Iftar with Colleagues

Beside running on my targeted ramadhan schedule, I also still keep chasing my monthly deadline at the office. That's why somehow I find it very difficult to write down things here. Yet now, it's the last day of work and alhamdulillah I have done with my personal deadline, so here I am, posting some blurry pictures from the break-fasting with my office colleagues here.

I didn't really love the food here, but it still tasted good anyway. But if I may ask, I would love to go here again. It's the best restaurant near our office I have ever visited. :D
The office now has some new and young probies, it really makes me feel sooooo senior (I don't think "old" really suites what I mean ;p) because most of them call me with Mbak (a term to call an older sister in Javanese language).
In Ramadhan this year, I don't really keen on going to breakfasting events with people even though I have some invitations from friends, but because Jakarta's traffic is now getting crazier (I can't say with words anymore how it could drive you crazy) so instead of wasting hours trapped in the traffic I think it's best to save it by just having ifthar at home with my beloved mother. Save time, save money, save energy.

I actually have another breakfasting event with from-college-to-life best friends but I haven't shared it because I can't find the chance to edit the pictures these days, (sorry girls! later yaa!

And... we still have 4 more days to go! let's make these last few days to fullest before it goes away...

Wealth & Poor

there's no wealth like knowledge,
 no poverty like ignorance.

Do I Really Grow Up?

I still remember the joyful old days when studying and going to school could be so interesting and full of spirit like those back in elementary and junior high. It was the time when my parents always bought me stationery as rewards for my good scores at school. I always remember how intriguing school was, being in the classroom, sitting in my chair, surrounded by a colorful pencil box with a set of minimum 12 color pens on my desk. Those were my glorious moments, a time when doing homework in my rainbow-colored notebook was my very first thing when I came back after school. Hehe. Seriously, how could I not? Who could be bored when you have this Kiki and Lala, Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody, and the famous Hello Kitty characters in your pencil box, notebook and all of your stationery stuffs? I definitely can't.

Somehow until today, I still stuff myself around with these cute characters from my childhood years. Some friends even asked me why I put cartoon as my  profile picture in facebook, blackberry messenger, or even wallpapers in every gadget of mine? Hmm.. I just think it's too cute. :D 

Anyway, though I can't say that I am either a smart person or a fast learner, I am always sure that I love to learn very much, so I hope that the next milestone I am going to jump up to will be as delighting and enchanting like the old school days.

One Fine Day with The Girls

This break-fasting event with best friends back in 2009 was one of the days I miss. Hey ladies, it was almost two years ago! Would we make another wonderful eating-out together in this year's Ramadhan? Well, this will sound cheesy.. yet obvious, hmm.. I think I miss you guys, haha.

Morning Deal

I am on my seat at the office ready to start working as when I sign in the instant messenger I stumble across a status of a colleague, it is more or less like this,

"When you have decided to be with someone, there are only two options; either to love them or to love them more."
Good morning everyone, let's be productive today! :)

The Orange Girl

This is one of my favorite books I've read some times ago. Jostein Gaarder is the author whose thought provoking fairy-tale romance writing style with philosophical and life-questioning themes. The Orange Girl is one of his masterpiece. I didn't really remember the details of the story, yet I am not even good at writing book reviews, so here I am not going to make one but look! Here are some awesome and wondrous covers of it printed in almost 40 languages around the world. Double awesome. :D

PS. What's your all-time favorite book? :)


Hei! It's another fortnight and it's August already! :) My best friend said this morning about how amazing that in a year there were so many things happened and in some extent -surprisingly changed. Well I answered her with "sometimes life surprises you", it was the sentence said by officer Ziva David to her father on a scene from my current favorite TV series, NCIS. Yes, indeed. As for me when time passed by, everything was never the same again (Oh okey, I am working as a project researcher in the same office since I graduated from my architectural school, still), but guess what, I finally made up my mind on several things, one of them is I decided to embrace my future with continuing my study in my (previous) university! That's just average, another important things are one of my best girls has engaged with her almost 9-years boyfriend and is still preparing for their wedding day next month, and not so long before their big day, my older brother will propose his potential girl for finally tying the knot in the year ahead. And oh yeah, my younger brother who has finally earn his Politics and International Relations master degree will be coming back for good soon after he celebrates Eid Fitri in UK! Ah, I will surely be stressful again when he's back home since he tends to make messiness all around the house. :))

In the first day of Ramadhan I would like to greet everyone Happy Fasting! InshaAllah we can do good deeds as much as we can, even much more that last year's ramadhan sincerely only for Him. And I really feel so blessed to be surrounded by my supportive lovelies in this Ramadhan. What's your target anyway?
Guys, things and events are just like playful lamps spinning above our heads, just enjoy the richness of those colors they bring for that makes our life merry, more than just a boring unwritten white board.