On Getting Back

My life has been very nice, very very nice.. Alhamdulillah .. even some struggles I did to push myself to the limits in every aspects have gave me pretty much valuable experiences in figuring out more and more about the life itself, hence there's slightly no single reason for not being grateful. So far, I have been surrounded by a bunch of good people; my family, my friends, my colleagues, and those people I just know. They can not be considered as too much in number though, but more than enough to be counted. These people have helped me finding the best version of myself, helped me pointing out where I should lead my life to, and helped me realizing that future can be so wonderfully challenging if I want to fight for it.

I don't know what's the point I am talking about, I just feel really scared that I am not good enough, to you, to people around me, and to others. And for any kinds of mistakes I've made I hope Allah would forgive. amiin. I also hope I could be better every day, better as a person.
These are the weirdest sentences I wrote as an opening for a photo post for my previous week's work trip. Hmm, I might be just physically and emotionally intruded by my monthly symptoms.  I don't know. So let's just forget it. :(

Anywayyy, I went back home yesterday, and works at the office are waiting like crazy. But I am happy that I somehow could still do something that can give benefit to others by what I am doing, despite the fact that this work has sucked up almost all of my energy..

The first two pictures above I took when we were looking around Kebun Sayur Market, the third  picture is one of project construction my partner and I visited, a working place of tourism in picture number four and the last one is a picture toward local people housings located exactly in front of our hotel window.

Ah, help! I feel really bad now! :(