The University of Life

Hello guys, howwwwwdy? Been fortnight already since the last post but that was just like yesterday, life in meantime might seem flatly working well though, yet fortunately I have learned so many valuable things from the bad and hurtfulness and it's just relieving to ever be in it all. Through the life of a friend that I have known for so long, Allah has taught me the truest meaning of the terms being strong to face the worst strikes in life and being vulnerable to face the next hits by keep standing up after every falling. Subhanallah.

This friend keeps sincerely smiling regardless to the fact that there's a lot of real problems that must be faced everyday and should get it all solved, here they literally mean real things like family members, money, health, and even the surrealist one like the future life. For this friend, tests of life will only make us stronger and understand the art of living life to the fullest. I see with my own how this friend has got used to endure all those prolonged sufferings only with patience. Fate is never cruel.. it will be nice to you if you want to just deal with it. These times, I only wonder how could that kind of prosperity in one person's heart might ever exist in today's cruelest world. I feel so relieved that I can be a little part of this person's life as I can learn a lot about human and life. But somehow it's also disappointing that I can't help much. Almost nothing. :(

Hello Hustlers

Wow, it's July already, aka the first month in the second part of 2011! :) Some good news upon me now are #1; I am handling a new position starting today (still in the same office though, but I've asserted my manager to make everything easy for me during my last tenure for the next respective months) and I hope everything will be just fine like I've already planned as #2; I am so keen on pursuing new knowledge. Bismillahirahmanirrahim for everything. Have a happy friday, everyone! Keep struggling hard as the quote says:
"Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.” 
~ Abraham Lincoln

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