After Office Hours

Last night, my friends from research division and I went to a Javanese ambienced restaurant located in Setiabudi area, Jakarta, to celebrate one of our colleague's winning as the best researcher of the year 2011, an internal competition held regionally by the company in its all country's offices.  Or we could call him, Research's Mr universe. It's only the six of us, though. But it was fabulous! Oh what a word, haha.

This is the A blood type girl #1 who sit behind my back at the office, she actually has a blog which can't be easily found only by typing her name in google, because she still managed to keep it private, I think I am the only one who knows the blog address, probably. Haha! :))

And here's the A blood type girl #2 with her new sunglasses. Oh what's with this blood type thing, ha? Yes, she had successfully spread out among us the theory of blood type to analyse a person's personality. May I give her link? Oh, click this. :P

Meeee. The B blood type girl. Nothing much to tell. Or just read the whole postings of this blog. Hehe.

And.. the O-B-O blood type guys! Young and talented project researchers our Big Boss could ever had! Oh not to forget, congrats to the B blood type man sitting in the center. Our one thousand dollar man! :D

The funniest thing happened was when I drove all the way to the restaurant, some of them complimented how smooth I was when slipping in between the cars and the traffic jams (as for them I usually drove in high speed and harsh), not long after being flattered by the compliments, I wrongly headed into the empty busway corridor #6. I was so panic then I added my speed even more and more, and that made everyone became panic as well. But as the B blood type person, I ended up still making fun of it and laugh my stupidity loud, and cheerfully congratulating myself for not being caught by the police. Can you imagine how depressed these A blood type girls at that time? :)

More about the blood type personalities here.