... is the word that often spread out in the air lately as I've been invited to my friends' wedding ceremonies  around these days. Everybody around my age (yes, us! the mid-twenties) seems ready in tying the knot and settling down with their loved other half. Many had asked me, when is your turn? Hehe, I just successfully managed myself to answer it all with, "secret!" Not that I already plan something big and keep it discreet merely to make it sound surprising but yes it indeed is Allah's secret. :)
And one of the happy wedding days is my best friend's! This girl whom I always feel happy to be around with has finally found the one with whom she will spend her life to reach His bless. You are right dear, it is just a matter of time.
This happy couple will build their happy life together as husband and wife in a house that I designed back in 2009. We're sooooooooo happy for you, mbauput!