This woman used to ride on a bus to travel daily is pregnant. The bus itself is so crowded. And no one seems care enough just to give her a seat. Not a single one. Even the men which I think often declare themselves manly human being.
Oh, where do all the good hearts go?
Well, I'm not a good enough to talk about this. I just wonder didn't they think if she's their wife or daughter? or even their own self? It would be a very big shame if someday I become people like that.


The eight of us were using maxicab as the mode of transportation leaving our office at Gatot Subroto to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The picture is courtesy of our marketing communication manager :D

and it's my fist time experiencing VW Caravelle :P

Research Meeting 2008

I already forgot all the hatred I felt so much yesterday, hahahaaa, I'm not surprised because it always happened this way, after all the words shouted; the feeling is just gone then. So now I would really love to share the snaps from our Reseach Meeting 2008 event, on November 14-17. 

Welcome to Jatim Park!

The researchers with the periodic table of the chemical elements as background

We were competing on a remote racing car games.

I was feeling so full since we tried to eat almost anything we found

Research team posed before the rafting at Kesambon!

This young and energetic red team were (finally) beaten by the grown and wise green one on an airsoft gun's less-man-standing war :P

What should we call this? disaster tourism? unlucky Porong. I ever lived near this place for a couple of year, and it's now totally different with what I still can remember.

Well, we have some other series of photos but it won't be interesting for you, since those were all about the meeting, hehehe :)


This guy seems to deceive me as he maybe thinks he is smart enough to do that.
But if only he knows that I can be even smarter than he thought he was, he would have never been dare to irk me this way.
Hi there, I don't try to make any statements that I am a good person by saying that I can't stand holding grudge in any time, but I  actually will let you make me suffer once if later I can sure that you will feel suffering twice or more than I do. I am sorry, why should I care? You the one who make yourself worthy enough to be defeated dumbly. Well, I am not a smart person, but do not ever try thinking that you can be smarter when fooling me around.
You are facing the wrong person, because I'm even not a good one, though. Never.

Dear My Books

It's been weeks since I have never touched any books. Oh I'm telling you how much I miss those though; the words, the phrases, the story lines and all the feelings. ;(
But instead of reading my unread books collection with a-10inches-thickness in total, I successfully made myself comfortable disappear within stacks of newspaper from different provinces that I manage at work. Well, it's an activity I should deal with as I work to be a researcher therefore I am wished to be update always :P


Finally updating!
Hi today Mom sent a 20x40 dapur coklat's triple decker chocolate cake to my office and we just celebrated it together before lunch.
and a group of my best friends from Uni gave me a present when I finally arrived at home, they said the present can be very useful to help me working in the office. Well I have some photos of it actually but since I plan to rearrange the lay out of my workstation and make it as homey as it can be, I'll show the present which will be presented in my workstation later, see yaa!

ps: I thank you all who remember this day and send me prays! :)


I am so longing and very obsessed about Sumatera Island and I thank God for giving me this lovely job which is made me spend most of my working time to gain any knowledges about the island. The job even gives me this very stunning job-desc, to communicate directly with the people. There are so many things have changed since the last time I lived there, the building construction industry are becoming greater and greater and greater these days; new roads, new towers, even new regents are formed. Maybe I have ever visited it once in my childhood but I never heard before about the name of Musi Rawas regent in South Sumatera province.
It sounds so lovely and moreover if you could find some pics posted in this site and other related site that show the real condition of the place. Hopefully someday I can make it happens, me travelling to the Island! Oh yesss!! Because there are still many great places (and spaces) to be experienced :)

Do Not

What if someone said to you that s/he does care about you and loves you and wants to help you anytime you need, would you believe it? well unsurprisingly I wouldn't. Yaa, I don't believe if I can't see it. S/he can say that s/he really wants to help you but the in the time s/he just can't. Well I take it as "they just too busy (or too lazy?) to go doing it". So I'm sorry for generating this: s/he actually doesn't really mean what s/he has said about loving me and caring and those stupid things which I'm not going to go believe.

Hours before, I saw a daughter around my age was walking with her old father in the railway station. They were two people holding hands. Oh no, I can't stand seeing this. In a side, I feel enviousness fills my heart since I now no longer can't touch my old man's hands anymore, but in the other side I feel this was so heart-touchy, the girl did not have to say with words how much she loved his dad, just from the way she guided his walks, I personally can feel her love, even though I never hear her voice stating it.

That's why I never say those words to anyone since I think no one would believe it as I do. and I'm not going to say sorry for this.

Father, I still regret the days I never showed that I love you before you're gone, so probably you never know that I really do.


I hate it. I hate thunderbolt.
Because it has cost me several couples of hundred thousand rupiah to buy a new ADSL modem and Ethernet LAN Card with RG 45 connector. They were all suddenly swoop down by thunderbolts emerged in a row not so long after I posted previous posting about rain and just went dead that way. It was why I've been off blogging and Yahoo!messaging in the meantime.

raindrops in my window - with no thunder
Although always being online in the office, I can not do messaging with you all since my PC doesn't have the appropriate software, and to install it I need to tell first the office's person-in-charge of IT stuffs; moreover, I have no enough time to do that chat thingy. :(

Oh, even to do blogging..
My manager who was once have read this blog had ridiculed me that I have to work on as much projects as I can, instead of blog posting. He hopes that he will have never known that I was blogging in the office's rush hours. Hehehee, okay Boss! :P