Hello Sunshine

Juno: Dad, i just need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever?
Dad: Well, it's not easy for sure. Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.
Juno: Yeah

I happened to remember this movie quote once written in an old posting in an old friend's blog. He just married his girl last week, the old story one. Congratulation for you, buddy! :D

Year End Surprise

Family is one of nature's masterpieces., someone said. 

Building Love

My best friend once asked me: "are you falling in love?" 
That.. made me ponder for a moment. 

Before saying anything else, I concisely answered.. "Instead of falling in love, I'm building it." 
With the best of design, high quality raw materials, and appropriate methods.

It sounds so construction project, isn't it? :p

On Sinergyzing

I'll be presenting my thesis on the day after tomorrow. Would you please send me some prayers? :)

UN through Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative stated that building contributes to the global energy consumption at about 40 percent and is responsible for one third of the total greenhouse gas emission generated by the greenhouse effect. An attempt was made to anticipate the issue is by using the concept of intelligent building. However, the application still faces obstacles to the owner’s perception that the concept is high in risk because of its higher cost and low investment return. In the other hand, Indonesia’s construction industry is still considered not be able to meet the demand of world economic globalization. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a new approach to the building construction process expected to deliver more added value in building projects. This research will present a conceptual design development for intelligent building in order to obtain added value through the synergy of quality management and value engineering approaches resulting efficient, high quality and innovative buildings.

Keywords :

intelligent building, quality management, value engineering, innovation

Hello Happiness

What's the definition of happiness? Why are we suddenly delighted with the gift, the good news, or luck? Why do we suddenly feel sad instead, with an event.. of losing, of hearing the bad news? Why are we controlled by a thing called heart? 

Happiness comes from the heart, not from other people, possessions, fame, let alone power. No matter how destructive and evil our surroundings, how many trenches pour murky water, when you have your own springs, your lake will quickly be clear again.

[] Liye, Tere. (2011).  Ayahku (Bukan) Pembohong. Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama


I have been fully occupied by the final assignments for this semester, it's coming way too fast as we're only just begun on September. Can't believe it. These sleepless nights have swallowed all of my energy to death. Oh yes, that's hyperbolic. Several times, in the middle of the hustle and bustle, I went out to spend some time with my girls. I don't know if I could still have this kind of moments later once we all live on our own. :)

Back to the assignments and tests. This is hopefully my last semester on this post graduate study, insya Allah. In addition to the thesis writing, my last two courses are about project financing and infrastructure management. It's cool to see that we could learn something that can be implemented in both the micro level (project), meso level (company management), and macro level (government's public policy). 

But the final assignments of those courses could really make me crazy. My brain becomes brainless when I try hard to push it to the limit. :D I always think that I really need some kind of distractions. I need to get out for a moment from all of these deadlines. But I don't success on making it real. I'm too afraid that I can't make it good at last.

Youtube has been a very good intermezzo while working on the assignments. Therefore, there's no need to escape far, which will actually take my valuable times. Hehe. Up is one of my favourite Pixar movie.

Can't stop myself from crying to see how beautiful the love story is. :')

Just remembered that the last time I watched good movie was when my best friend was still around last year.

Innovate or Die

As globalization increases in today’s business world, it becomes even more important for individual business to always keep on with the improvement. The way a company attempts from their existing market to new wider markets is of great substance for how well the company attain success with the whole idea of their business mission. Choosing the right development strategy is an important decision that demands enormous resources and comprehensive planning before it is implemented. In a competitive business environment that requires strategy and innovation to improve the bottom line, strategic technology management has been vital in creating adding value to win the market of the business. These days, mostly corporates also recognize sustainability and environmental-friendly as the opportunity to engender competitive advantage. As we know how most innovations fail and companies that don’t innovate die, my team and I have been working on an analysis about the process of innovation, about how company utilizes and advances technologies to create improvement in the business process. In today’s competitive atmosphere, where the only constant is change, the task of managing innovation is important to companies of every size in every industry. Innovation is vital to sustain and advance companies’ current businesses; it is critical to growing new businesses. It is also a very difficult process to manage.

Fear Factor

Another good and consoling writing! Somehow, it's something that I can relate to, something that I'm trying to go pass through, Insya Allah. But at least I know that the answers to the questions below are just by being sincere, never lose hope and keep trying the best. Well, it seems that there are so many things to do then. :)

This post discussed three big questions that I will list down here, but since Hannah's writing is in Malay, I hope I interpret it right. :D
1) If you're being scolded, where should you run?
2) If all that you did are not in accordance with his demands, what would you do?
3) If after you're married, so many things are not in line with your expectations, what would you do?

I think that's a quite good material to read for those who are not married yet (like me) or even for the ones who already got married.

What Do We Mean by IB?

"Buildings affect people in various ways. They can help us to work more effectively ; they also present a wide range of stimuli for our senses to react to. If this is a common: vision then it is essential for architects, engineers and clients to work closely together throughout the design, construction and operational stages of the conception, birth and life of the building. There has to be an understanding of how patterns of work are best suited to one building form or another served by the appropriate environmental system. There are a host of modem technologies emerging that help these processes but in the end it is how think about achieving responsive buildings that matters. Intelligent buildings can cope with social and technological change and are adaptable to short-term and long-term human need. This is the fundamental meaning of the term intelligent building."


The title sounds funny no? But all my friends would be able to clearly know what it means! Hehe, ok guys, stop making fun of my age. :)) Yes, I'm officially 26 today. If you want to know what it feels, there's still the same old feeling of fear every November. Nothing special. This date always successfully reminds me of how time flies so fast and how I haven't done anything much yet during the time. Of how I haven't prepared myself enough.. and how I've been lulled by the worldly things. :(

However, if I take a look at me now, and ponder and do flashback then. 

I couldn't stop thanking Allah for all these countless blessings He showered me with. 
Blessing. That's the most special one. Alhamdulillah.

Shoebox Story

There was a couple that had been married for over 60 years. The wife had a shoebox hidden in her closet and had told her husband to never look in there. He listened and never looked in the shoebox. On the wife’s deathbed, she asked her husband to bring the shoe box and open it. When he opened it, he found two crochet dolls and $100,000 in there. Asking his wife what this was for, she replied, “When we got married, my mother told me that every time I got angry with you, instead of saying anything bad, to go to my room and crochet a doll.” Tears came into the husband’s eyes as he saw only two dolls in the shoebox. Then he asked about the money. The wife’s response, “That money is from all the dolls that I sold.”

Just So You Know

Various Value Engineering (VE) definitions have been developed by experts or VE practitioners through the years. To better know and understand the concept of VE, some definitions are necessary VE to be properly understood. Some definitions are as follows:
1)Value Engineering (VE) is an organized creative  approach  that  has for its  purpose the efficient identification of  unnecessary  cost, i.e., cost that  provides neither quality  nor  use nor  life nor  appearance nor customer features (Miles, 1972).

2)Value Engineering (VE) is an organized effort directed at analyzing the functions of systems, equipment, facilities, services and supplies for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with the required performance, reliability, quality and safety ) (PBS-PQ250, 1992; PBS-PQ251,1993)

3)Value Engineering (VE) is a problem-solving technique that provides an  organized approach with an emphasis on thorough consideration of  the  important  factors in the analysis and development of  creative solutions. (Kasi & Snodgrass, 1994)

4)Value Engineering (VE) is a function-oriented team approach that organized and directed to analyze the functions of products, systems, or the process of providing, for the purpose of increasing its value by identify and eliminate unnecessary costs and achieve performance required in the project life cycle cost is lowest (Fong, 1998).

5) Value Engineering (VE) is an organized effort directed function analysis of goods and services in order to service achieve the basic functions in the smallest total cost, consistent with achievement of the required characteristics. VE is a process using multi-disciplinary teams to review the project and use the standard to identify high-cost functions and their potential for improvement. The team followed the whole series of VE job plan for a systematic and creative set optimum value of the selected function. Various alternatives, which will provide the functionality required with the  initial cost and or the most economically life cycle cost, developed consistently to meet the requirements of safety, quality, operations, maintenance, and aesthetics (Younker, 2003)

6)Value Engineering (VE) is a systematic, organized, function-oriented and multi-disciplinary team approach (Shen & Liu, 2007).

7)Value Engineering (VE) is a strict procedure that is directed at achievement of the required functions at minimum cost without compromising quality, level of confidence, performance and delivery time (Short et al., 2007).

8)Value Engineering (VE) is the application of a value methodology to a planned or conceptual project or service to achieve value improvement. Value Methodology (VM) A systematic process used by a multidisciplinary team to improve the value of projects through the analysis of functions (SAVE, 2007).

9)Value Engineering (VE) is a professional team approach with function oriented in application and systematically carried out to analyze and improve value of a product, facility design, system, or service. VE is a good methodology to solve problems and or to reduce costs while still improving specified performance or quality requirements.
I've researched value engineering for months and finally picked it as the topic of my thesis. All of sudden, I remembered that years ago, I ever posted about the topic of my undergraduate thesis here, that topic was just too psychological for architecture school. But I survived until the end. So now, good luck for me! :)


Don’t tell me nature isn’t a miracle. Don’t tell me the world isn’t a fairytale. Anyone who hasn’t realized that, may never understand until the fairytale is just about to end. Then there is one final chance to tear off the blinkers, a last chance to rub your eyes in amazement, a final opportunity to abandon yourself to the world you are bidding farewell to and leaving.” 
The Orange Girl - Jostein Gaarder

Feel That?

November! Means that the thesis thing will really occupy me for the next two months after the approval we got today. Rough day. Yet before, I somewhat didn't feel like working on it anymore as I think I won't be able to complete it anyway. Think that my mind doesn't intelligent enough to discuss about new ideas on the development of intelligent building conceptual design using quality management and value engineering approaches. Yes, that's the topic.

The minute we think of giving up, think of the reason why we started in the first place. 

More Like

I want to share a simple yet very good article which hopefully would be useful for all of us.. It's titled 5 Steps to Make Effective Decisions.

You may be willing to consider the quotation below, it's kinda true, no?
Life is like a river for many people, they just jump in the river of life with out ever deciding where they want to end up, so they quickly get caught up in the current, current events, current challenges, current fears. And then they come to the forks in the rivers, they don’t consciously decide which way to go, they just go with the flow of the river (the flow of the majority instead of being directed by their own values and goals) and as a result they feel out of control but continue to drift down stream until one day the sound of the raging water wakes them up and they realize they are 5 feet from the falls and they are in a boat with no ores and then they say “Oh shoot”, but its to late. They are going to take a fall, it may be a financial set back or the break up of a relationship or maybe even a health problem, in almost all of the cases the fall could have been prevented by making better decisions up stream. (The Niagara Syndrome - by Anthony Robbins)

Quality Without Name

The complete formation back in the past, it was a one fine night on her special day. It's blurry, I know. But I just love the feeling of familiarity we had that night. Hi Day! I've checked in the dictionary, and the word 'familiarity' really does exist. :))

"To seek the timeless way we must first know the quality without a name. There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in a man, a town, a building, or a wilderness. This quality is objective and precise, but it cannot be named."

Rethinking Q

It has been a while after I focus my literature study on the value engineering and intelligent building system, and forget the fact that I should have concentrated more to the quality management as well, remembering that it's the key for the state of the art of my thesis research. 

This is a resume that I wrote after I read a quality related journal more than a year ago, the author of this journal is my thesis supervisor, btw. 
M.A. Berawi, (2004) "Quality revolution: leading the innovation and competitive advantages", International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol. 21 Iss: 4, pp.425 - 438

In this globalization environment, the competitiveness of today’s market which keeps on gradually developing has been one of the critical issues that knowledge management addresses. It contains a process that attempts to determine the best combination of information and communication technologies (ICT) and human beings’ innovative capacity as these are the important keys to increase the competitive level of a business and maximize its potentials to survive the market.

In “Developing a knowledge system”, Proceedings of the 20th Annual Association of Management and International Association of Management (AoM/IAoM) Conference, in Canada, 2002, M.A Berawi stated that the organizational objective of profitability can be achieved through the quality levels recognized by the customers, in which knowledge management with its identification and analysis of available and required knowledge, and the subsequent planning and control of actions, could be really helpful in developing knowledge assets which include the knowledge that a business needs to fulfill the objective. High-quality goals for products, along with a good means to schedule, track and predict cost are mechanism to manage the design from concept to delivery. 

In order to improve the quality management so that the competitive level can be increased as well, hence Quality value model (QVM) was proposed, a system that combined the communication and information technologies (ICT) and innovative capabilities of human resources to develop high quality products. As a tool for management activity where the main objective is to improve the performance of a company or a business to meet the strategic objectives, QVM has some important parameters for success and quality of a product completed on-time and in budget. Profitability of a business is eventually in the hand of the customers, the ones who decide which the preferable product is; therefore the quality is the critical factor for them to make consideration based on “value for money” comparison. Value added in most industries today is in the form of knowledge, not stuff, and that’s how then in this part, QVM as a tool can help companies to face global competition by coordinating the knowledge to develop and innovate resulting expected quality. 

The quality of a product is a measure from where we can evaluate its success and the identification for the degree to which it meets the customer’s satisfactions can be determined. The basic idea for a mathematical approach to an optimal design is to increase all of the product’s strength factors and at the same time to minimize all of its weaknesses. In the evaluation process there are some points that manufacturers must consider in the first place, that the ability to sell is dependent on the customer’s perceived worth, and the customer’s perceived worth itself is a product of the amount of quality in a product in relation to the price. Another important thing that should not be forgotten is that to develop a new product, the quality should be positioned next after the “point of indifference” which is defined by the crossover between two overlaying comparable offerings.

The quality value model through a mathematically based approach will be explained this way, that the quality of a product (Q) is a result of the quality of its internal properties (q) that customers use to evaluate value for money. Each property’s quality is also the result of various influential factors (x). These influential factors are affected by relationship to other moderating variables (v). As such we can set about searching for advantage and direct our new product development process if we can anticipate which aspects of design are more attractive to customer-perceived worth. This mathematical technique calculated input-factor changes within the product could enable companies to be more responsive and aid prediction in respect to change and the management of decision uncertainty.

As the conclusion, this paper offers the QVM as a tool to help a company to face the globalization as it can produce synergistic combination between technology and behavioral issues and human innovation that is necessary to compete and survive in the challenging global marketplace of the new world. Having this model set up will then make it becomes a routine simplex process to bring the level to its optimal point and increase the quality. That is how the QVM system will be able to endorse a business to take their quality development in a good planning and to anticipate their competitors’ movement by having knowledge management within the company.

First Few Days

You don’t want to be named as anybody’s girlfriend, and now you’re (going to be) someone’s wife.
For all these times, maybe what most people said about me were right, either I was a cold blooded, heartless, dreary girl, or... just being banal. But no, I'm not, I know I'm not. It's then truest thing I should do I've finally did that when they told me to stop being picky, I insisted to not to stop, because once I eventually picked one up, I wholeheartedly knew that this is it.
That's even truer when in the other hand some closest friends said that it was just too rush and unpredictably so sudden, I keep telling them that this is the best thing I should decide that I've finally decided. Regardless to the big question marks of how and why that everyone could throw. I've asked a lot of how and why to this picked one prior to the decision making process was done, hence when I wake up in one morning and felt sure about what I've got to do, I know that this is it.

I've took everything into consideration, my dearests.. You know I must have thought about this marriage thing from all aspects before everything else, don't you? Of course we do.

However, I hope that nothing between us would be vanished away when each of us (especially me, in this case) steps on the next stone. I can't bear loosing so many; what we've had these years, the ups and downs, our lives themselves.. the indispensable ones. And it's the least thing I wish to happen and I'll guarantee it won't happen. Nothing can take away us from us. :)  Maybe we just need some time to comprehend what we will have going forward. Even I myself still try to figure out this thing inside.

I can't believe that I'm saying this. I know maybe I've just taken what we have had so far only for granted. It is as it is. But knowing that some of you might still have hesitations and felt unsure about later, this is what I can do that I hope we all can relate to.  Love you all.

PS: The first line was adopted (with minor changes) from the scene of (500) days of summer movie.

Which Is True

"When you give up something you love dearly for the sake of Allah (swt), the Most Gracious, Most Merciful will indeed replace that which you have lost with something even better. something you can't even imagine. something so beautiful it makes you cry at the thought of how Generous our Lord is. Those who are patient will be rewarded, inshaAllah."
                                                                                                     ~ All my wonders...



The boys shared a new mobile phone their father gave to them, and they have saved my number there.
It's so pleasing when they called me several times today when I was at the campus just to ask "Hello Lupi Ai, where are you now? what are you doing?"

Speechless. :")
 And it got even funnier when one of them continued with: "We're running out of balance, Lupi!"

I just answered, "How could you not run out of balance, you call me again just to ask where I am, while I even haven't moved from the place I was when you called me previously." 

Oh, noo.. Such a grumpy aunty. :p


First several days at home? I feel a little bit relaxed!No need to think how to split myself into two for both the office and campus. Now finally I have enough time to contemplate and read some more references for the thesis writing. Alhamdulillah, the program coordinator has approved my title, and we will have the first thesis presentation at the end of this month.
Anyway, other than attending the class and meeting my supervisor, I preferably spend my time studying at home. And then my mother successfully got me helped her cooking, just like these days we made rendang together! But don't ask me the detail of 'how to cook rendang', because I am just a beginner :D. Yet we could find the recipe by asking google. Hehe

I got writer's block at this time (I  talk as if I'm a writer yet I'm not), this intelligent building thing just stuck there in my brain, I don't know why. Maybe I need to go to the campus library and find some inspirations for a little while. Ciao


It just suddenly popped up in my mind about having a little upgrading for this blog, it could be some kind of changing the header, the background design, and also the url. I want to make it as neat as it can. But I have no idea how. Is there anyone willing to help me re-layouting my blog with pleasure? :)

Anyway, I have just counted the time since the first time I started this blog and then found myself surprised! Couldn't imagine that it has already be one of my strongest identities in the internet world for more than 4 years. The very first idea of having a blog and sharing everything happened in my life here was just only to capture moments and save it here as pensieve and if one day I'd like to open it up again, it's here.. always.

Oh okey, gotta go working on school assignment again before the sun rises. Maybe this random night posting should be titled as.. "why write?", yeah I couldn't agree more. :)

Half Day With The Kids

Just had spent a half day with the nephews and nieces yesterday as they already asked me for so long to take them to play out. Alhamdulillah I got the chance again after islamic club class. :) Here again.. my most favorite kids on earth.. See how these naughty boys have grown up and these camera face girls looked beautifully flourished. Oh kids, you have made me dizzy. ;p  
It's a bit tricky dealing with Razzra as he's reaching school age and becoming even smarter, he could come up with some questions I couldn't barely answer like why do the moon chase after us while we're driving with a car? Or even forced me to give description about the concept of gravity. He's five years old now and he has made me think so hard to find the words to explain about skin pigmentation. Oh, or how could rainbow cake can be so colorful :} I think I should re-join science class in elementary school, again.

Family and kids have never failed to bring warmth in heart :") I feel utterly grateful and contented for having them all, and their mothers who have always been supportive sisters of all time to me as well. I convey my sincere apology for having kept a secret about life project and not letting them know earlier because it's just way too soon to assure how this thing will develop, but after seeing their supports and excitement, I know I should have told them before so I could be more prepared. 

Please meet our youngest baby nephew, the littlest rascal. 


When I was packing my stuffs from my workstation at the office into the box last night, my good friends from research division suddenly came as they just finished working on their monthly deadline. I have planned to take some pictures of my desk's condition before and after I threw my stuffs into the box, but I had to hurry cause I was ousted to hold a farewell party! So there was no time for dramatic melancholy, eh? :) I didn't have the chance to capture the whole cubicle, but fortunately I took this one. 
 *Already got this XXII birthday greeting card from my girls tapped on my cubicle board for more than three years (so everyone can guess my age now ;p) 

We finally thought FX as the nearest destination, because going back to Depok around 7 pm on Friday night means madness since the traffic is at its craziest this time. 

 Look at the gift they gave to me! A pair of nude pump with red&black leopard print inside! I never thought they would really picked me that one. Where should I wear this kind of shoes, considering that I don't go to work anymore? They didn't expect me to take this to the campus, did they? Oh, I won't be there safely, because I would fall on the ground before I get to class. It's way too dangerous for students, you know. :p

PS. I wholeheartedly thank you guys for the sweet friendship, all the jokes and stupidity we shared.. it's the reason why I stayed this long, by the way.

So Long My Friends

Being the person in charge for the new developing division has made my life quite roughly tough. I still don't know why I accepted the offering in the first place, even after my previous manager has told me that management should find another experienced person, the one with enough competency and capability. In other words, maybe I was just too reckless. I'm really bad at measuring my own capacity.

It was so much fun yet depressing working on recent projects, but I think that it's the time, the most right time to finally take a turn. I exactly know what I want and I am happy to just do it the way it should be done. I hope my lovely colleagues (who turned out to be like brothers and sisters now!) would understand me coming up with the decision, eventually.. after all of these years of 'being destined'. We still have a what's app group to share the laughter right? Though I know I would really miss all of the craziness we made back then.

I have four big projects running delegated to the new person in charge and the whole division's staffs; Architects' Choice Awards 2012, ESS: The Architect's Way, next construction forecaster publication with new research approach, and the latest project conducted now is the construction market sentiment survey. (any practitioners in the construction industry who stumbled across to this post are welcomed to participate in the survey :D)

No one could ever believe that I'm finally leaving, because they said, the image of this company was already stamped and attached to my body. But starting next week, there will be no more "The BCI me", harsh and talented young lady, (did I just say, "talented"? "young"? No way! :p) now I am just me, my mother's baby girl. Hihihi

So long my friends, I hope everyone would still feel happy after I leave, just like I do. :) 
Can't wait for the farewell day, I guess some of you have prepared farewell gifts, haha!*ngarep*

Life of an Arch Student #2

Though now I have turned from architecture to management, my bed is still behaving like this. :))

See how now I can make fun of the depressing and torturing past college life? See how then I miss those times so much? :D See how I can survive the distresses I meet in the professional world? 
Yes, I see that all of the things we've been given would never exceed what we could afford, and yes I see that all the bad things are not always bad, as in me, they gave unpayable lessons learned.. which is good.

Life of an Arch Student

Blogger interface is now changing, but I dont really like it. :( Probably I just have not get used to it.
Anyway, my friend sent me a link to this site, and all of the contents have brought me back to the reminiscence of my golden era of architecture school from the youth. 

Look at these images, you know they are true if you were ever an architecture student.

Getting new project:

Brainstorming (aka procrastinating):

Brillian idea hits:

 Realize you only have a week until your review:

Someone touches the model you have been working on for 48 hours straight:

In class after an all-nigher:

Your professor looking at your work:
Finally reaching your bed again: 

(Source: jamie-sue)

They really made my day after the car accident that just happened today. :)
Recently, I think I miss the architecture school's great depression, because you know why? That one which somehow has made us stronger. :p

Be Vulnerable

Take any emotion—love for a woman, or grief for a loved one, or what I’m going through, fear and pain from a deadly illness. If you hold back on the emotions—if you don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them—you can never get to being detached, you’re too busy being afraid. You’re afraid of the pain, you’re afraid of the grief. You’re afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails. “But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head even, you experience them fully and completely. You know what pain is. You know what love is. You know what grief is. And only then can you say, ‘All right. I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment’.” 

Design Thinks

Because I ever learned architecture in the past and spent a dreadful four years studying it at the so called best architecture school, seems like that's what tagged to me, that it's what printed on my forehead, even though now I'm totally over with all of.. *drum rolling* ..those design things. Just like recently, my uncle asked me to check and do some analysis to a house he bought which he's starting to refurbish soon, and he asked me to advise and propose a new space program as well. He even introduced me to his construction worker some kind of "this is my niece, she's an architect". *another drum rolling* I'm not an architect not an even an architecture follower, I'm a research analyst for construction and I mostly work with charts and numbers, hence I don't think I still have the creativity to design (architecture) again. ;p

I know that I haven't yet died trying what he asked me to, but I'm kind of sure that there's not so much left in my brain everything about passive cooling, natural lighting, wall painting, floor pattern, beam and column, etc, etc, except the names of the star-architects and the architecture styles of day by day.

All I know about architecture & interior design now is the 'like' button at Pinterest.com. :D

Footrests for Crossing

A midnight note to myself:
 "You don’t quite know what to expect until you’re experiencing it."

Regardless to where these all are heading to, I’m tremendously grateful that I have been given a chance to at least try my best. Still. :)

Wake Me Up

It's September 11th! It's my best friend's 1st anniversary day. They have known for each other since they were still teenagers, and finally ended up (is this a proper diction?;p) as lovely husband and wife a year ago.  I won't be lazy saying that time flies so fast, because it indeed flies really really fast. These are some photos back in their wedding reception. Look at those happy and beautiful faces, I hope Allah always shower the life of you two with so many many blessings. She's just passed her 25+ birthday as well, I can say that she's still young and happy, (and so do we!)


Well, we are still the same kiddosdeadly seven, and intimidating girls from the dark age of our architecture school. And I really wonder how could we manage to be together still with all the differences from each of us. Ok, I stop now because I miss them all already.. and all the crazy adventures we've been through. :') 

PS:All photos are taken from their account, definitely with permission. :)
PS again: This title really has nothing to do with Green Day's, yet I was just coincidentally inspired by the last year's post.

Bound Up

A live report from another hectic yet sleepy day at the office. I just can't believe that it will only take place in no more than two weeks away. I can't believe that I finally will be leaving. But I know that this will be the best decision I am not gonna have regrets on. I am already waiting for the day.. for like.. years. :))

This report will be ended now cause I'm going to have a meeting with the big boss and the new person in change. :) 

In these last stressful days, I'd love to have this yummy es pisang ijo, right away! 

how are you there?

Papa, I miss you, I keep missing you every single day for these twelve years. I am sorry I haven't told you what I should say. But I hope you knew already that for me, you're the best man that no one could ever replace.

For all of us who still have our parents around. Don't lose your chance to tell them how you love them, don't be late in doing good to them, as for them.. you're the greatest blessing they have in life.

Worry You Not

Even If

Hello again Monday, and all the activities that accompany. :) I remember that a friend of mine once described herself as "I'm not beautiful but I'm smart", she's one of the bravest girls I've ever met. And to take along, wanna know what mine is? it's "I'm not beautiful nor even smart, yet I have been prayed a lot". Indeed, what I have done and all of my errands were just nothing, it was hope and the most essential.. my mother's all time prayers, it's beyond my authorities that brought me to where I am now.

Here and There

Eid long holiday will be ended very soon in one more day, and then reality bites again. I can't imagine how the traffic would be after everyone's coming back to Jakarta from their hometown for eid celebration with the family. 

I have a journal paper to be drafted and seminar event proposal to be finalized and submitted to the Thesis Supervisor on Monday, yet I still have no idea how to start doing it now. My brain seems slightly frozen and needs to be reheated. :D

Anyway, please meet my cousin sisters with whom I spent most of the days during this holiday, we hopped from house to house, from mall to bookstore to cake shop to cinema and we even checked some apartment show units only for fun. How hilarious was that? We already made a lot of pictures like this in almost every place we go. Yes, we are exactly like what people usually call the true camera whore. :))

I think we forgot that we're not teenagers anymore while we actually still act like ones. :p

Eid Mubarak 1433 H

Happy eid mubarak 1433 H, dearest all!
Please genuinely forgive me for any kind of bad things I've done to you. :(

We had a big family gathering in my house yesterday, so glad that we all grow up well yet still hold the old craziness between us, just like the old childhood time. :) How's your eid day? I hope everyone had a great one too!

Start Making Sense

The research activity at campus has been closed down prior to Eid long holiday. It's been a hectic Ramadhan for me where finally the interim reports of our three researches have been submitted well. Fyuh.. Yet there's still another paper submission for an international conference awaits at the end of this month. 

Having done with the campus, I'm going to the office today (finally! hehe), the director set a meeting with management members informing me the status of survey proposals I made weeks ago. Two offerings were  likely approved by the clients and they will be proceeded after the Eid holiday.  I can't believe what I've heard, how would those projects be conducted while I need more time to focus on the thesis seminar? What I've heard today just made me want to run away.. Leave the company and all the responsibilities put on my shoulders. I sometimes ask, why should I? I'm not tough enough to bear all these myself. But I can't say anything, when there are voices in my head saying "why shouldn't you?", or "why are you complaining? Lots of people out there fight harder than you, do greater thing than you, but they don't surrender, and that what makes them good at what they do, and makes them worth for the others."  

So, should I run? And be irresponsible by neglecting what I've started in the first place? Well, for now.. I'm going to take all the risks and challenge myself, I want to finalize my study at the end of this year so I can move to another phase of life, but I don't want to be ignorance by leaving this division alone without prepared substitute. I don't know how could I make it this time, the least thing I know I've ever succeeded once before. Nevertheless, I always believe that He won't give us loads more than what we can afford. :)

Considering to the well-known English proverb saying this,

I'm optimistic that I can carry on with all agenda accordingly. Semangaaaaaaaaaaaat Mussa!  :D

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Should Have Known Better

A depressed life, anyone? Maybe it was because we've ignored something important.
Signs. We should have known better that we shouldn't forget them anyway now, otherwise we'll be forgotten later.

I should have known better. Or earlier. Astagfirullah..

Iftar With YISC

Have a great weekend with good friends from the youth islamic study club where we learn together about Islam and the Holy Qur'an. :) After class has done, we prepared ourselves for the competitions we participated to enliven the Club's iftar big event. It's so exhilarating when we work together as a team of master-chefs to make ta'jil food. We even named the ta'jil with Green Lime Sensation, while our dress code was purplish tone.
Recognized someone familiar at the right side? Yes, I went to this place with her, since the first time:)
I genuinely enjoy the friendship with good friends we made in this place.. and here's one of my favourite girl. We're fabulously spontaneous! :D

ps: I've edited the photos from our blackberry group using PhotoScape. Not helping, I know. But better to have them here than nothing at all. Hihi

Dear You, I Beg

I have been sometime saddened by people whom I cared most and let down by people whom so I solemnly trusted. Yet I truthfully understand that when I am more obedient to You and keep myself closer to goodness, You'll protect me from unnecessary heartache and shallow disappointment.

Dear You, I beg.
If I should be hurt, lay me up in such way to reaffirm myself to end everything that has no good for me, and  fall me short to distance myself from anything fake that only deceives me.

Dear You, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, to whom I seek refuge,
Please bestow upon me kindness towards people around me; my parents, my friends, and all the good people..

the future has already begun

I'm moving forward to learn more about so-called "smart building system" for the thesis research. Excited? Yes! Horror? Double yes! :)) It's so cool and I still don't believe I'm so going to work on this. Hehe

Ramadhan has started, and now this is my time with You. :)

hold on a little longer

Hi! I've been occupied by so many projects in my two hands, yet Alhamdulillah the office management gave me two co-workers so I can transfer the loads to these three persons. I'm not sure whether I could manage myself to hold on in this situation for any longer, cause I think it's enough. I have set my priority before the offer came, haven't I? Why then I let them distract what I've planned well before.

Maybe, this time to rethinking and rescheduling everything. School, work, and the most important thing, life. :)

Anyway, this video really helps me in boosting my spiritual energy, reminding me that whatever I want to, I should be productive and worthwhile to as many people as possible.

Howdy July

When people with whom we have ever together, walk away from us, let them go.

Our destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves us, and it doesn't mean they are bad people.  

It just means that their part in our story is over.
inspired by Purity starts here.

PS. I finally found my favourite shoes other than Kickers. It's her! I can walk and run in a high speed without worrying that I might fall. :p

Scene Stealer

We're going to Melacca, the heritage city, on a day we're visiting Malaysia. After several times I have been visiting KL, this was the first time I saw traffic. I never thought that KL would have that kind of traffic before I see this! It more less looks the same with what we have here in Jakarta, only it happened merely in a particular street and particular hour in KL while it happened almost in all of the streets and hours here!
Integrated network system and intelligent transport system were some of the developments I always love about Malaysia. As the nearest neighboring country, shouldn't we learn from them?
Melacca River Cruise was one of the most amazing experience in this journey.