Kaleidoscope @2009

Hello, I can't imagine that I finally could achieve my monthly target, God helped me again through the construction tenders of education buildings at Andalas University, West Sumatera.
Honestly I sensed that this December was quite scary because of some emotional matter reasons (which I'm not going to talk about), and today, on the last day of 2009, I would like to say thank you firstly to Allah the almighty who still gives me the easiness behind all the difficulties in everything happened in my life, I always feel blessed for every seconds in my life and I am still trying to cherish it all. :)

Just like what I have written last year, now I would love to breakdown my 2009's life all at once..

In one dinner, my college buddies and I suddenly thought about establishing a group consists of us as designers who work to consult and assist people in designing architecture and interior. But this year seems hard for us though due to the friendship matters.

I made a lot of new friends in this time, they are mostly friends of my friends. I don't know why, maybe this sounds funny, but in fact I found that with these bunch of kind and friendly people coming from different college I could feel more like 'home' instead of with those from my own college. We even have name for this friendship.

Some colleagues said that my carrier seemed to be growing fast as the time flies by starting to help the manager to handle a several-couple-hundred-millions-rupiah project which was the first time experience to me and the company itself. But it didn't work well, because the future client didn't contact us for more details of the project proposal we offered. And anyway, meet a man I am used to admire since high school has completely made me confused and disarrayed, about what I actually feel for him and what I really want for myself and all.

Well then, to be honest, I could still remember that in the early days of April, I rejected a promising working offer in the sister company of a national big-scale contractor company for I thought that I need to develop more what I already got here in this current place.

The office was busy preparing its biggest event of the year, and my working days were coloured with some series of rehearsal since I was assigned as one of the Master of Ceremony for the Top 10 Award 2009.

As long as I could remember there is nothing particular happened in my life other than an awkward feeling full with question mark in my head that I found this as a fear whose no basis and is existentially distracting.

I finally could relieved myself of that fear and to release it go I try more and more hard doing all things at my best, I focused more on my work, I read more books, I watched more DVDs, I played more with friends, I was so excited when the office sent me to Padang to report an event held in Semen Padang factory and I felt pretty confidence and happy with what I currently did as a job. Waw, so far.. my life seems perfectly predictable, isn't it? haha I know it, because some friends said so.

I perceive life is like a wheel, we who rotate in it could some time be at the upside and obtained the downside at another; so I could definitely understand if come and go things did happen in life, even when it's your loved ones. I consciously lost a very good friend after defiantly addressed her some spoiled things about our cranky relationship which I can't put up with for any longer. And that's how she and I personally ended, I could say this as I really feel until now that we can't be the same again like we used to be. And the good thing happened was my younger brother's graduation!

Lebaran day is a big day that we usually celebrate with all the big family's members. Gathered up with cousins always successfully forced me to think more about future life as a real woman (you know what I mean) and it's super depressing, indeed.

It was just like yesterday when the office emailed me that they shortlisted my application and then arranged the time for an interview, but I can't tell with words about time flies so far that the psychology test and series of interviews has already took place completely a year ago.

I was turning 23. instead of feeling happy, I encountered myself a bigger fear than the one happened months ago, I said to my friend that 23 is somehow close to 25 and closer to 30. Okey I admit it, I am afraid of being 30 without reaching anything big. Even I have not decided yet what I considered as BIG. Anyway, I hide my birthday in my facebook profile months before the d-day, and it really makes me realize that people who congratulate and send you wishes are they who really care and know you so that they remember your birth date. I don't fancy hundreds of facebook wall congratulating me for my birthday from people I barely know, because for me it's odd.

I know life's hard, but I found out that the more you see and pay attention to other things around, you will knowledge yourself more, that is how I learn in this university of life. The chance of backpacking in some South East Asia's countries where I could see people with different cultures makes my eyes wide open and grows my eagerness about the world even more.

Late Report from the Backpack Runners

My friend and I went to visit Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Singapore, and Johor Bahru (Malaysia) from December 23 until December 27. We have three days in Ho Chi Minh, one day and a half in Singapore, and one day in Johor Bahru.

When I write this post's title, I mean it literally, because what we did mostly in this trip were either walking or running, since Richie and I are used to walking fast everywhereeee, I consider it as running :D. That is it. Okeeey, actually I want to write the complete report of this traveling, but I found that Richie has successfully writen it very detailssss.
We visited the dolls of Vietcong troops at Cu Chi Tunnels complex. Cu chi tunnels itself located 30 kilometers away from Saigon, fortunately we got a nice tour bus brought us to the eggshell craft workshop firstly before we headed to Cu Chi.

These are some souvenirs made by eggshell, oh they are sooo pretty and that is why they price very expensive. We, the budgeted backpackers, obviously could not afford it.

Visiting Cho Ben Thanh market somehow presented a familiar feeling for me, where here Richie and I can do bargaining as well as what we've usually done when we were shopping in Indonesian's markets. and Richie is right, please offer a logical price when bargaining, I got shoed by the sales girl because I bargain the price to only 15% of her offer price. You know what the sales girl said, "ARE YOU CRAZY? NO! GO GO GO! YOU GO!" Hahahah I am sorry, I thought in Indonesian rupiah when bargaining, and I carelessly forgot to convert it into Vietnam Dong. :))
(at that time, 1 IDR = 2 VD)

Day 4, after we arrived at Singapore last night, we scheduled our one day trip Johor Bahru using the yellow bright colored Causeway Link Bus (CW1). The bus fare was pretty cheap (compared to Jakarta's city air-conditioned bus), but unfortunately, Richie and I got tricked by the signage, board at the Simgapore's immigration checkpoint. And there we were, walking for almost 3o minutes from Singapore's Woodlands Checkpoint to Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex in Johor Bahru thinking that it was the right way to go get our Causeway Link bus back, but NO, we have walked across half the bridge till a man with motorcycle told us that it's impossible to reach Malaysia's immigration checkpoint by walk, unless if we persist to keep walking, it will need one or even two more hours. HUAHAHAHAHA. No way for it so we went back to Woodlands and then we have to enter the Singapore's Immigration Duty Office to explain that mistake.
After did some sight-seeing and book shopping in Johor Baru City Square (at first we thought it was Kotaraya Shopping Mall, but it wasn't), we went back to Singapore in the evening, all I can say about the trip to Johor Bahru was: we just tried to consider that our repetitiously bad lucks as funny things we could laugh at together. and until midnight we were just walking (hmmm, at this time we're not running) and experiencing the crowds at Orchard road and finally bought juices at Esplanade before we went back to her sister's apartment at Amber road.

The last day, we kept on walking (read this as running please) from one place to place. I said to Richie, the sums of our walking distances is the same as the distance if we start from Bojonggede (West Java) to Pasar Minggu (South Jakarta) and go back to Bojonggede again. Hahaha. Very tiring.

PS: One ridiculous thing that my friend made me realize was that the photo in my passport (which had been issued in 2007) looks TOTALLY different with the real me now, people who ever knows me at around that year and before, could easily know why.. hehe, it's simply because at that time I still (for your information) weighed 165 lbs. Since I have won fought those lbs (hihihi) of course my 2007's face was muuuuuuch chubbier than today's. This passport photo matter has caused me encounter full of suspicious distrust stares from the ALL of the immigration officials who checked my passport, and the proccess in those checkpoints took really quite some time. Hahaha should I have a new one with the latest photo inside?

Chainlink Maggie

What my big bro bought me when he was shopping at a mall of Emirate of Saudi Arabia in his free time is what I am recently craving for and yess I definitely looove it! a madison chainlink maggie bag, aaaaw a COACH, brother! :D Bunches of thank you yaa! :)
image source

Broken Things

It is not a secret that I am kind of a super great destroyer; everybody knows why things somehow have these soo big tendencies to be more fragile when they comes in to my hands.. oh it's not like that, but it is just too good then that even they could be very pretty messy when they are already labeled mine. Hokey now the truth is, I think the newly bought telephone is not working properly, awahawhah. So you get about what I'm telling you; that there's always this giant shit I put on things and I just couldn't resist myself from doing it, I might say I did this outside my self-conscience, well as what I have wrote above; I am a great destroyer, literally. And you know what is so not special today, I start to think of stopping punching the goods and get more patience when things are not coming on my way and try to be a better one. Oh I dont like saying so, because, when I said it that I'm trying to be better, I lie.

been felt so intimidated has made me feel too hate to living in this sphere full of hatred, hhhh to relate with a my bad angry management is not that easy ever since, but in every time I played as an ignorant, there were still these misbehaves hit me which I can't tolerate.

Damn. I ramble too random. Even myself couldn't find any roots of the cause here. Well, later!

"Sometimes I think you make me sane. "
- Lead from What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

Big Bro's Coming!!!

Know what??? My older brother together with some aunts and uncles will be coming back to the country tomorrow!! They were going on a pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) as one of a moslem's duties described in the five pillars of Islam for almost 40 days.

Hence, the whole house has been cleaned up, and for the welcoming of his arrival back home my mother and I went to Tanah Abang Market to buy some goods.
the waterpots for soon to be arrived zamzam water :)

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BROTHER, you know, life here is kinda a little bit hard :P all of us do sure need him to take care of our living continuity again hehe :D

Broken Things

It is not a secret that I am kind of a super great destroyer; everybody knows why things somehow have these soo big tendencies to be more fragile when they comes in to my hands.. oh it's not like that, but it is just too good then that even they could be very pretty messy when they are already labeled mine. Hokey now the truth is, I think the newly bought telephone is not working properly, awahawhah. So you get about what I'm telling you; that there's always this giant shit I put on things and I just couldn't resist myself from doing it, I might say I did this outside my self-conscience, well as what I have wrote above; I am a great destroyer, literally. And you know what is so not special today, I start to think of stopping punching the goods and get more patience when things are not coming on my way and try to be a better one. Oh I dont like saying so, because, when I said it that I'm trying to be better, I lie.

been felt so intimidated has made me feel too hate to living in this sphere full of hatred, hhhh to relate with a my bad angry management is not that easy ever since, but in every time I played as an ignorant, there were still these misbehaves hit me which I can't tolerate.

Damn. I ramble too random. Even myself couldn't find any roots of the cause here. Well, later!

"Sometimes I think you make me sane. "
- Lead from What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

Or also known as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is one of Indonesia's interesting tourism's destination within Jakarta as the capital city. Today we attended the wedding party of our best friend's only older sister which was held at one of the buildings there. Happy new life Kak Intan (and you also, Billy hehehe (?)).
After the party, we surrounded this complex to see the representation of our superb archipelago in just one route along the edge of the artificial lake. We dropped by in some places during the tour and here are some pictures (from my supeeer lame cellphone's camera with its bad quality, of course :D)

Phinisi Nusantara boat's model at Keprajuritan Museum

ps: to know more about Indonesia's magnificent tourism, kindly visit here.

This Week

Oh wow. I am happy for being here again, finally. Just like what I've wrote in the previous post, to keep my working performance always on the track ( so I will still be considered by the management hehe), I should achieve my weekly targets. Well thank you so much to the infrastructure projects' biddings in Lampung, Jambi, and some other in South Sumatera; through them God had saved my life :)
Anyway, on December 8 night, my best friends and I were at this comfy chinese-themed restaurant located in Tarogong street celebrating our youngest december girl's birthday! :D Hi there, don't be so sad with the conspiration's results please, we'll hopefully try to make it better next years! Heee
ps: I cheated her blog post's title, hehe. Dealing too much with the project tenders in the office lately, has somehow made me kind of lacking for words.

This is My December

It's already Friday! and the first week of 2009's last month will be ending. I actually need to accomplish a weekly target set by the office so it will be terrific, well not the most horrible thing though hopefully I can make it together with the next week's target within fortnight.

I really think that I need some time to prepare the road trip (ehehe) and actually, to reconsider my future life plan.. oh did it sound so serious? hmm I mean, I am serious about this :). I've got plenty of brand neewwww important things within this wonderful year; involve in a quite lively work with amusing and resentful things, redetermine who are my true friends (and undoubtedly fight foes!), improve my relationship with the family members, find a way to restrain my soooo bad angry management, which those all had given me a wider view in seeing things, and then aren't I (and you too!) supposed get better improvement next year?

And it looks like that I will leave this post with no conclusion paragraph or any closing statements, because the manager has emailed everyone to gather in the meeting room for the monthly research meeting.

Well, Hello December! it's still too early saying goodbye to 2009 though. Needless to say, the rest will be hopefully FUUUUUUUUUN ! :)

The Girl

When you feel so lonely (even you're not physically alone) and scared and distressed and restrained but you do not exactly know why why whyyyyyy.. what would you do?
the first thing moves across my mind is remembering my daddy, the warmth that came along with the recalled memories of him and I together in my never-ending like childhood is always able to make me feel better like I've ever written before :) thank you dad..

But besides, another fastest way I could do is just pick up the phone and dial a number I've known by heart since the first moments of my college time, and astonishingly I could expel all the negativity just by hearing her voice where we have a little unimportant chit-chat about anything; about the construction of Sultan Thaha Airport's passenger terminal in which we both don't take any parts (hahaha), about the bad weather that fails our holiday plan to some places these times, about the planning of our university's development, about the evils that take place in our works or any other shallow things. I don't even need to let her know about what I'm scared about or what had made me feel so lost; because then all are amazingly vanished. Is she some kind of a drug or something? :D So please let me introduce you to a girl that had been chosen as the first person encountered to be one of my closest friends from college :) and I really hope that this will last forever.
Isn't it overwhelmingly flattering? :P But here's the way I thank you for everything that seems simple yet means so much for me! :)

ps. 'placebo girl' is not her nickname (I am worry that the title of this will mislead people :p), but sometimes, calling her with various words written in her T-shirts is just another simple enjoyment hehehe :D

Think Love?

I barely speak about love things and not even to blog any of it, oh never! ;p, well, I just don't have the heart.. to arrange words for that matter, hehe. But what I want to bold here is, if you happen to know me personally in real life, you can find that my music playlist is mainly dominated by sad songs with slow rhythm, where most of them are oldies; a genre which my friends said that is just sooooo mee :D

Anyway, The Everly Brothers' Bye Bye Love is one of my favorite songs that will contrast that opinion. Old, sad (lyrics), but its Rock and Roll beat hits you all!

ps: one thing interests me, do you guys agree with the words in the image above? :P


Wow, is (not) it so true? :D

(click for larger view) image source

With A Cup of Ice Cream and A Pan of Cheesy Bites

... we have a happy sunday evening together, brother!

Morning Dew Drops

Though it has been a couple of year ago, the memories of internship experience somehow still remains. oh how I really miss the activity of wake up very early in the dawn and feel the morning dew while taking a long walk to the beach and back again to the boarding house to get ready for the office, and that we always skip the breakfast just for the sake of money, budget concerns. hehehe miskin...
Recalling memories like this could always successfully bring a sensation full of pulses to the heart. hee :D How I miss beaches and our stupidity so..

Make the Call

As a research consultant, my job description is doing daily liaison and networking with leaders of companies providing architectural and engineering design services for building and construction projects by making proactive outbound calls and visits to source and gather reliable and useful information on the construction industry. Well then a telephone is a main tool, ok.
As we're all are striven for giving the best performance, I think that it is normal for us to have proper facilities at last to do so. Hence, don't blame me for the anger (of mine) to irrepressibly burst out after my complaints about the worn-out desk telephone were not responded, for.. owhh weeks?!! How would they expect me to work appropriately if my so called main facility is not working properly?
Hehehe it's actually a little thing which is not supposed to be blown up exaggeratedly, but yesterday was such a really bad timing when my period which came along with negative mental state and all the bad lucks happened finally constructed that very bad‎ behavior all day.:D
and, today.. it's finally there, a substitute for the former unusable one. Wow, this one is not new, but look it has so many buttons that makes me soo happy and extremely overwhelmed. hahahah lebay ah..

Well thank you colleagues, and I'm sorry for being so ruuuuude the other day :D

A verse

For my little brother,

"It is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you love a thing which is bad for you. God knows but you do not know."
Al-Baqaraa : 216

and those who are wondering why we can't get things that we really wish for.

Distruss and Mistruss

My brothers and I was born in a family whose doctor as the mother (actually a general practitioner she is now) and a public officer appointed to do the decision in a law court (hmm could I just say, a --judge) as the father.

Oh yes, before I forgot, since I wrote this blog, I found out that somehow I love to talk about my past; my childhood, my family and some ridiculously so damn simple things happened to us :D. Hence now, I just want to write any of it, again. Disclaimer: I got a very intense flu, and I don't think my voice is good enough to do my daily liaison calls, the research partners won't be convenient though. :P

And yes, Indonesian people have just seen a satirical drama that publicly propagated on media about corruption scandal complete with its all bribery allegations and conspiracies in these busy days. I don't really give a damn, actually. But since it's discussed almost everywhereeeee I just can't close my ears.

I was never got myself interested in these hard-to-get law and political things, but all the informations spread in our house through lively discussions my brothers and mother did in almost everyday, were just couldn't be avoided. From all of it, here I really want to thank God that I am not in a single way to realize my one of future profession's aspirations that I might think it's cool. When my father wanted me to be an engineer (like my grandfather did), my mother wanted me to be a doctor (just like she did) Before I know if there's something said architect, I thought that I would better be a police than a doctor. I hate doctors, as I saw them everyday since hospital (where my mother worked) and also court ( my father's office) were our playground every after school time.

Well, as had been said once by my old man..

to lead a happy and clean life, don't ever get any troubles with doctor, prosecutor, and police.
(no offense, but if you know what that means)

I think I don't really know what is the point of this post. Consider me as a-cold-infected chatterbox so I blabs too much. hehehe
ps: even the title didn't synchronize at all with the whole post.

for a word

In every time I got myself trapped in a conversation about family members, I always feel proud when it comes my turn to speak about my late old man, that there was a time I so happened to have a very man which makes me be like any other normal kids and rightfully proud now for that.
Even though this fact doesn't take place to the present anymore, it at last had formed me to be a complete person in life who ever sense the precious time of unforgettable childhood full of great memories with the one who always love me and also the suffer feeling from a super big loss for the thing that I thought God only gave me once.

I never forget; a feeling of deep sorrow I hate but I always failed to smash away and in all the way keep myself fall into it, as it's the only way I feel reconnected to him, the way that makes me feel vigorous and strong when I am weak, hale and hearty when am I sick, safe and sound when I am uneasy, and shatters my stupid loneliness into debris.

That it is only a word could do.

The Marinas, Docks & Piers

Which one are you, guys? :D

marina n. a specially designed harbor with moorings for pleasure yachts and small boats;
dock n. an enclosed area of water in a port for the loading, unloading, and repair of ships;
pier n. a structure leading out to sea and used as a landing stage for boats or as a place of entertainment.

The Liz's EPL

I've known (and not so interested in reading) about this memoir book by Liz Gilbert even before the news spread about Julia Robets's coming to Bali doing the filming.. but the bustling publications on the shooting process somehow have stimulated my curiosity to it.

So this is the book I am currently reading..

From several various random reviews I read from some people I am informed that among the gazillion people who love this, they were some who said that they not liked it because as a story whose premise a married woman who get divorced with her husband under emotionally commotion circumstances that mainly tells us about the one-year experiences paid by her publisher (where she worked) that she got along the journeys which had helped her to recover and find herself, it is.. just that.
I don't know, I haven't finished with it yet. Hopefully it will be good because I kind of thought I might love reading this. :)

Lead Me All The Way

I really missed the time when I was still in elementary school, where my brothers and I were driving bicycle going to school. The most of all, I really missed the one who taught me how to ride a bike.. daddy it was :) I still could clearly remember how hard he tried to catch me every time I fall.

Anyway, will I be able to accomplish this point in my 2009 resolutions? Do you think having a city bike is a good idea? when you live in a small town with a very bad and heavy traffic?

The Old Cigars, We Are

My recent Sunday was filled with activities that my best friend and I always had when we were still unemployed (oh that time!) we went gyming, eating healthy food, and shopping! hehehe, so now you're a great moneymaker ya? hehe you know, working in the construction sector like that is always be my dream thaaaaat seems not going to be true for now. Hee

At the restaurant decorated with an old and ethnic theme (a newly opened one in the biggest mall in our town) I saw my name written at the box that they put near the cashier bar, oh wow.. I was surprised by the fact that it was a clove cigar's box. I often find my name written in the box of crackers (i mean: kaleng krupuk hehe) before, or even in a plank in front of shops or even a street name in Bantar Gebang :) But this is my first time seeing this:

so sorry for the bad picture, hahaha. I took it discreetly using my lame camera phone while Billy was busy with the cashier girl. Please pay a visit to here for better one. ISN'T IT COOL? :D

I did not really remember when was the last time I still got in touch with this cigarette thingy, and I am pretty sure that it is (supposed to be) a looong time ago, when I was still young and depressed hahaha (means: college time?! :p)

Oke and now I really felt like recall the moments. just Let's Remember All the Good Times as well as Let's Remember the Good All Times written there..

Oh such a VERY GOOD TIME !
I smell food here and there.. hahaha oooh masa silaam :)

Completely a Year

There were normal and thankfully-not-so-depressingly times in the meantime since my last post :P busy yes, happy yes, aaand lively yes. :) I was just doing my days commuting from house to the office and vise versa, helping my mother with the domestic works while our servant took her holiday, and the most interesting thing was supervising the refurbishment work of my mother's house, oh it really felt as if there is something alive is growing when I see the progress day by day. hehehe :P

Talking about the job, I can't say with words about how fast time flies, you felt it yourself too, didn't you? and as I already recognized days before, exactly today in a year ago, is my first day. Can't really explain how boring I was at the time before I arrived here. I was so happy then (see point oct from Kaleidoscope @ 2008 :p) and it somehow stands still. I mean it :D

Poor English

My brother said my English is poor, obviously. And yeah, he's perfectly right. Even the EPT score told that so. T__T

Eid Mubarak 1430 H

Fast and Furious

Didn't the title sound so crafty? hehe I'm not trying to mislead you.. well, we indeed are people with so much shrewdness. Confused with what I am talking about? Okey I'll make it clear.. we just don't care with what you who supposed to be our friends (and didn't seem want to be one) would do with your life, but there's no such a thing called PEACE when you're trying to contend with us and because.. we are just uncontested *devil laugh*

Under the Sky

A lot of laughs at our fastbreaking under the Jakarta city sky we perfectly had yesterday..
we have today..
and hopefully tomorrow... :D
P.S: All photographs are the courtesy of her who successfully had made these all look astonishing :)

Sew, Sewn, Sewed

As I remember that today's already the mid of the first month in this year's last quarter (did I manage it right?:P) which meansss... we are already near to the end of 2009, and I also remember as well that I still have to pursue some things in life and got it all accomplished.

So that's why I always try to get home as soon as possible! I learn sewing, people! all by myself! with my old sewing machine and the tutorial book, of course! hehehe

this project is the simplest one I started since I was perfectly BLIND to this sewing thing. :) What I really hope is, by the end of the year, I could (at least) make my own skirts :P

Adventure Book

I also want to write down in my adventure book :)

Quickening Severe Updates

So do people still write their blog? I didn't blogwalking these days my friends, so I don't really know, but I will post some things to keep myself updated hahaha I'm gonna make it quick since I'm still at the office :P
1. one of the things I'm looking forward to is already on progress since last week. It really makes me nervous knowing that finally mother approved my design proposal (it was quiet difficult to meet her requests though):D
2. my lost cdma cellphone has been finally found in one of my purse hehe. I always know we will meet again, dud! :)
3. and suddenly the office becomes so busy moving all the things from 6th floor to join us in the 8th floor.
4. oh yeah, I'm sure will catch up some new books soon tonight remembering that I have not bought anyyyyy since the end of July. My gosh, it's a really long time. :))
5. lastly, my project is still 12.8% done of September's total loads. So I better go back to work now hehe

Apple of Eyes

Yesterday was my little brother's graduation day, I just felt like not having enough good words to be written unless; We are so happy and we are so proud of him! and our daddy would have been very proud of him too if he were here :)

I felt really so good having a full day being with people I love and the ones who we know will always love us for always to capture our precious milestones from each of our lives together, and it is the most obvious and easiest meaning I could justify about a little thing that we used to call.. family! ;p

B's 23th Bash

Haloo, it's been a week from my latest post; the market share project at office had really weakened my desire to write :P. But thank Goood, it's done.
Well... if you've followed to read my blog from the very beginning until today it is now, you could be familiar with these girls, ya? yes they're my best girls I've ever had on earth! (I'm trying to be romantic, but it doesn't sound so success ya? hehehe)
After the fast-breaking dinner, we took some times talking about everything, (and AY was so curious about this Miss Universe and Indosiar thingy, while I was stalking to her new smartphone, hahaha mupeng bo!) and some times taking pictures (as usual).

I do really agree with what AY said; there are a lot of people easily come in to our life, and it is as easy as that for them to walk away. And just let them if they want to go out :) The ones who keep staying with you are they that you could name your true best friends. Just like this anonymous poem cited:
"friends are like stars they come and go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.
Hope you and us all will always glow in our own hearts.


Her Dream House Project

I finally could relievedly breath knowing that my design work for a high school super-best friend is successfully built. It's done with some little revisions here and there. I did attend the syukuran party yesterday but couldn't take any pictures because the house was really crowded (and I hope the sketch which was created by software, haha, could do you a little favor :p). So I will work with the as-built drawing soon. OK then, congratulation for your new dream little house, Mbauput! :)

Kiai Kanjeng: Hybridity of Arts

Here I am again alone in the middle of the night, but now.. doing nothing! hehe. Being trapped in the office with big load of things to be done had really made me feel soo.. p l a i n . What I feel mostly is that I miss my mother, I miss my brothers, and biggest of it all I deeply miss my father (and after I looked back to some posts I wrote in August 2008, I unintentionally realized that the month seems to be always full of you, Dad). Anywayyyy, instead of doing nothing (I mean, I recently have nothing urgent to do, as usual), I browse to folders in my laptop and do delete some unimportant files and back up the important one. And I end up attracted by a presentation file that I made months ago to help my little brother prepared himself for the competition, and these are some slides from this presentation of his scientific writing that he presented at Mahasiswa Berprestasi Utama UI 2009.

And now I am curious more and more about this Kiai Kanjeng, and no! whaaw, it's almost two o'clock! I better gotta sleep now, my friend!

disclaimer: this Kiai Kanjeng thing is not mine, if you (probably) have any questions about this, please directly contact my little brother, hehehe

Le Pliage Dream

Want this one pleaseeeee? :P


Where's My Phone?

I would have not ever noticed that my not-so-newly-bought-CDMA cellphone is VANISHING somewhere, if one of my colleague, sindel azhari (;p), didn't ask me to switch it on. How ridiculous is that? I even don't remember the last time I see it! not in these days, I think. hahaha, and I 'm still wondering how could I be that ignorant to it?

Morning Blast

When we're on the way to work this morning, my mother picked a call from someone talking about her property business. Then all of sudden I truly felt like crying after I heard her spelling the name of her late husband to the man over there, even though I put it as my last name (and it became familiar ever since) I really really really miss him now.. :(

Modern Twenties Girl

This is my result for this quiz:
"You are ambitious and determined, career minded and clever. When charged with a task, you are persistent, and when faced with a problem you are resourceful and creative in finding the solution. Your approach to life may be a bit practical, but you are a hopeless romantic at heart."

I am craving already for this one, but I am prohibited by my mother to buy any until I don't know. Anyone want to buy me? Oh I think I could ask my generous brother hihihi :P

August Rush

Hiya, it's August already! (claim; this post really has nothing to do with the film ya!)
After all, would say that July must have been the most oppressive month this year from its formers, I supposed. Cause there were these things happened (which somehow startlingly made me shocked, really)

Coming back from the work trip, I sensed that there must be something wrong about the management here (and everybody with whom I discussed it told that this thing is normal; a very humane fact about employer, employee and all, as it happens world-widely if you know the term called capitalism). But this somehow made me felt like losing my spirit and enthusiasm to do the job as I've always had before.

So I broke my own oath of not ever signing in to my facebook profile during office hours (this is simply because as I sign in it, I can't help myself to then log it out ;p) and there I was.. tempted in playing an application (where some colleagues were already been there) instead of doing nothing ( I lost the mood to work, remember?), and now I'm addicted to it so every time I go to the internet, it's a thing I visit in the first place. Yes true, it is this, haha!
and I'm now a level 17-er! a Super Shoveler :D

The sadness and mourning for Michael Jackson's death was still covering the air, and then came this tragic bombing news I read very early in July 17 2009's morning as I've been connected to my twitter account. There then all the people to blabbering about the tragedy, and not so long after the recorded CCTV video of the two hotels' lobby (with the red-circled suspect) was continuously played on telly.

The saddest part I felt profoundly was that we came to a conclusion that the bombers were, yes, moslems. People from the same group who did all previous terror bombings throughout the country. I barely believe this! and become so eager to know about them, so I brave myself to read a biography book (which has already been in our family's book cabinet from 2004, I guess) written by the one who got his death penalty on November 9, last year.

Call me a changeable or unstable or even the worst.. radical-ish? oh no. I anyway just tried to understand why that group came out with the decision of doing those internationally media-exposed horrible suicide bombings which no one (and me too) could find its moral logic? I just tried to perceive the reasons to cause their anger then need to be carried out. I am sorry for all the victims, I truly do also share my condolence for them. But if only we all know why..

Ah, I apparently never an expert to this international conspiracy theory thing, so I won't talk more about it. I myself now left confused about WHO ARE OUR REAL ENEMIES? my little brother once suggested me to watch this film if you want to know more about how this probably happens. Ok, I leave this topic.

Aaand, far from all of those miseries.. I want to congratulate some of my best friends who finally have their new place to get closer to their dreams. Ah thanks, you guys unintentionally have told me that dreams are not just being dreamed, but should be done! :)

From all of the things we've got through together, this time I realized how quite deep I felt about them (not trying to be romantic though). I am pretty sure that this photo hasn't ever been posted in this blog. :DD

Can You Keep a Secret? and Remember Me?

She gave me a gift discount voucher at times bookstore which will be valid only until the end of this month, that is why then I run to the nearest one to use it hehe. And to follow the success of me like The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, these are what I finally have just picked up:
Can You Keep a Secret? and Remember Me?

I hope I will have more chances so I can be Kinsella enough! ;p
ps. Mother screams: "Oh another books!! Stop spending your money on that thing unless you are done with those unread ones (pointing to the table) Look, we already have no more space!"

Congratulating her

Hey, Girl!
Wish you a happy life as always :)

July 24, 2009. Ke'ku:en Cafe

Update! Update!

I'm gonna post some pictures from these several days' activities now.
But before, I just wanna say.. hmm, Hi! I'm (normally) curious to what people think about me after they read all of these 'obvious' postings in my shallow and uninitiated blog (as if there's any doing so ;p) but at this very point, I don't care as it doesn't matter! So take your time lah..

July 18, 2009

visited the site project of patio8, checking everything :)

Under ConstructionI can't wait! the estimated completion date is about next month.