Road Trip

Another important things that also make me flattered are when I was bestowed some awards by these nice sisters! Bunch of thanks to SyieraSara, and Blue Pearl! Thank you so much for the appreciation, lovely ladies. I love you all. Thank you for making me feel so lucky. :D

and let's now reveal another seven things of me.. hmm
I love to laugh.. a lot.
I go to the cinema alone, sometimes.
I wont let anyone brings me down when I can bring myself up.
I run away from people who tend to give me bad influence.. who tend to make me worse.
I have never committed to any romantic relationship with any man before, and won't have one either unless I already tightened the knot with that chosen one (InsyaAllah). :D
I try to kill my fears by challenging myself to face and pass through that fears.
I am still learning more about my deen, and the only reason for all efforts I do is to make me become a better person. :)

Anywayyyy... another happiness that lightened me is last weekend's road trippin' to southwest part of Java island with toughest girl friends! :) Here are some pictures!

 Thank you birthday girl for bringing us to your home town. Girls, you all rockin'! :)