Intercalary Day

Morning received message:

Each of us would want to achieve success in life. Life as we know it that there's nothing is impossible, our mind will find a thousand ways to get to it; as maximum as we can until we meet our fate that brings us to the understanding of how abundant Allah's blessings are.

What should we do is only by asking Him, formulating wishes and prayers in details, incorporating our emotions while we pray, and then visualizing it. Therefore, our continuous errands will get us somehow someday to our goals.

In other words, with Allah we achieve success! :)

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Young & Happy

Hello guys. It's the end of the weekend again! Wait, it's the forth week of February! Fyuh, so fast!

Oke disclaimer first, cause it will sound a little bit sad now, and weird I know, but should I feel down just because of what people say not-respectively? However, I know what people out there said was true. I'm getting old yet still single. What? I'm just 25 and we all don't know what Allah's plan for us is, do we? So I just do everything I can do best and restlessly.

My friends, it's truly an honor to see the concern from all of you for me. Some asked me whether I would like to be introduced to a prospected particular friend of yours or not, and of course I would love to! I like to meet new people, have new friends, and know that good people are exist. But couldn't we be careful with our words? It's nice to have wise advices from our friends, and that what makes us real friends nevertheless, but nobody like to get themselves insulted by their own inner circle, we know that for sure.

And again, why should I mourn over something Allah has already planned for me. I never feel the importance of even thinking of this because if I complain, it means I question Allah's master roadmap for me. I also don't even feel comfortable to talk to anyone about this anymore, cause everyone would only think and say the same thing too, so just let's write it here and let it just be here..

I can't say what's the urge of writing this here over the web, but I hope I can face the fact about being old (as they said) and keep being young (as always) and always feel happy and grateful for whatever I got in this point. That's part of blessing for me, and it wouldn't be traded with anyone else's, right? I feel happy when I see my friends one by one ring their own bell, and I deny the emerge of feeling worry thinking that I'm left behind. I am not left behind. This is only about the right time. The time has been written for me even before I was born. I believe that time will be coming sooner or later, and in the meantime there's nothing I could do unless filling myself with goodness and moving to a higher decent degree.

Friends who know me well know that I speak spontaneously, and I like to throw joke over facts, some may feel hurt, but I don't make fun an acquaintance I barely know, if I said something ridiculous or be excessive over things, that's just the way I express myself, so please no offense. This girl on twitter or any social media is the true me if only you can read me. I never mean to hurt people so I would like to apologize if I have made any of you my friends feel annoyed with that.

PS: I still can't believe a friend-colleague has now leaving the office for pursuing her master degree, another good friend is now busy making happy little family of her own :), and a dear classmate is waiting for her delivery soon around these days. I am so happy and relieved to see how my good friends doing good things about their life, jumping from stone to stone just to be in the higher phase of life.

Strength That Makes Me Stronger

Hello Dad, how are you up there? :)
Your three precious stones are now living their dreams, just like what you've told them to. The oldest is building his own family with his wife. The youngest has earned his master degree from an internationally-recognized university in the western hemisphere. And the middle, your only one little girl now is still chasing and finding the truest meaning of life, bringing burdens in her shoulder in the name of you to realize the idea of getting and giving the best for the family. Hopefully so.

I always miss you dad :') Every single day.. It has been years that you've gone, but I still remember every detail of you. I promise I'll make you proud of us even more. Be at peace there until the time has come for us to meet again, in His most beautiful place. Amin ya Allah...

Happy Person

Nobody could ever be permitted to take my laughter away. No one; cause I am an everlasting happy person :)
I was set to be permanently happy!


I'm always a die-hard fan of the super-heroines from the childhood years, who can resist these cutest and wonderful girls anyway? :)  From all of the characters coming from the childhood era of my generations, Candy Candy was (and will always be) my favorite character with the enormous greatest inspirations one little girl could have. Some people asked me why I keep living among the philosophy of these characters nowadays? Heuehue I just don't know yet I know they somehow lived here at heart :D

The most hilarious part was that my friends told me that some of those characters were manifested in my very own character, here's a few I can remember :p

Some said I am a comic at times. Even long time ago a friend once said that I animated just like Usagi. We all know her very well, I supposed. 
Usagi  Tsukino is a sleepy girl who falls over a lot, a bit selfish and very much a crybaby, messy and reckless and an academic underachiever, she can't stop eating sweets and loves to shop. A true sanguine, isn't she?

Besides, I also absorbed personality of Jaico, Gian's younger sister whom he adores so much. She's a shy girl who really loves to write comic books and draw. Moreover, if you ever knew the young me, you'll also know the reasons why Jaico represented my average teenager profile almost perfectly. :p 

One of my friend texted me in the middle of the night to wake up and turn on the telli when Elektra the movie was played, he said that this anger-driven ninja assasin from Marvel world reminded him much of me. Haha. 
Elektra, more often than not, doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor. She is rather quiet, seeming soft-spoken and thoughtful. But deep inside she does have a burning rage, stemming from the tragedies of her past.
While me myself feel that I am much closer to Kitty White. :P
Kitty White is a very happy, cheerful, and very energetic character. She loves to go outside, play in the park, or the forest. She loves to meet new people and make new friends, therefore she is extremely popular at school! Since dad works at New York, hence she also has lot of teddy bears friends. She loves music, especially piano. You might even find her playing her piano or baking an apple pie with mama. She loves sport too, her favorite sport is tennis. 

Okey, enough. This unimportant self-talk should be stopped, I should be going to school immediately. But wait, what about you? What cartoon character are you? :)

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The Nannies

Had a girl's out with the girls today!

PS: Thought that I got something wrong with my Nikon D3000's lens focus. I wonder why lately it often produced blurry pictures.

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New Sister

Our family has just had my older brother's wedding party last Sunday, it's a great pleasure to finally see him has someone as pretty as my sister-in-law to be beside him. :)
I only have some pictures, cause I don't have enough chances to pick photos :p