Across the Universe

So what's been happening now in my dear country? After the fear of subsequent coming of earthquake and tsunami following the one happened in Japan (I send a sincerest pray for the sadness of the victims insyaAllah everyone will be stand strong still there) we are faced to the bombing incident at the place of Liberal Islamic Network community.

Ulil Abshar Abdala, the star of this community once wrote in his social media account that it's ridiculous and amusingly stirred now when people try telling the others to confess their sins and do taubat (an act of asking mercy to God). Okay, I am kind of agree with this thought, because someone's faith to God can not be forced by others, it is only God whose the right to give so. But wait, making wrong understanding about Islam and spreading it out were too way more ridiculous. Yeah now I seem like the holiest person to judge others as the sinner. Sorry, my bad. I've ever written about this a while ago here, and till now it keeps me wondering what were they thinking? if using our intelligence to make reasoning in comprehending the idea of God and the meaning of our creation in this universe, why then the conjugation is so much different with the one firstly narrated by the Messenger? Don't we think that the knowledge we have is just like a little dust in the wind, even almost like nothing compared to Him. Oh dear God please give us all the truest enlightenment of this faith and tie us to it until the day we meet You.

Well, back to my question in the first paragraph, what's the next trending issue now? Book bomb; that has been sent to some other places after the first one. Hmm, I think we should reconsider bringing thick book to public places otherwise people would over suspect us. :)) Anyway, I wouldn't state my opinion about the bombing's aim itself while some friends I know said that this community deserves this as a counter-attack for the hatred that people hold for them. I politely seal my lips about this.
لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ
(QS. 109:6)
Now I'm currently reading The End of Future, a very tendentious book written by my younger brother. It mostly speaks about environmental problems. Here, he persuades us to rethink about the global warming, deforestation, overfishing, etc that can stimulate environmental conflicts (read: war with weapons), like the ones happened on Afghanistan in 2001, ethnic conflict on Middle East, Eufrat-Tigris water dispute, social and environmental destruction caused by repressive mining exploitation in Papua, Indonesia, etc. 
Would we remain silent and just do nothing? Such a good question, bro.