Another Moment in Time

There is this person I like to talk about whose life like a wave with thousand spin-drifts which successfully made me want to dive in its far down; an ocean-like, a very vast one. I tried hard to save myself from being attached to anyone by building high castle walls around my fragility, because somehow it's true when some people said that attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to.. disappointments. But, with those honorific respect and impressive sympathy this friend had showered me with, how can I not? Throughout all of these tough times I refused any summons and intricately still stood solitaire, one thing I aware is that I was unexplainably determined with the spin-drifts this friend has been through with. It's surprising as I have spent these 8 years and 8 months growing up with all that only complying from the outside. Yet regardless to what's the intention of  this friend's concealment to bridge our inner world, I feel so blessed that I could still open my eyes wide until today and see ya around without any less of anything. Alhamdulillah.

I ask Allah that He would like to bless you with humble gratifications you've always wished. I am happy seeing you happy. I know you will be.

And keep wishing our friendship to last forever wont be too much now, right? The company to bring the wind of change in my life along with its supernal determination, the one who always reminds me to plant and spread the seed of goodness. There's a lot of people coming in and going out through my door, nevertheless I hope you would like to stay around and give me more only everything. Like always, my friend..