Start Making Sense

The research activity at campus has been closed down prior to Eid long holiday. It's been a hectic Ramadhan for me where finally the interim reports of our three researches have been submitted well. Fyuh.. Yet there's still another paper submission for an international conference awaits at the end of this month. 

Having done with the campus, I'm going to the office today (finally! hehe), the director set a meeting with management members informing me the status of survey proposals I made weeks ago. Two offerings were  likely approved by the clients and they will be proceeded after the Eid holiday.  I can't believe what I've heard, how would those projects be conducted while I need more time to focus on the thesis seminar? What I've heard today just made me want to run away.. Leave the company and all the responsibilities put on my shoulders. I sometimes ask, why should I? I'm not tough enough to bear all these myself. But I can't say anything, when there are voices in my head saying "why shouldn't you?", or "why are you complaining? Lots of people out there fight harder than you, do greater thing than you, but they don't surrender, and that what makes them good at what they do, and makes them worth for the others."  

So, should I run? And be irresponsible by neglecting what I've started in the first place? Well, for now.. I'm going to take all the risks and challenge myself, I want to finalize my study at the end of this year so I can move to another phase of life, but I don't want to be ignorance by leaving this division alone without prepared substitute. I don't know how could I make it this time, the least thing I know I've ever succeeded once before. Nevertheless, I always believe that He won't give us loads more than what we can afford. :)

Considering to the well-known English proverb saying this,

I'm optimistic that I can carry on with all agenda accordingly. Semangaaaaaaaaaaaat Mussa!  :D

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