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I want to share a simple yet very good article which hopefully would be useful for all of us.. It's titled 5 Steps to Make Effective Decisions.

You may be willing to consider the quotation below, it's kinda true, no?
Life is like a river for many people, they just jump in the river of life with out ever deciding where they want to end up, so they quickly get caught up in the current, current events, current challenges, current fears. And then they come to the forks in the rivers, they don’t consciously decide which way to go, they just go with the flow of the river (the flow of the majority instead of being directed by their own values and goals) and as a result they feel out of control but continue to drift down stream until one day the sound of the raging water wakes them up and they realize they are 5 feet from the falls and they are in a boat with no ores and then they say “Oh shoot”, but its to late. They are going to take a fall, it may be a financial set back or the break up of a relationship or maybe even a health problem, in almost all of the cases the fall could have been prevented by making better decisions up stream. (The Niagara Syndrome - by Anthony Robbins)

Quality Without Name

The complete formation back in the past, it was a one fine night on her special day. It's blurry, I know. But I just love the feeling of familiarity we had that night. Hi Day! I've checked in the dictionary, and the word 'familiarity' really does exist. :))

"To seek the timeless way we must first know the quality without a name. There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in a man, a town, a building, or a wilderness. This quality is objective and precise, but it cannot be named."

Rethinking Q

It has been a while after I focus my literature study on the value engineering and intelligent building system, and forget the fact that I should have concentrated more to the quality management as well, remembering that it's the key for the state of the art of my thesis research. 

This is a resume that I wrote after I read a quality related journal more than a year ago, the author of this journal is my thesis supervisor, btw. 
M.A. Berawi, (2004) "Quality revolution: leading the innovation and competitive advantages", International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol. 21 Iss: 4, pp.425 - 438

In this globalization environment, the competitiveness of today’s market which keeps on gradually developing has been one of the critical issues that knowledge management addresses. It contains a process that attempts to determine the best combination of information and communication technologies (ICT) and human beings’ innovative capacity as these are the important keys to increase the competitive level of a business and maximize its potentials to survive the market.

In “Developing a knowledge system”, Proceedings of the 20th Annual Association of Management and International Association of Management (AoM/IAoM) Conference, in Canada, 2002, M.A Berawi stated that the organizational objective of profitability can be achieved through the quality levels recognized by the customers, in which knowledge management with its identification and analysis of available and required knowledge, and the subsequent planning and control of actions, could be really helpful in developing knowledge assets which include the knowledge that a business needs to fulfill the objective. High-quality goals for products, along with a good means to schedule, track and predict cost are mechanism to manage the design from concept to delivery. 

In order to improve the quality management so that the competitive level can be increased as well, hence Quality value model (QVM) was proposed, a system that combined the communication and information technologies (ICT) and innovative capabilities of human resources to develop high quality products. As a tool for management activity where the main objective is to improve the performance of a company or a business to meet the strategic objectives, QVM has some important parameters for success and quality of a product completed on-time and in budget. Profitability of a business is eventually in the hand of the customers, the ones who decide which the preferable product is; therefore the quality is the critical factor for them to make consideration based on “value for money” comparison. Value added in most industries today is in the form of knowledge, not stuff, and that’s how then in this part, QVM as a tool can help companies to face global competition by coordinating the knowledge to develop and innovate resulting expected quality. 

The quality of a product is a measure from where we can evaluate its success and the identification for the degree to which it meets the customer’s satisfactions can be determined. The basic idea for a mathematical approach to an optimal design is to increase all of the product’s strength factors and at the same time to minimize all of its weaknesses. In the evaluation process there are some points that manufacturers must consider in the first place, that the ability to sell is dependent on the customer’s perceived worth, and the customer’s perceived worth itself is a product of the amount of quality in a product in relation to the price. Another important thing that should not be forgotten is that to develop a new product, the quality should be positioned next after the “point of indifference” which is defined by the crossover between two overlaying comparable offerings.

The quality value model through a mathematically based approach will be explained this way, that the quality of a product (Q) is a result of the quality of its internal properties (q) that customers use to evaluate value for money. Each property’s quality is also the result of various influential factors (x). These influential factors are affected by relationship to other moderating variables (v). As such we can set about searching for advantage and direct our new product development process if we can anticipate which aspects of design are more attractive to customer-perceived worth. This mathematical technique calculated input-factor changes within the product could enable companies to be more responsive and aid prediction in respect to change and the management of decision uncertainty.

As the conclusion, this paper offers the QVM as a tool to help a company to face the globalization as it can produce synergistic combination between technology and behavioral issues and human innovation that is necessary to compete and survive in the challenging global marketplace of the new world. Having this model set up will then make it becomes a routine simplex process to bring the level to its optimal point and increase the quality. That is how the QVM system will be able to endorse a business to take their quality development in a good planning and to anticipate their competitors’ movement by having knowledge management within the company.

First Few Days

You don’t want to be named as anybody’s girlfriend, and now you’re (going to be) someone’s wife.
For all these times, maybe what most people said about me were right, either I was a cold blooded, heartless, dreary girl, or... just being banal. But no, I'm not, I know I'm not. It's then truest thing I should do I've finally did that when they told me to stop being picky, I insisted to not to stop, because once I eventually picked one up, I wholeheartedly knew that this is it.
That's even truer when in the other hand some closest friends said that it was just too rush and unpredictably so sudden, I keep telling them that this is the best thing I should decide that I've finally decided. Regardless to the big question marks of how and why that everyone could throw. I've asked a lot of how and why to this picked one prior to the decision making process was done, hence when I wake up in one morning and felt sure about what I've got to do, I know that this is it.

I've took everything into consideration, my dearests.. You know I must have thought about this marriage thing from all aspects before everything else, don't you? Of course we do.

However, I hope that nothing between us would be vanished away when each of us (especially me, in this case) steps on the next stone. I can't bear loosing so many; what we've had these years, the ups and downs, our lives themselves.. the indispensable ones. And it's the least thing I wish to happen and I'll guarantee it won't happen. Nothing can take away us from us. :)  Maybe we just need some time to comprehend what we will have going forward. Even I myself still try to figure out this thing inside.

I can't believe that I'm saying this. I know maybe I've just taken what we have had so far only for granted. It is as it is. But knowing that some of you might still have hesitations and felt unsure about later, this is what I can do that I hope we all can relate to.  Love you all.

PS: The first line was adopted (with minor changes) from the scene of (500) days of summer movie.

Which Is True

"When you give up something you love dearly for the sake of Allah (swt), the Most Gracious, Most Merciful will indeed replace that which you have lost with something even better. something you can't even imagine. something so beautiful it makes you cry at the thought of how Generous our Lord is. Those who are patient will be rewarded, inshaAllah."
                                                                                                     ~ All my wonders...



The boys shared a new mobile phone their father gave to them, and they have saved my number there.
It's so pleasing when they called me several times today when I was at the campus just to ask "Hello Lupi Ai, where are you now? what are you doing?"

Speechless. :")
 And it got even funnier when one of them continued with: "We're running out of balance, Lupi!"

I just answered, "How could you not run out of balance, you call me again just to ask where I am, while I even haven't moved from the place I was when you called me previously." 

Oh, noo.. Such a grumpy aunty. :p


First several days at home? I feel a little bit relaxed!No need to think how to split myself into two for both the office and campus. Now finally I have enough time to contemplate and read some more references for the thesis writing. Alhamdulillah, the program coordinator has approved my title, and we will have the first thesis presentation at the end of this month.
Anyway, other than attending the class and meeting my supervisor, I preferably spend my time studying at home. And then my mother successfully got me helped her cooking, just like these days we made rendang together! But don't ask me the detail of 'how to cook rendang', because I am just a beginner :D. Yet we could find the recipe by asking google. Hehe

I got writer's block at this time (I  talk as if I'm a writer yet I'm not), this intelligent building thing just stuck there in my brain, I don't know why. Maybe I need to go to the campus library and find some inspirations for a little while. Ciao


It just suddenly popped up in my mind about having a little upgrading for this blog, it could be some kind of changing the header, the background design, and also the url. I want to make it as neat as it can. But I have no idea how. Is there anyone willing to help me re-layouting my blog with pleasure? :)

Anyway, I have just counted the time since the first time I started this blog and then found myself surprised! Couldn't imagine that it has already be one of my strongest identities in the internet world for more than 4 years. The very first idea of having a blog and sharing everything happened in my life here was just only to capture moments and save it here as pensieve and if one day I'd like to open it up again, it's here.. always.

Oh okey, gotta go working on school assignment again before the sun rises. Maybe this random night posting should be titled as.. "why write?", yeah I couldn't agree more. :)

Half Day With The Kids

Just had spent a half day with the nephews and nieces yesterday as they already asked me for so long to take them to play out. Alhamdulillah I got the chance again after islamic club class. :) Here again.. my most favorite kids on earth.. See how these naughty boys have grown up and these camera face girls looked beautifully flourished. Oh kids, you have made me dizzy. ;p  
It's a bit tricky dealing with Razzra as he's reaching school age and becoming even smarter, he could come up with some questions I couldn't barely answer like why do the moon chase after us while we're driving with a car? Or even forced me to give description about the concept of gravity. He's five years old now and he has made me think so hard to find the words to explain about skin pigmentation. Oh, or how could rainbow cake can be so colorful :} I think I should re-join science class in elementary school, again.

Family and kids have never failed to bring warmth in heart :") I feel utterly grateful and contented for having them all, and their mothers who have always been supportive sisters of all time to me as well. I convey my sincere apology for having kept a secret about life project and not letting them know earlier because it's just way too soon to assure how this thing will develop, but after seeing their supports and excitement, I know I should have told them before so I could be more prepared. 

Please meet our youngest baby nephew, the littlest rascal.