It just suddenly popped up in my mind about having a little upgrading for this blog, it could be some kind of changing the header, the background design, and also the url. I want to make it as neat as it can. But I have no idea how. Is there anyone willing to help me re-layouting my blog with pleasure? :)

Anyway, I have just counted the time since the first time I started this blog and then found myself surprised! Couldn't imagine that it has already be one of my strongest identities in the internet world for more than 4 years. The very first idea of having a blog and sharing everything happened in my life here was just only to capture moments and save it here as pensieve and if one day I'd like to open it up again, it's here.. always.

Oh okey, gotta go working on school assignment again before the sun rises. Maybe this random night posting should be titled as.. "why write?", yeah I couldn't agree more. :)