Fostered Flowers

Everyone can be busy with their own stuffs for a long time of period, but may I say that I'm actually missing my city farmer friend now, after the tight schedule of mine reaching yesterday's deadline,  I have just realized that no matter what, I actually still need this other one to share things with although that somehow I've successfully done it alone my way. Dont take this as a statement or an act of demanding much attention from whom I consider as the most treasured one. I just hope we could have some free time very soon and escape a little from the hustle and bustle of this speeding life, walk down the street by the lake, in a place where we used to spend our transition time from teenage to young adulthood separately together, talk about everything, plan we've made, people we've met, things we've done, and any kind of memories during the times we haven't been with each other. That's what we call caring friendship. :)

It's quite weird to feel that we've grown together meanwhile we're just too worldly apart. Whatsoever the disparities might be, I want to watch the flowers grow; coloring spaces between us and harmonizing the discrepancies we probably still have in mind...

These pictures were taken at Petaling Street during last year's business trip to KL.
PS. I desperately need some kind of holiday!