Worry You Not

Even If

Hello again Monday, and all the activities that accompany. :) I remember that a friend of mine once described herself as "I'm not beautiful but I'm smart", she's one of the bravest girls I've ever met. And to take along, wanna know what mine is? it's "I'm not beautiful nor even smart, yet I have been prayed a lot". Indeed, what I have done and all of my errands were just nothing, it was hope and the most essential.. my mother's all time prayers, it's beyond my authorities that brought me to where I am now.

Here and There

Eid long holiday will be ended very soon in one more day, and then reality bites again. I can't imagine how the traffic would be after everyone's coming back to Jakarta from their hometown for eid celebration with the family. 

I have a journal paper to be drafted and seminar event proposal to be finalized and submitted to the Thesis Supervisor on Monday, yet I still have no idea how to start doing it now. My brain seems slightly frozen and needs to be reheated. :D

Anyway, please meet my cousin sisters with whom I spent most of the days during this holiday, we hopped from house to house, from mall to bookstore to cake shop to cinema and we even checked some apartment show units only for fun. How hilarious was that? We already made a lot of pictures like this in almost every place we go. Yes, we are exactly like what people usually call the true camera whore. :))

I think we forgot that we're not teenagers anymore while we actually still act like ones. :p

Eid Mubarak 1433 H

Happy eid mubarak 1433 H, dearest all!
Please genuinely forgive me for any kind of bad things I've done to you. :(

We had a big family gathering in my house yesterday, so glad that we all grow up well yet still hold the old craziness between us, just like the old childhood time. :) How's your eid day? I hope everyone had a great one too!

Start Making Sense

The research activity at campus has been closed down prior to Eid long holiday. It's been a hectic Ramadhan for me where finally the interim reports of our three researches have been submitted well. Fyuh.. Yet there's still another paper submission for an international conference awaits at the end of this month. 

Having done with the campus, I'm going to the office today (finally! hehe), the director set a meeting with management members informing me the status of survey proposals I made weeks ago. Two offerings were  likely approved by the clients and they will be proceeded after the Eid holiday.  I can't believe what I've heard, how would those projects be conducted while I need more time to focus on the thesis seminar? What I've heard today just made me want to run away.. Leave the company and all the responsibilities put on my shoulders. I sometimes ask, why should I? I'm not tough enough to bear all these myself. But I can't say anything, when there are voices in my head saying "why shouldn't you?", or "why are you complaining? Lots of people out there fight harder than you, do greater thing than you, but they don't surrender, and that what makes them good at what they do, and makes them worth for the others."  

So, should I run? And be irresponsible by neglecting what I've started in the first place? Well, for now.. I'm going to take all the risks and challenge myself, I want to finalize my study at the end of this year so I can move to another phase of life, but I don't want to be ignorance by leaving this division alone without prepared substitute. I don't know how could I make it this time, the least thing I know I've ever succeeded once before. Nevertheless, I always believe that He won't give us loads more than what we can afford. :)

Considering to the well-known English proverb saying this,

I'm optimistic that I can carry on with all agenda accordingly. Semangaaaaaaaaaaaat Mussa!  :D

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Should Have Known Better

A depressed life, anyone? Maybe it was because we've ignored something important.
Signs. We should have known better that we shouldn't forget them anyway now, otherwise we'll be forgotten later.

I should have known better. Or earlier. Astagfirullah..

Iftar With YISC

Have a great weekend with good friends from the youth islamic study club where we learn together about Islam and the Holy Qur'an. :) After class has done, we prepared ourselves for the competitions we participated to enliven the Club's iftar big event. It's so exhilarating when we work together as a team of master-chefs to make ta'jil food. We even named the ta'jil with Green Lime Sensation, while our dress code was purplish tone.
Recognized someone familiar at the right side? Yes, I went to this place with her, since the first time:)
I genuinely enjoy the friendship with good friends we made in this place.. and here's one of my favourite girl. We're fabulously spontaneous! :D

ps: I've edited the photos from our blackberry group using PhotoScape. Not helping, I know. But better to have them here than nothing at all. Hihi