapy once I bought a long long time ago on Spa Essentia. I found they are still good and still many enough, but consciously recognized that I maybe lost some bottles including my favorite Teatree oil.
Somehow, I can still remember the smell of bergamot, patchouli and ylang-ylang but I didn’t see them among the leftovers.
Well these are what I still have:
Sweet almond
Lavender and chamomile and cedarwood blended

So, what I supposed to do with this?hehehe
I browsed here to get to know some recipes to blend these oils, but I can’t find precise composition since I only have several oil types. Well I made my own blends hakhakhahkak
See this, but don’t ever try, it’s probably poisonous to you hihihih:

Blends 1: Concentration Enhancing and Stress Relieving Blends
7 drops of cypress
5 drops of geranium
5 drops of juniper

But it became so strong in tone, made me coughing Ahahahh darn, unsuccessful try!
So I try another one, and remove the juniper as the suspect who made it smell-worse hihihi

Blends 2: Concentration Enhancing and Stress Relieving Blends (still) and Loneliness Easing hihi
7 drops of cypress
5 drops of geranium
10 drops of sweet almond

Well it works, I like the aroma, but it was not so sexy hakhakak. So I try another one

Blends 3: Fear Fighting (it's important) and Happiness Enhancing and Energizing Blends
8 drops of lavender, chamomile and cedarwood blended
5 drops of Cedarwood

Not bad, sexy enough, but yeah I need an exotic one now hahahahah. and I try to mix again and promise that this will be the last one and after that I have to go back to the thesis

Blends 4: Fear Fighting and Concentration Enhancing and Stress Relieving Blends
8 drops of lavender, chamomile and cedarwood blended
7 drops of Cypress
7 drops of Fennel

now I know, Fennel fits in me much. Love the somewhat spicy fragrance. So I choose Blends 4 as the best blend of the day :P
FYI: they said that fennel is possibly used to reduce obesity hihihi. whattt a Kloppp! :)

Suffer a Dream

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.”

Sweet Caroline

Lost all of the mood in doing the thesis today. People, help.
It's only several couple of days run to the final submission. I just can't write, I can't even think. Why, why, why? I am trying though, but always fell asleep. :'(
And today was totally useless. I just didn't either worked on something or enjoyed the day.
It was clueless.
And finally I knew, you should find the problem and go fix it.
And yeah, knowing that it is all okay with us here made me fully-spirited again!

Don't Fake It, Emo!

I had a little disagreement with my mom about how to treat the maid.
While I think sometimes we need to be strict so she can be more discipline, my mom thinks that she should learn by herself how to behave.
Well simple yeah, but crazy enough to make me reject her newly-bought Guess watch.

Call Me Like That

Yeah right.
That's me:
a cynical robot with no heart..

Who Are They?

Who is Taliban of Afghanistan actually? are they good or bad? They said they fight for the truth, to obey God's words. But I don't know, really don't know, since I've never been dealing with this kind of information before. But I impressed much with the statement I found:
" We do not need women to work. What positive roles can they play in the society? What is the impact of their roles? We do not need women. They should stay in their houses"

- Mullah Manon Niazi. Taliban leader and appointed Governor of Mazar-e Sharif

and it made me speechless, what did he think? Acted like he is the one who knows anything. and like that all he said were the truth.

and Taliban forces women to follow strict code of dress,
but why should they?

Who are you?Who are you? should I be proud of your struggle to serve the country and help your brother there?
But I don't know whether the manners applied are proper or not.
All I know you just did the killings and killings and killings.
You made your children can't go to school and force them to be part of you. And I think it's just the same to a rape.

I am sick of saying it. but I am sorry, for just can't do anything. yeah, as usual.
I have no power no access no enough understanding and all.