Calling All Muslimah Bloggers

Assalamualaikum dear muslimah blogger sisters,

Do you wanna be one of the inspiring blogs written by lovely sisters throughout the world? If yes, please kindly join sister Rabia's blogger directory here. I appreciate her much for initiating this cool idea. And I would really love to see you submitting your blog too, so we can have a place where blogging sisters could find each other and make good friends. :)

Randomly ranting, the end of the month always sounds creepy at work because it means deadline here and everywhere, all projects need to be done quickly before the time is up. I am so tiredly sucked up for being working owl then I think it's such a good idea to have another vacation, no? A real one I mean, not working related or visiting relatives. Any idea where to go now? What about India? Turkey, anyone? Or UK will sound fun, don't you think? hahaha, yes in my wildest dream, I suppose.

Aaah, I super envy this lucky boy for having the chance to study there and ever visited this place. It's Stonehenge! Famous thing usually pictured in wall calendars.

My younger brother would immediately kill me when he finds out his picture was uploaded here.