When I was packing my stuffs from my workstation at the office into the box last night, my good friends from research division suddenly came as they just finished working on their monthly deadline. I have planned to take some pictures of my desk's condition before and after I threw my stuffs into the box, but I had to hurry cause I was ousted to hold a farewell party! So there was no time for dramatic melancholy, eh? :) I didn't have the chance to capture the whole cubicle, but fortunately I took this one. 
 *Already got this XXII birthday greeting card from my girls tapped on my cubicle board for more than three years (so everyone can guess my age now ;p) 

We finally thought FX as the nearest destination, because going back to Depok around 7 pm on Friday night means madness since the traffic is at its craziest this time. 

 Look at the gift they gave to me! A pair of nude pump with red&black leopard print inside! I never thought they would really picked me that one. Where should I wear this kind of shoes, considering that I don't go to work anymore? They didn't expect me to take this to the campus, did they? Oh, I won't be there safely, because I would fall on the ground before I get to class. It's way too dangerous for students, you know. :p

PS. I wholeheartedly thank you guys for the sweet friendship, all the jokes and stupidity we shared.. it's the reason why I stayed this long, by the way.

So Long My Friends

Being the person in charge for the new developing division has made my life quite roughly tough. I still don't know why I accepted the offering in the first place, even after my previous manager has told me that management should find another experienced person, the one with enough competency and capability. In other words, maybe I was just too reckless. I'm really bad at measuring my own capacity.

It was so much fun yet depressing working on recent projects, but I think that it's the time, the most right time to finally take a turn. I exactly know what I want and I am happy to just do it the way it should be done. I hope my lovely colleagues (who turned out to be like brothers and sisters now!) would understand me coming up with the decision, eventually.. after all of these years of 'being destined'. We still have a what's app group to share the laughter right? Though I know I would really miss all of the craziness we made back then.

I have four big projects running delegated to the new person in charge and the whole division's staffs; Architects' Choice Awards 2012, ESS: The Architect's Way, next construction forecaster publication with new research approach, and the latest project conducted now is the construction market sentiment survey. (any practitioners in the construction industry who stumbled across to this post are welcomed to participate in the survey :D)

No one could ever believe that I'm finally leaving, because they said, the image of this company was already stamped and attached to my body. But starting next week, there will be no more "The BCI me", harsh and talented young lady, (did I just say, "talented"? "young"? No way! :p) now I am just me, my mother's baby girl. Hihihi

So long my friends, I hope everyone would still feel happy after I leave, just like I do. :) 
Can't wait for the farewell day, I guess some of you have prepared farewell gifts, haha!*ngarep*

Life of an Arch Student #2

Though now I have turned from architecture to management, my bed is still behaving like this. :))

See how now I can make fun of the depressing and torturing past college life? See how then I miss those times so much? :D See how I can survive the distresses I meet in the professional world? 
Yes, I see that all of the things we've been given would never exceed what we could afford, and yes I see that all the bad things are not always bad, as in me, they gave unpayable lessons learned.. which is good.

Life of an Arch Student

Blogger interface is now changing, but I dont really like it. :( Probably I just have not get used to it.
Anyway, my friend sent me a link to this site, and all of the contents have brought me back to the reminiscence of my golden era of architecture school from the youth. 

Look at these images, you know they are true if you were ever an architecture student.

Getting new project:

Brainstorming (aka procrastinating):

Brillian idea hits:

 Realize you only have a week until your review:

Someone touches the model you have been working on for 48 hours straight:

In class after an all-nigher:

Your professor looking at your work:
Finally reaching your bed again: 

(Source: jamie-sue)

They really made my day after the car accident that just happened today. :)
Recently, I think I miss the architecture school's great depression, because you know why? That one which somehow has made us stronger. :p

Be Vulnerable

Take any emotion—love for a woman, or grief for a loved one, or what I’m going through, fear and pain from a deadly illness. If you hold back on the emotions—if you don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them—you can never get to being detached, you’re too busy being afraid. You’re afraid of the pain, you’re afraid of the grief. You’re afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails. “But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head even, you experience them fully and completely. You know what pain is. You know what love is. You know what grief is. And only then can you say, ‘All right. I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment’.” 

Design Thinks

Because I ever learned architecture in the past and spent a dreadful four years studying it at the so called best architecture school, seems like that's what tagged to me, that it's what printed on my forehead, even though now I'm totally over with all of.. *drum rolling* ..those design things. Just like recently, my uncle asked me to check and do some analysis to a house he bought which he's starting to refurbish soon, and he asked me to advise and propose a new space program as well. He even introduced me to his construction worker some kind of "this is my niece, she's an architect". *another drum rolling* I'm not an architect not an even an architecture follower, I'm a research analyst for construction and I mostly work with charts and numbers, hence I don't think I still have the creativity to design (architecture) again. ;p

I know that I haven't yet died trying what he asked me to, but I'm kind of sure that there's not so much left in my brain everything about passive cooling, natural lighting, wall painting, floor pattern, beam and column, etc, etc, except the names of the star-architects and the architecture styles of day by day.

All I know about architecture & interior design now is the 'like' button at Pinterest.com. :D

Footrests for Crossing

A midnight note to myself:
 "You don’t quite know what to expect until you’re experiencing it."

Regardless to where these all are heading to, I’m tremendously grateful that I have been given a chance to at least try my best. Still. :)

Wake Me Up

It's September 11th! It's my best friend's 1st anniversary day. They have known for each other since they were still teenagers, and finally ended up (is this a proper diction?;p) as lovely husband and wife a year ago.  I won't be lazy saying that time flies so fast, because it indeed flies really really fast. These are some photos back in their wedding reception. Look at those happy and beautiful faces, I hope Allah always shower the life of you two with so many many blessings. She's just passed her 25+ birthday as well, I can say that she's still young and happy, (and so do we!)


Well, we are still the same kiddosdeadly seven, and intimidating girls from the dark age of our architecture school. And I really wonder how could we manage to be together still with all the differences from each of us. Ok, I stop now because I miss them all already.. and all the crazy adventures we've been through. :') 

PS:All photos are taken from their account, definitely with permission. :)
PS again: This title really has nothing to do with Green Day's, yet I was just coincidentally inspired by the last year's post.

Bound Up

A live report from another hectic yet sleepy day at the office. I just can't believe that it will only take place in no more than two weeks away. I can't believe that I finally will be leaving. But I know that this will be the best decision I am not gonna have regrets on. I am already waiting for the day.. for like.. years. :))

This report will be ended now cause I'm going to have a meeting with the big boss and the new person in change. :) 

In these last stressful days, I'd love to have this yummy es pisang ijo, right away! 

how are you there?

Papa, I miss you, I keep missing you every single day for these twelve years. I am sorry I haven't told you what I should say. But I hope you knew already that for me, you're the best man that no one could ever replace.

For all of us who still have our parents around. Don't lose your chance to tell them how you love them, don't be late in doing good to them, as for them.. you're the greatest blessing they have in life.