Back in His Hands

As I've posted in the some previous postings before, my colleagues and I are enjoying our office hours listening to music while working because each of us was provided a new headphone by the IT team (for skype calls activity). So that's how then I started to add my playlist with new good songs, they're such good songs I must confess.
Then I think I was wrong when I accidentally stumbled across a stricking article we all can reflect to. The article tells about a story of a young man who died in a motorcycle accident. He instantly died just after his body touched down the road, his belongings were scattered around him; bag, books, and mobile phone attributed with the earphone that still clinging to his ears. People took him directly to the nearest emergency unit but it was too late, he can't be helped. Later at the hospital, people found that his mother didn't mourn at this dead man at all, she even smiled instead.. You want to know why? That was because she listened first to the earphone after she took her son's mobile phone. Before turning it off, she relievedly said.. alhamdulillah. then she stared proudly to her son, believing that he has gone in peace.. this boy was dead in the companion of his God's words. He listened to a  surah recitation in the last moment of his life. Beautiful moment.
"Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], And enter among My [righteous] servants. And enter My Paradise."
~Al Fajr 27-30

And what about me? Or us? Would we want to die in a car accident,  where we are listening to cheesy love songs from the radio while driving? Would we want to die in a second without holding on to any grounds that remind us to God?

Astagfirullah, now I know why it is so hard lately for me to memorize some ayat. It must be because I spell the lyrics of those songs more often than the surah I'm learning. So for now, I think it's better start cleaning my MP3 playlist from even those so-called good music and everlasting songs. Oh could I? :(