Fear Factor

Another good and consoling writing! Somehow, it's something that I can relate to, something that I'm trying to go pass through, Insya Allah. But at least I know that the answers to the questions below are just by being sincere, never lose hope and keep trying the best. Well, it seems that there are so many things to do then. :)

This post discussed three big questions that I will list down here, but since Hannah's writing is in Malay, I hope I interpret it right. :D
1) If you're being scolded, where should you run?
2) If all that you did are not in accordance with his demands, what would you do?
3) If after you're married, so many things are not in line with your expectations, what would you do?

I think that's a quite good material to read for those who are not married yet (like me) or even for the ones who already got married.

What Do We Mean by IB?

"Buildings affect people in various ways. They can help us to work more effectively ; they also present a wide range of stimuli for our senses to react to. If this is a common: vision then it is essential for architects, engineers and clients to work closely together throughout the design, construction and operational stages of the conception, birth and life of the building. There has to be an understanding of how patterns of work are best suited to one building form or another served by the appropriate environmental system. There are a host of modem technologies emerging that help these processes but in the end it is how think about achieving responsive buildings that matters. Intelligent buildings can cope with social and technological change and are adaptable to short-term and long-term human need. This is the fundamental meaning of the term intelligent building."


The title sounds funny no? But all my friends would be able to clearly know what it means! Hehe, ok guys, stop making fun of my age. :)) Yes, I'm officially 26 today. If you want to know what it feels, there's still the same old feeling of fear every November. Nothing special. This date always successfully reminds me of how time flies so fast and how I haven't done anything much yet during the time. Of how I haven't prepared myself enough.. and how I've been lulled by the worldly things. :(

However, if I take a look at me now, and ponder and do flashback then. 

I couldn't stop thanking Allah for all these countless blessings He showered me with. 
Blessing. That's the most special one. Alhamdulillah.

Shoebox Story

There was a couple that had been married for over 60 years. The wife had a shoebox hidden in her closet and had told her husband to never look in there. He listened and never looked in the shoebox. On the wife’s deathbed, she asked her husband to bring the shoe box and open it. When he opened it, he found two crochet dolls and $100,000 in there. Asking his wife what this was for, she replied, “When we got married, my mother told me that every time I got angry with you, instead of saying anything bad, to go to my room and crochet a doll.” Tears came into the husband’s eyes as he saw only two dolls in the shoebox. Then he asked about the money. The wife’s response, “That money is from all the dolls that I sold.”

Just So You Know

Various Value Engineering (VE) definitions have been developed by experts or VE practitioners through the years. To better know and understand the concept of VE, some definitions are necessary VE to be properly understood. Some definitions are as follows:
1)Value Engineering (VE) is an organized creative  approach  that  has for its  purpose the efficient identification of  unnecessary  cost, i.e., cost that  provides neither quality  nor  use nor  life nor  appearance nor customer features (Miles, 1972).

2)Value Engineering (VE) is an organized effort directed at analyzing the functions of systems, equipment, facilities, services and supplies for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with the required performance, reliability, quality and safety ) (PBS-PQ250, 1992; PBS-PQ251,1993)

3)Value Engineering (VE) is a problem-solving technique that provides an  organized approach with an emphasis on thorough consideration of  the  important  factors in the analysis and development of  creative solutions. (Kasi & Snodgrass, 1994)

4)Value Engineering (VE) is a function-oriented team approach that organized and directed to analyze the functions of products, systems, or the process of providing, for the purpose of increasing its value by identify and eliminate unnecessary costs and achieve performance required in the project life cycle cost is lowest (Fong, 1998).

5) Value Engineering (VE) is an organized effort directed function analysis of goods and services in order to service achieve the basic functions in the smallest total cost, consistent with achievement of the required characteristics. VE is a process using multi-disciplinary teams to review the project and use the standard to identify high-cost functions and their potential for improvement. The team followed the whole series of VE job plan for a systematic and creative set optimum value of the selected function. Various alternatives, which will provide the functionality required with the  initial cost and or the most economically life cycle cost, developed consistently to meet the requirements of safety, quality, operations, maintenance, and aesthetics (Younker, 2003)

6)Value Engineering (VE) is a systematic, organized, function-oriented and multi-disciplinary team approach (Shen & Liu, 2007).

7)Value Engineering (VE) is a strict procedure that is directed at achievement of the required functions at minimum cost without compromising quality, level of confidence, performance and delivery time (Short et al., 2007).

8)Value Engineering (VE) is the application of a value methodology to a planned or conceptual project or service to achieve value improvement. Value Methodology (VM) A systematic process used by a multidisciplinary team to improve the value of projects through the analysis of functions (SAVE, 2007).

9)Value Engineering (VE) is a professional team approach with function oriented in application and systematically carried out to analyze and improve value of a product, facility design, system, or service. VE is a good methodology to solve problems and or to reduce costs while still improving specified performance or quality requirements.
I've researched value engineering for months and finally picked it as the topic of my thesis. All of sudden, I remembered that years ago, I ever posted about the topic of my undergraduate thesis here, that topic was just too psychological for architecture school. But I survived until the end. So now, good luck for me! :)


Don’t tell me nature isn’t a miracle. Don’t tell me the world isn’t a fairytale. Anyone who hasn’t realized that, may never understand until the fairytale is just about to end. Then there is one final chance to tear off the blinkers, a last chance to rub your eyes in amazement, a final opportunity to abandon yourself to the world you are bidding farewell to and leaving.” 
The Orange Girl - Jostein Gaarder

Feel That?

November! Means that the thesis thing will really occupy me for the next two months after the approval we got today. Rough day. Yet before, I somewhat didn't feel like working on it anymore as I think I won't be able to complete it anyway. Think that my mind doesn't intelligent enough to discuss about new ideas on the development of intelligent building conceptual design using quality management and value engineering approaches. Yes, that's the topic.

The minute we think of giving up, think of the reason why we started in the first place.