Dear You, I Beg

I have been sometime saddened by people whom I cared most and let down by people whom so I solemnly trusted. Yet I truthfully understand that when I am more obedient to You and keep myself closer to goodness, You'll protect me from unnecessary heartache and shallow disappointment.

Dear You, I beg.
If I should be hurt, lay me up in such way to reaffirm myself to end everything that has no good for me, and  fall me short to distance myself from anything fake that only deceives me.

Dear You, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, to whom I seek refuge,
Please bestow upon me kindness towards people around me; my parents, my friends, and all the good people..

the future has already begun

I'm moving forward to learn more about so-called "smart building system" for the thesis research. Excited? Yes! Horror? Double yes! :)) It's so cool and I still don't believe I'm so going to work on this. Hehe

Ramadhan has started, and now this is my time with You. :)

hold on a little longer

Hi! I've been occupied by so many projects in my two hands, yet Alhamdulillah the office management gave me two co-workers so I can transfer the loads to these three persons. I'm not sure whether I could manage myself to hold on in this situation for any longer, cause I think it's enough. I have set my priority before the offer came, haven't I? Why then I let them distract what I've planned well before.

Maybe, this time to rethinking and rescheduling everything. School, work, and the most important thing, life. :)

Anyway, this video really helps me in boosting my spiritual energy, reminding me that whatever I want to, I should be productive and worthwhile to as many people as possible.

Howdy July

When people with whom we have ever together, walk away from us, let them go.

Our destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves us, and it doesn't mean they are bad people.  

It just means that their part in our story is over.
inspired by Purity starts here.

PS. I finally found my favourite shoes other than Kickers. It's her! I can walk and run in a high speed without worrying that I might fall. :p