Floating Clouds

I can't wait until I come back to Jakarta to post this picture: 

Assalamualaikum everyone! :) I am now on a work trip to Balikpapan, a city  in Borneo island with a timber/mining town at its heart. Look and compare this picture above with the picture of Jakarta here.  So depressing Jakarta, yes? My colleague and I are so happy with the town, because of its fresh air, good public transportation, and (un-intimidating) nice local people. I personally fall in love with the  seafood and the skyline of the city. Very soft and fresh. :D

Gotta go back to work again tomorrow, oh now I feel that these piles of work will never end (sigh). Even in the hotel, I still take most of the times working in front of my laptop. Well, stop complaining here, maybe this work trip will be the last before I move on to another milestone, gaining another new experience, perspective and understanding. Okay, will post more pictures after I come back home, InsyaAllah.

It's been raining pretty often here in Indonesia, hopefully it can be one of Allah's blessing to all of us here, alhamdulillah :)