Iftar With YISC

Have a great weekend with good friends from the youth islamic study club where we learn together about Islam and the Holy Qur'an. :) After class has done, we prepared ourselves for the competitions we participated to enliven the Club's iftar big event. It's so exhilarating when we work together as a team of master-chefs to make ta'jil food. We even named the ta'jil with Green Lime Sensation, while our dress code was purplish tone.
Recognized someone familiar at the right side? Yes, I went to this place with her, since the first time:)
I genuinely enjoy the friendship with good friends we made in this place.. and here's one of my favourite girl. We're fabulously spontaneous! :D

ps: I've edited the photos from our blackberry group using PhotoScape. Not helping, I know. But better to have them here than nothing at all. Hihi