No Insignificant

After the long weekend I spent restfully at home, I am ready for another month of struggling with the projects :) Welcome March!
"No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence."
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Decade After

February 18, 2000;
Was a time where a man had gone, left his wife husband-less with their three children. Where a little girl lost hands who always raise her up, chest where she always feels warm in, and world she usually stands up at..

Now today, this little whiny girl had grown up, and she already turned out to be a reckless and slashing big girl like me; a daughter who had the same angry state of mind's level and the same reading hobby of him.

He really loved to sing. And also a good singer and band multi player, while I am not. Hehee. Yet we're not surprised with my 'ancient' taste of music from him I was so much influenced.
I liked to attend my daddy's open trial after school time so we can go back home together. I liked seeing him being the center of attention reading the accusations and pursuant final results. I was so proud having a father wearing a black judge's robe and banging the gavel whose sound that I really scared of, as a child.

He also taught us to have the eagerness to travel and see new places every time we get the chance to. Well, there were so many other things he had taught me in our short togetherness back when he was still here among us, and I still could remember all of his sayings.

This is my favorite picture, I was a bit dissapointed (read: jealous) when daddy asked my younger brother to join our photo session. Hohoo

If someday I were given a chance to choose, I would like to have a man as strong as you, as nice as you, as brave as you, as smart as you and as gentle as you. Peacefully rest my old man, I will keep trying to be good so later in the afterlife we could meet each other again...

Work Trip to Semarang

Btw, these are some photos from my work trip to Semarang, Central Java.

I wonder what this place is, it's a building to watch local art performance, I guess. Located near my hotel, so it did work well as a landmark for me.

Sam Poo Kong Temple. This was at first a place where Admiral Zheng He in his seventh voyage ordered his crew to cast anchor. Because of his kindness to help Java appeased its civil war, the local people then built this place as a honorary tribute towards him and now used for Buddhist worship with Barongsai show and ceremonies.

Intermezzo; say hi to my reflection ! ;p

Moon Cake!

Start Getting Square

Hello Blogs, I finally came back from Semarang, a little city in Java Island's north-coast line last night, the flight take-off was actually scheduled at 3.15 PM but unfortunately it was delayed for almost two hours!! Oh, isn't it lameee? There were no technical problems as they said and the weather was good, yeah I consider it was just my bad luck I dealt with an indiscipline local airline this time.

Well, today I met my friend at the biggest mall in my little lovely town (haha! oh I really missed this town when I was ALONE back in Semarang whose NO uninteresting malls to wander in :P) and then we went to the cinema to watch Legion. Here's a quote from the movie that successfully had me blown straightaway.
"When I was a kid... my father would sit by my bed every night before I went to sleep. And he's say to me: 'Percy, if you don't wake up tomorrow, if it turns out that today is your last day on earth, will you be proud of what you've done in this life? Because if you ain't, you better start getting square."
~Percy Walker (Legion, 2010)

You know, I have decided that.. I really should start it, whatsoever.

Hello Bandung Hello :)

Wow, it's February now! Well, it means another new days to come, another new targets to achieve, another new problems to solve. But new spirit I brought from last weekend's event at Bandung held by the office has lifted my optimism up surely! :)
heading from the office's parking lot

Existed Centre of Srivijaya Empire

Though I was born in Sumatera island; in a town named Pekanbaru for exact, I barely visited the towns scattered north to south along the island since I grew up in Java island. Just like what I have told before, I am so obsessed with the island, you know, it somehow reminds me to my lovely childhood time when I still have my father around :) So, how could I say NO when the office planned to send me there to make a reportage from Indonesian Association of School of Architecture (IASA) 's event. :D
Aaaand then, I have just arrived home from Palembang the night before yesterday, though I only spent two short days (and mostly filled with all the work stuffs) it was really really good! We the two girls are absolutely having a little escape time. Will insert some spoiler photos :D

The famous Ampera Bridge across Musi River

a big ship in the river
Me and Pupuk Sriwidjaja Factory as the background

Floating house; this one reminds me to my childhood house back at Kuala Tungkal, Jambi

That's all, and I'm gonna sleep now because I have to catch the earliest flight to Semarang tomorrow morning. Yes, another work trip from the office. See you around later!