Whatcha doin?

Assalamualaikum :)
Ah glad to see this interface again, some of my friends asked me why I didn't blogging for a while? Oh any of you miss me too? hihi.

I haven't see spiderwebs hanging around here yet, so it's still OK and not that late for me to be back, yes? :P

So spare me some time and I will get a time to post something here soon! InsyaAllah.. Now I am going to see what I have missed from my dear fellow bloggers..See ya!

I Love Thee!

The news is: my younger brother is now living with us (again), after having a couple of month summer course in Turkey followed by a full year living as student in Notthingham, now all of his postgrad missions have been accomplished.  I should admit the title I wrote above because he's so kind and very compliant in giving all his weapons during his study to me, once he touched down our motherland. :D 

Besides the Dolce&Gabbana's Light Blue and a little music machine (I can't say it is a 'cute little music box,' since it absolutely manifested the "industrial age" in its appearance, and what's the point giving a grumpy sister a music box which sings Love Story? haha) he brought back a technology innovation I barely see here in Indonesia and lately I know it's a Kindle! Since actually he has two notebooks, I took the newest one and labeled it mine! Haha. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, You gave me this kind of supports through my brother's used things. It really helps me though, both in my work and study activities. Here, my new bestfriends :)
In class, I learn that technology innovation is made in order to improve the quality of human life. And it's not only a theory written in a book, it's true we can't agree more, right?
 image source: here and here

September Ends

Assalamualaikum friends! Tell me it's real that October comes already, don't you realize September ends that fazt? For me, September was so tiring yet thrilling. :) Anyway, there were several good events happened in September that I haven't blog it all. :p

Firstly, my older brother's engagement day, his wedding is 3 months away by now then! Argh, we should let him go to his wife soon-to-be's house :D. Second, my best friend finally held her luxurious dream wedding (but none of us the bride-maids brought cameras and took some pictures from the event), hope she will have a happy life with his partner of life forever. :) The third is, I started my master degree's first semester and  everything is going well, I love the course, the lecturers, and the classmates. :) Fourth, my younger brother has now back for good all the way from UK after he got his M.A, but the saddest part of his comeback is he sleeps in my bedroom! So now I am officially moving to my mother's.

Since the responsibility and new role that I play in my life currently are added, time seems to be so tiny that I should get hurry here, there and everywhere. I need to adapt with the mobility and loads of task to do, that is why I barely meet the right time to write here, hehe. And.. since the domestic worker to clean the house is still meee, I begin to realize that our house is way too big! I need at least an hour to sweep and mop all corners of the house.