Bid For Statehood

Palestinian asked for a legal statehood and UN membership yesterday, and pardon my lack of knowledge, what was happened that day? Well, from what I just read on some website like here and here and here, it was a rough day and they still have a long way of struggling for Palestine to gain freedom that they should deserve.

The question has been prolongedly immersed in my mind, should we negotiate with a group of burglars coming to our house and giving them half or even more part of our land to occupy? Living in peace and let them take our property? What do you think?

PS. I know this topic is not compatible to be discussed here as I don't know much about what's actually happening out there, yet I keep praying that someday, my brother and sister still hold on to the hope and have faith that we will eventually get back what we once fully owned. After those years of sufferings, it's understandable that there should be "enough" word. Insya Allah.