Looking For Inspiration

It's raining today, and I'm freezing at the office. Well, while reviewing my colleagues' projects I intentionally browse some websites to find inspirations for gown to attend the upcoming wedding party of my relative. I've bought a aqua colored satin fabric and polyester fabric, yet I still don't know what to do with them. I got some cool design from www.davidsbridal.com.

Pit Stop

Totally resting at home for approximately 4 days makes me realize that I'm so weak. This cold, cough, and fever have successfully put me down. Can't study, do my homework, read something. I get a long pit stop here, thank you. But fortunately I still could slowly work on my office projects so that now I have done this monthly deadline target. As I skipped several classes, I need to run in a high speed to chase my backwardness. So let's face again the craziness of commuting from home to office and campus.
These are what I should deal with every single day.. The well-known unresolved Terrific traffic of Jakarta! 
the last picture was taken at Jalan Gatot Subroto where the 3-in-1 regulation is applied, so as we can see the number of vehicles in this street were not as crazy as the previous images of Mampang street where there's no 3-in-1 rule.

Role We Play

Any idea of how to be financially independent? Or how to manage our finance well? Last Saturday on April 21, I attended a seminar about finance and women with my friend. We had so much fun with the speakers and we got a lot of knowledge about finance, asset, management, and all of its instruments. We women should aware about financial education because in the society, we play a significant role as the center of our own family, just like what RA Kartini ever wrote in the letters to her friend;
Who could deny that the woman has a great task to perform in the moral development of society? It is she, precisely she, who is the one to do this; she can contribute much, if not most, to ensure the improvement of the moral standards of society. Nature herself has appointed her to this task. As mother, she is the first educator; at her knee the child first learns to feel, to think, to speak; and in most cases, this initial nurturing influences the rest of its life. It is the hand of the mother which first plants the germ of virtue or wickedness in the heart of the individual where it usually remains for the rest of the person's life. Not without reason is it said that a knowledge of right and wrong is imbibed with a mother's milk. But how can Javanese mothers now educate their children if they themselves are uneducated? The education and development of the Javanese people can never adequately advance if women are excluded, if they are not given a role to play in this.

Really, an important factor in the uplifting of the population will be the progress of the Javanese woman! Therefore it should be the first task of the Government to raise the moral awareness of the Javanese woman, to educate her, to instruct her, to make of her a capable, wise mother and nurturer! 
{}In Letters from Kartini: An Indonesian Feminist 1900-1904, translated by Joost Cote (Clayton, Victoria: Monash Asia Institute, 1992) 

Great event it is! Let's now start checking our personal financial health. Check it first here for easy step. Thank you QM Financial, we had such a fun at a seminar about serious seems like finance thing. My partner can't stop laughing during the event! Haha
And we're also happy with the 5stars rate luxurious lunch and numerous gifts!

Burger & Grill

I got a cold since yesterday, huhuhu. Oh not in the time like this where lots of assignments are waiting and deadline is in almost in time please. I'm so blessed to be given a strong woman like my mother who aways takes care of me and I thank Allah for always having her around. Love you mama, thank you for the treats. :p

Desperately Need You

Rain had not stopped yet still here in western part of Indonesia where I live in now. The meteorology scientists said that this year the rain season which usually happens on October - April will be shifted at least until July. As a mobile person who moves from one place to another place in a very rush, I really rely on my shoes to walk on through the rain, hop from a mode of transportation to another mode of transportation (read: motorcycle taxi to commuter line to minibus public trans aka angkot).  My modest kind of favorite shoes is Kickers to mention, but in the extreme weather like this, I'm sure we won't survive. I've broken two pairs of them though. :(
That's why when I realized that most of women I saw in the commuter line wore this, I consider to buy one! 
So what about this cute purple? :)

One That Won't Get Away

#1: I don't want to be your friend anymore!
#2: Why? What's the matter?
#1: Because I'm so bad! A good person like you deserves best people to be around with!
#2: If that what matters to you.. easy! Be good then.. try to be better as much as you can do.
#1: Why? Should I? I can't!
#2: You can, dear. But don't do it just because of me or any other people, do it for you yourself and for Allah's sake.

Feel so sleepy in the office, so I played with this two puppet pencils :D

Pieces of Colors

A looooong weekend full with assignments days and nights, who asked your to choose project management school in the first place? :D But in between the papers, I could manage to accompany my mother going to Pasar Baru, the center of textile in central part of Jakarta. 
I love fancy-colored fabrics! ;)

*Pasar Baru is Jakarta’s oldest market, established in 1820 during the Dutch colonial rule, was named by the city administration as an international-standard shopping and tourism center. The title simply serves to increase the disappointment and shock value for tourists and shoppers who come to the market expecting a slice of Indonesian culture and a bustling traditional Asian market.