To The Fullest

Haloooo November...
I brought some good news here! the first one is that I finally have passed through my mid-semester test this whole week and another thing is one of my best friends invited us to a sushi dinner in a dimsum restaurant last week, just the night before the mid-semester test started. :D
Here's the picture of us, We almost never did this way of posing since hmmm these last three years, perhaps? ;p

Anyway, I need to confess that I really miss blogging soooooo much, but I just can't find the right time to do so, oh and I even do not have any idea what to write. Engineering has taken all my energy all every single day, and I still need an adaptation too to my work performance at the office. So that's how then I am totally occupied by these two things. Continuing graduate study at the university which I earned my bachelor degree feels not so much more different with the architecture school era even though now I am majoring project management. Still with the heaps of assignments and stay up in the nights and have an online discussion with curious classmates. Hehe. I think that's all, folks.

Happy Idul Adha, my friends! :)

Any other good news around here, November? Hmm.. I smell another bash!