Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should We Live in Broadacre City?

Jakarta. City. Traffic.
And I shouldn't tell you more, since we all who live in this city practically know how it feels like being trapped in this bloody hell-ish traffic. Intermezzo, at least we should proud for it has contributed to the lists as one of Best of Asia 2009's remarkable experiences for the soul, particularly as the Best Place to Learn Practice, Jakarta that is. Well well, I am who personally a public transportation user have to admit it with no doubt that these jam things had taught me to be patient more each day where they keep on becoming even worse and worse, really I am not joking, just let's forget the old story of unstoppable increasing number of vehicles on the road, even the railway transportation has greatly exceeds the system's capacity causing an extreme crowding and the technical problems we always encounter means another delay. Another real traffic jam. Darn.
I have to face this every day, and I couldn't agree more that it is truly a best place to learn patience. Even though sometimes it makes me feel really sad and want to screaaaaaaaaaam. Ah!

Okey, stop complaining here Mus, you are not alone because it is everybody's problem though. I still remember that once in my architecture school I ever learned about Broadacre City, an idea envisioned by my favorite American greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who had been discussed for more than half a century. I agree with what someone said over the web that it's because Wright interested in expanding cultural and intellectual awareness, rather than the blind pursuit of material goods so common today, therefore he developed the Broadacre idea. Also, he believed that a man’s true success lay in a greater freedom of movement which he suggested would be possible with the improvements in technology which brought about the automobile, electrification and improvements in communication.

This utopian model of Broadacre is made to let go of traditional form -of the city as a whole, and of individual pieces such as the hospital, the church, the universities (institutions for creative expression and deep thought - the settings for becoming more universal), public schools (no longer to resemble factories, but set in “the choicest part of the whole countryside”, and here whereby every citizen of United States could be accommodated minimum of one acre of land per person, with the family homestead being the basis of civilization, and with the government reduced to nothing more than a county architect who would be in charge of directing land allotment and the construction of basic community facilities. Very outlandish, isn't it? But at that time it had been proved to be prophetic as sprawling suburban regions transformed the American landscape during the second half of twentieth century.
Its simplest idea is decentralization, where it actually was already taking place in the form of sprawl due to improvements in communication, electrification and transportation (better networks, cheaper automobiles, greater ownership of automobiles and high-speed travel ways). And look at the car flying over a low-density Broadacre-like landscape in this image. Tempting!
"Architecture is organic only because it is intrinsic. In the reflex it seeks to serve man rather than become a force trying to rule over him … it is building from inside out, instead from outside in …
The result: style is character. It is by integration in this interior sense that Broadacre City would give style birth; have great style all the while as something natural; not as something exterior or forced, either in its structure or upon its people.”
~Frank Lloyd Wright
Waw, it's 5 pm already, I think I'll go home now. And the course of patience subject begins.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Barb of Manish Arora

Working in the middle of the night alone, only accompanied with a liter of plain water, drifted in the deep stacks of construction drawing and bill of quantity papers had stimulated an old memory to appear, it's when I was still doing my internship as an architecture assistant at this architecture firm back in 2008.

Aywayssss, I am really bad with time management, how could I still stalk and browse to sites while I should finish my report soon, hahaha. In this unusual nocturnal activity, I really hope and pray that my appealing wishes for Manish Arora would be heard and granted. Thanks God. :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the Jungle

Hoilaaaa, it's another weekend ! again !
A week had past and I still have my days remained the same, but I am not gonna complain about my routine, my work, or so. Being busy and furiously working like a dog these days had made me feel thankful with free time I have on the weekend, which means: laziness here I come! hehehe
aaaaand a little news from what I've done during this busy week in my early twenty ten is... I hate Jakarta's transportation system even more and more, I feel so stupid by being stuck in the middle of those continuously traffic jams when I really really need to move soon from one meeting in a place to another meeting in other place. But there's no other option rather than this, so I have to face it anyway.
This traffic jam matter has made my team came late to one of those meetings, so we need to wait the one we need to talk to for almost three hours later after he went back from his construction's site project. While my partner and I were waiting in the site office, a woman engineer staff there (she is cool, believe me) played music from her computer.
Another (good) news is coming from a newest edition of Techno Konstruksi magazine I found on my working desk when I came back from my field research meeting series.
This is not my first time for me having my writing publicly published in the media, but it cheered me up anyhow :) So I send my biggest thank to whom this chance is given by. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome Weekend

I have finally done reading a book for the first time in 2010, titled Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang (or Awang's Spear Returned to Dayang) by Abdul Latip Talib, a Malaysia's number one historian writer, that I bought when I was in Johor. The story is about an unconsidered love between two relatives with it's well-described historical background, though not really sure about the exact time line when it was set, but for sure; after reading it I know more about the culture, language, and people's history of Malay people which is not so different with what we have here. I am not good at reviewing books or movies, so you better read it yourself if you are interested. And now I am currently reading Negeri 5 Menara. No busy word in Saturday and Sunday please, so have a happy weekend, all! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inquiring My Quantity

I am neither a liar nor a thief, believe me. But speaking of the devil, I did sometimes feel that what do I do, right now, in this place; is somehow unreliable (the exact word instead of "unbelievable" ;p )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Realizing Resolution

I have had enough playing with resolution list, huffh.. despite that I in fact do have in mind specific things I want to pursue this year and ahead, I am a bit feeling guilty that anyhow I have failed to accomplish some points in my 2009 resolution list, hence I just don't feel so eager of making another one now. Well eventually what I want to be happened for my upcoming days in 2010 are just some things people wish; happier, healthier, becoming better, more successful in every aspect of our life; love, career, prosperity and all. Yeah, but as now I do feel like sharing some details of it all, here they are: more books, I don't exactly count how many books I have read in last year, but I guess it's no less than 40, okay let's mark it: hopefully I could read more than 50 books during this 2010!
2.go to see more new places, ohhh have I told that I love travelling sooo much? I really mean it when I said I want to see and experience the world, it's like a dream isn't it? ;p
3.lose more weights (haha!) I've lost almost 25 kilos after two couple of years, can you imagine? I thanked God for that but I hope I could still lose some more pounds and then maintain it :D
4.though I officially work as a researcher, I wish I don't lose the spirit of designing architecture. I do really hope the proposal of an architecture project can be began in this January. :) as I always suppose that I can't cope no more with those pathetic architectural works, exciting challenges keep on coming, which I can't resist, as I've written before.

Well, I need to go doing my laundry and finish all the domestic works immediately because today I will have a gathering in one of my cousin's house with the three dwarves.

and I wonder how I finally come up with a list which I don't want to do at first. hehehe

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lovely Day One with the Loveliest

My family watched Sang Pemimpi the movie in the afternoon and after that we had dinner together at the newly opened restaurant at Margo City square. Thank you lil bro for the treat :D
Pawon Nyonya's fried chicken