The Packing Philosophy

Warmest regards, everybody! I have just came back from a long leave from the office to have a traveling with tough and brave girl friends of mine. This is one of the lessons learned from the trip.

When we will be traveling in a trip for a specified length of time, we have to prepare all of the things we need in a package, either it is a suitcase or a backpack; big or small. But an important note that can't be ignored is that we just can't bring everything we have or like, and all travelers know that we should get rid of the things we won't need because they will complicate us during the trip. Since it must sticks out with us so that we have to bring them everywhere we go, carrying a big bag with unnecessary things inside may not sound alright anymore, especially when we use public transportation, which could be very crowded any time.

How much and what we bring in our packing will be varied depending on the time we go traveling and the situation of our travel destination; on how long that the trip will take and where it will be ended, therefore we could write down the packing list right. Here in the packing process, we seriously need to decide what are the most essential things we really really need during the travels. 

And so is the life. 
Let's imagine that our life is a journey, where we should significantly know the destination so that we already aware of what kind of things we need to do in order to prepare the most righteous and comfortable way to reach the final point of this life's destination.

And just like the saying goes that.. if you won't need it, don't take it. So, use your valuable lifetime to do distinguish things, because you're only given one shot! Happy life trippin', people :)