Recent Huge Impact in My Life

Messaging technology within these gadgets has made a huge impact in my life recently. Needless to say, it's actually peculiar to realize how easy I can be reconnected to the long lost friend from the past, how all the wise words this friend sent to me could give me new spirit and encouragement, and how I unexpectedly found that sincerity does still exist in so many extents. :)
Dear God,
Please strengthen me to perceive my weaknesses
Make me brave to face my own self when I'm dither,
tough in defeat and still humble in victory

Dear God,
Give me comprehension that understanding myself,
the essence of my creation and existence in this perishable world are the basis of all truest conceptions.
Lead me in the waves of challenges in life so I could stand upright in the middle of hurricane assault.  
Guide me to be a grateful person who shares virtue with others.
And that's the incredible success of the world.