intellectual exploration, are you serious?

I was so shocked when I found that one friend of mine publicly published a thought  in the social media which for me seems too negative corresponding to them who conservatively follow the original version of the religion. I knew that this kind of liberal thing has already been existed for quite some time, but I still can't believe that there are real people I know in person who definitely thought like that. It was like knowing that your friend is an assassin working for narcotics mafia. Oh no, that's different.

Having faith after one's consciously long and winding road to arrive at the finding must be the utmost thing one would ever hold for the rest of the life then, it will be much more different with the one who was just inherited by the environment where their parents live in.  Never I think that we, whose faith by only accepting it, wouldn't be able to appreciate well what we have been given, but in some extent, I do agree that one should assign him/herself a process of what it takes to gaining the enlightenment, the way in which one is associated with the infinite substance behind all these existences. But regardless to that personal searching attempt, one still needs guidance because this ultimate decree commanded to us through the last Prophet just couldn't be interpreted personally. We need another ones to guide us while we are in the searching process, otherwise we would get lost.

My point here is, be careful with the guidance, dear.
In my humble opinion, there are no such principles as open to any forms of intellectual exploration, prioritizing religio-ethic, believing that truth is relative, siding with oppressed minoritie, etc. By this you'll call me narrow-minded, but I don't care my friend, you actually can find answers for all of your inclined suspicions and deviate interpretations in that thing you used to call holy book.

This deen has been perfectly revealed to us, humankind, as a complete way of life, so there's practically no room for innovation, no matter how brilliant you think your thoughts are. And no, my kind of attitude couldn't be called as.. just taking it for granted. This is a bless, a grace. Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny? (005:13)