The Attic Living

When I was a little, there was this cartoon serial I really loved to watch, Candy Candy. In this story, the main character Candy ever had an attic bedroom. Ever since, I always dreamed about having a living space at the attic, a very relaxing one, where you can have a quality time with your lovelies, like this.

Plus, I want it attached with the bookshelves as well, anyone pleaseeee? :)

About Language

It is already more than two years now after my graduation from school of architecture. Though I left the studio and all of that tagged along with that institution, I never stop learning things as I consciously aware that the real place of learning is this life itself, the university of life.
I referred this post to my old post where I write about what I want to achieve in the next ten years. Well, it's just another ordinary list that everyone does have, anyway. I really feel so blessed and grateful for what I am and where I am standing at now, but learning is something that I don't want to stop doing for the rest of my life.
Yesterday I tried to move my feet to the bookstore and bought a basic guide to learn Arabian language! I was so much inspired by a friend that now turns out to be my colleague at the office, who mastered Korean language auto-didactically as it is one of her passions. And some posts in a dear sister's blog have made me feel more encouraged to finally make a first try. I know it will be a little bit hard, but my own big hope to be able to learn Quran and Hadith by Arabian language someday, InsyaAllah, has lead and reassure me. :) And at least I've been taught to recite Quran since I was still a kid. Wish me luck, friends! :D

Brightened Weekend

I received a mail from a dear friend far away from a Scandinavian country, and it really has made my day :) Thank you Nadia :) crossed my mind that you probably don't know that your name means something also in Finnish. Your first name (in Finnish mustikka) means "blueberry" and your last name is quite com´mon womens' name. Every time I hear from you, it reminds me of that delicious berry :). You have got beautiful name.
As I said back to her, I am happy to know that my Indonesian name will have a very beautiful meaning in her native language.

In here, my first name is a name that refers to a precious stone, something like diamond, but the unpolished one. We call it “berlian” for the polished one. So I think it’s really good to know that this unpolished diamond can also mean something nice like blueberry.

A dear sister from Finland also ever commented about my blueberry name a while ago;

...if you introduce yourself to anyone from my country, they'll love your name too! it means blueberry in my language! actually it's spelled mustikka, but the difference in the pronouncing is minor, so the word is still recognizeable, even if it's spelled with one k. actually this is how most foreigners spell and pronounce it when they start to study finnish :D
Ah many thanks Sisters! You two have brightened my day. I wonder if this word could mean something else more in other country's language :D

Have a nice weekend everyone! I am fully booked by my mother so I'll spend these two free days hanging out with her, always love the way she caresses my hair warmly, that's what I call Home (though she always talks about my younger brother).

And so as today, early in the morning, we went to bookstore hunting for new good books, bought groceries and ended up having lunch. I gave myself a novel titled Samudra Pasai by Putra Gasa. Samudra Pasai was the first Indonesia's Islamic kingdom established in 13th century at Aceh, Sumatera Island. I hope this novel would be as great as Yin Galema by Ian Sancin that I have read before. Yin Galema itself is a good lifestory of a little girl from China that adding my knowledge about Balok sultanate in Belitong Island existed in 16th and 17 century.

Her New Hello

After all, the long awaited moment has finally come.. my dear cousin who was engaged with her senior in her medical school months ago has officially entered the life of marriage on last Saturday. My other single cousin and I accompanied her to walk to the room where ijab kabul was held.

After the akad nikah was done, the happy bride and groom prepared themselves for the wedding party. While waiting for celebration to begin, my cousins and I did a lot of photo shoots with our extended family members, also with all the cute nieces and nephews.

We congratulation two of you when saying hello to your whole new world together.

The wedding party was celebrated in minangkabau culture,including the red and gold wedding gown, Dish traditional dance and the interior decoration. It was indeed so merry as if anyone who attended shared the same happiness :) And most of the people I met in this event asked me when will be the day of mine? Well, all I can say was that I will be very pleased if they would pray for me for my turn to come. :D Amin... :)

September Issue

September went away so quickly just like every other month in 2010, but I never regret this to happen for any single reason since I've learned so many valuable things..

The story of letting go of something and leaving it behind as past has been a classic part in everybody's life, isn't it? That's why moving on is another step that can be taken in order to enter new phase of life. I keep moving on with the list of plans and always try to reach His bless in every of my breath.

Welcome October! I look forward for another good things to come :)