Could anybody teach me how to put on make up the right way? and still look natural? A big fondness to a bunch of my loveliest for giving me these equipments as presents last week! So lovely! :) This is definitely something special from someones special! ;p
 Did you enjoy the spicy West Sumatran cooking?
 All photos are courtesy of the maestro.

Hole in My Soul

The title almost completely pictures a gloomiest side of my current circumstance. But I am not worried, my friends. Because life itself is full with the ups and downs, no?

Long ago, I put walls around my heart, just only to be safe from getting both mine and others hurt, but by all the way then I found out there are people that care enough to break that walls and get closer.. my bestfriends they are. And friendship is not like an exam to pass or fail. It's not even a contest which we compete to win or loss. I perceive it as a feeling in which we care for others more than ourself. But we are human after all, aren't we? We do make mistakes, we even hurt people we love without actually having intention to do so. And that's why I forgive.. you. That's how then I learn that you and I are only weak and imperfect creatures that cant always be right.

Above of all, may Allah brings us compassion and mercy. Inspite of what have happened between us,  I still consider you as my best friend, the one who was sent to me at the time I was searching for mind tranquillity and heart consolation. Therefore, I always pray that Allah will bless you and your family a lifetime of happiness. Amin :)

Only You

It's Thursday in the office again, all! :)

Life with all the people we've met and moments we've experienced somehow has teach us how to grow. Lots of things happened throughout this year, all the good and the bad. Above of all, I cherish them with highest gratitude, that God is still here when I feel alone. Always.

What lies in the future is a mystery to us all
No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls
There may come a time when I will see that I've been wrong

~The Carpenters (currently playing)

Despite all these blessed things you've showered me with.. please make me enough only with You.
Only You..

Happy Eid-ul Adha 1431 H


With the lights of sincerity shining the world
With the sounds of takbir echoed in the air
With the smiles on people's face
With all the bless given today..

I wish you a very happy eid!

It's Not Over Yet

Most of us are conscious for wearing hypocrisy mask, and when all then are disclosed, it will be the time we find who our truest self are. While all of these natural disasters still happened here.. public leaders, the authorization holders, the decision makers; the officials of this country, are still busy with the overseas trips in the name of comparative study, and some were even suspected in trying to dominate the stock market of the biggest state owned company in the steel industry which tried to go public with a very irrationally low IPO. Oh.. what?

There were already times these smart-well educated-rich-established people with their shameful immorality tried to fool the people to posses state funds by conducting a series of neat conspiracy to conceal their crime, which makes this country and its future generation suffer a big financial loss for now and then.

Thousands of disasters won't make aware people who are already blinded by money and wealth. Greediness is still the chosen direction of life for these honoured people. Death is no longer a scary thing that reminds to go back to the right path. Astagfirullah..




Hot gases and ashes from the continuing eruptions of Indonesia's Mount Merapi. more images here.
Who is it that can protect you from Allah, if He intends harm for you or He intends to show you mercy? And they will not find for themselves a guardian or a helper besides Allah.

Wednesday's Wise Words

We are responsible for our own life, and that responsibility is a price of greatness (Winston Churchill). So, be blazing in an extraordinary obsession. When you are inspired by some great purposes, some extraordinary projects, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world (Patanjali).

To will is to select a goal, determine a course of steps that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to those action steps until the goal is reached, the key is action (Michael Hanson). It is to harmonize prejudice and and intention in all actions. There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them (Denis Waitley). We have to understand that the world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation (Jacob Bronowski). If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours (Henry Thoreau).

With the highest power of faith, let us life in the eternal hope, with that spontaneous firm belief we will be the cause, the influence and the energy of happiness. And all of those are expressed into big joy and achievement (Nichiren Daishishonin).

Don't be afraid, everything is merely what come and just go that way, these all things will be gone, and what remains only what sends us back to the love and bless of Allah, only that..

Thank you my dear friend. Good night!

A History of the World

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes by Tamim Ansary is a thick book that I need almost more than a month to accomplish. But frankly, this is the best book I've read throughout this year, though the end of this year hasn't come yet. In this book, Ansary has written about world history that brings Islam as the main focus, tracing back to 1,500 years ago from the revelation of the Quran through the 9/11 in the beginning of this century.

He stated that Islam is not merely a system of belief, the argument is that it could be discussed together alongside communism, democracy and fascism, as it is also a social project that regulates politics, economics and justice – also a civilization of its own that has achieved outstanding accomplishments in arts and crafts, and one of many world histories.

West and Islamic world has different histories over the past few decades, though their pasts record many of the same events since these two histories had begun in the same place, between the Tigris and Euphrates of ancient Iraq. That is, not until 17th century, when Western began to intervene Muslim life and history. This disruption stirred movements in the name of renaissance and reaction, and also caused the conflicts happened in the early of this century.

Let’s make it simple, here is the breakdown of world history from West perception (which we used to learn in school), acknowledged in stages as follows; Birth of civilization (Egypt and Mesopotamia), Classical age (Greece and Rome), The Dark Ages (rise of Christianity), The Rebirth: Renaissance and Reformation, The Enlightenment (exploration and science), The Revolutions (democratic, industrial, technological), Rise of Nation-States: The Struggle for Empire, World Wars I and II, The Cold War and The Triumph of Democratic Capitalism.

But when we look at the Islamic society’s experience, the narration might be like this; Ancient Times: Mesopotamia and Persia, Birth of Islam, The Khalifate: Quest for Universal Unity, Fragmentation: Age of the Sultanates, Catastrophe: Crusaders and Mongols, Rebirth: The Three-Empires Era, Permeation of East by West, The Reform Movements, Triumph of the Secular Modernists and The Islamist Reaction.

Anyhow… Tamim Ansary did a great job in explaining the big picture of Islamic history from early victories against great odd that proved Allah to be on their side, until the Mongols came into town- up to the open war between the U.S and the Taliban. The basic foundations of Islam’s understanding and faith direction in its early years had also emphasized here. This book is really entertaining and enlightening, as it also offers an essential point of view on the world's current conflicts we are facing.

And please don't consider this post as a review, because I will become a very bad book reviewer then, since I need to read some real book reviews over the internet first before trying to wrote it down here. Happy Friday all! :)

p.s: Distinction between Shia and Sunni Islam was one topic that often written here that somehow stimulates my curiosity to know more about this issue.

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Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.

Center Point of Indonesia

Last week, I was sent to Sulawesi Island by the office to prepare its new branch in Makassar, together with the event team who held a seminar here. Makassar, previously known as Ujung Pandang with its famous national hero Sultan Hasanuddin is indeed a nice and friendly city which is claimed as the city that located nearest to the center point of Indonesia's territory, despite the fact that the local government is planning to build one of Indonesia's mega project; Center Point of Indonesia, which will include office and business center, transit hotel and golf course to make Makassar as the second biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia after Jakarta within years ahead.

After done with some work things on the first day we arrived, my co-workers and I went to trans studio theme park and played in a very short time before we should go back to the hotel.

Remembering back when I was on a business trip to Yogyakarta, it was still a very pleasant place that I really love. But now it already turns out to be a city of ash, affected by the Eruption of Mount Merapi, where most of the evacuated people from the slope area were located in public buildings in Yogyakarta. Now it has also warned at real risk from the continuing eruptions. I am so sad, because I have so many good friends and their family live there. :( Please keep praying for us..

November Rain

Hello November! It's actually a special month for me because I always feel beaten by facing the fact of getting older. Hehe. I am going to be a twenty-four within weeks :D

Though I am stll on my business trip to Makassar, a friendly city in the south of Sulawesi island, I heard from the weather forecast on TV it's still raining in Jakarta.. but hopefully there will be no more extreme disorder like one happened last week. My lovely country now needs your prays, friends. We undergo a series of disaster.. after those flooding in Jakarta and devastating flash flood in Wasior, Papua island, there were volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, and an earthquake measuring 7.2 Richter scale that occurred on October 25, eventually cause a tsunami in the Mentawai Islands.

Indonesia is by far the largest and most varied archipelago country with over 17,000 islands scattered throughout its borders, located along the span between Asia and Australia. Lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a series of fault lines in the Earth's surface that is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Crossing a region of immense volcanic activity, it has some 400 volcanoes with at least 90 still active in some way, and Mount Merapi is listed as one of the most active volcanoes within Indonesia's territory.

While I write this post in the boarding lounge waiting for the flight ready back to Jakarta, the online newspaper published news of the latest Mount Merapi's eruption spewing heat clouds as high as two kilometers that went off into various directions. This one is the biggest and the most explosive compared to the first three eruptions in the previous week.

I'm helping a friend collecting donation for the lives of refugees both in the Mentawai island and Mount Merapi's slope, focused on post-disaster women and children survivors by trying to spread the news. Just contact me if you want to take part. Hope it helps.

p.s: Told by office-mates through a conversation in Skype that we somehow should prepare ourselves for more natural calamity to happen; another active volcanoes across the country, such as Krakatau, Papandayan, Galunggung and 15 active volcanoes show signs of increased activities.