Trench Coats from Turkey

My younger brother has just come back home from his summer school in Istanbul three days ago, and I am so delighted that he bought me three turkish designed clothes (oh soo many!) , they are a dazzling Turkish trench coat plus a couple of modern trendy pardesu! awww alhamdulillah :) This is one blessing I got in this Ramadhan; having these beautiful things when I actually least expect it :D

image sources: herehere, and here.

I wonder could I wear my hijab with this style?

Things to be Learned

The hardest obstacle I have to face in ramadhan is to control my anger. I consciously admit that I am the girl with a bad anger management. The only thing I usually do is avoiding any kind of disagreement that might provoke arguments or disputes to happen. Thanks to Productive Ramadhan for the good advices.

I am going to copy the article here so I could read it back every time I think I'm going to explode.
1.Be calm and collected
2. Seek refuge in Allah
3.Be ready to overlook faults
4.Be on guard at all times
5.Get up and Leave
Check here for further explanation :)
Always keep uplifted in your ramadhan, all!

He is Near

This post will be too personal.. but I just feel the strong urge to write.

So far we've passed fourteen days of struggling in this Ramadhan, then tomorrow we' will meet the 15th day insyaAllah. Time always flew so fast, as always I know. Nonetheless, my biggest gratification about this year's ramadhan is that here I feel so deep, where I somehow could sense that He is so near, making me realize that I am just a pointlessly weak creature of Him. Ya Allah, endless thanks to You for these chances to still get Your favors and blessings I can't count. I don't want to forget this; the most valuable unobtrusiveness I've ever felt of being under Your protection, and I pray that hopefully it will be lasting forever. Amin.

Good night, all. Hope to see you still under Allah's blessings tomorrow. Keep struggling! :)

Greatest Fears

"If human fears of hell as he was afraid of poverty, he will survive the both. If he yearns for jannah as he craved for richness, then he will get both. And if he is afraid of Allah in his heart as he fears of Allah in his behavior, then he will be happy in the world and the hereafter ."

my biggest thank you for a good friend willing to share this with me :)
Anyway.. how's your ramadhan going so far? Barakallah ya insya Allah. Amin.

further references: QS. Faathir:28, QS. Al-A'raf:156, QS. Al-Bayyinah:8.

a little prize in the cereal box of life

What was it I wrote above? yes, a definition of this beessstiee of mine :)

I am feeling so happy to be able to see my elementary school best friend again when I was sent to Yogyakarta, finally after years, being still connected is not an easy thing to be committed where we actually already live separately miles away since our last year of elementary. But I will always treasure this childhood-bestfriend. Dear girl, thank you for always being available anytime I contact you and willing to share with when the tide of our life is startlingly unpredictable.

The Never Ending City

Another business trip to Yogyakarta with great team from the office! :)
Back when I was still in architecture school, I once overheard the terminology of slow city, or slow living, this was much related to the development of urban areas, not to forget both the fact urban growth and urban sprawl as well, which were couldn't be avoided here to occur. Nevertheless, Yogyakarta of Indonesia had been somehow discussed as an example of Slow City with its slow lifestyle. The term of slow living means living in a deliberate, unhurried, and simplified way that allows for spending your life on the things that are most important, while carefully eliminating or ignoring the things that ignore or move us away from personal eternal truths, I wish Jakarta could be as nice as this place.. Oh.. It's only in my imagination!

The event was held in a so-called famous restaurant in the town of Yogyakarta. Alhamdulillah everything went well. The seminar successfully got good respond from both our valued sponsors and enthusiast participants. As for me, the most important thing was that my presentation has been finally carried out.

These are some pictures from a little free time before the event was held and almost a half day before we flew back to Jakarta.

Well finally after more than a week of not blogging, I'm back to say: Ramadhan Mubarak, everyone! I am so looking forward for it :) Please forgive all my mistakes prior to this holy month yaa! Hope we can get barokah for our fastings and ibadah. Amin.