Early Electrification

When I wake up this morning, I could feel the peace of Fajr with its tranquility and beautiful harmony of nature.. It's Sunday, yeaay! But all of sudden, when I realize that Monday will be coming very soon, I feel electrify when remember that I have loads of files to be done. and then finally ended up opening my laptop to start working again. Oh, working on Sunday morning? So pathetic, you can say! Hehe. But I just can't imagine how hectic next week would be, because it's the last week of the month where all deadlines should be done in time, and also where the intensive rehearsal for office's  2011 award ceremony would take place during the whole week. Anyway this is the annual event held by the office, I am assigned again as the Master of Ceremony still with the same partner of last year's event. :)
As I've told to some friends, I want to make this my best performance because it will be my last chance to present my dedication for the company. :D

Even though this is my third-time experience playing the MC role, I am still nervous yet so exhilarated! 
PS. it's two years ago since my first debut! Oh nooo.. why do I grow older this fast? LOL

Oh okay, let's just start working! Don't forget to always pour up our hearts with cheerful spirit and high hope, everyone! Have a happy day today. :)