Pump Zoe&Zac Vegan Shoe

About a fortnight ago, I accompanied my cousin sister to Payless store in one of the shopping malls in the city. We didn't have any plans on buying shoes so we just wandered around and I found this gorgeous pump! Hmm Don't guess, because I'll tell you slightly that this pair DIDN'T go home with me. Hehehe. This Zoe&Zac is very cute, I can't resist, but I don't need it now. Hmm maybe later, once I get involved in a more formal circumstance. :)

I only took the picture when it's still in its box at the store. Isn't it lovely?

This is another firm picture I got from here. How do you react to something you really want, but you know that you don't urgently need it? Just impulsively buy it right away, or only desperately wave a good bye kiss? ;p