Till There Was You

I would have never really imagined that this kind of day was finally coming to me.. to my tangle kind of life in particular. I know it would look too much and I believe no one would like to see me being too excessive by saying that this is the answer to all of those pathetic longing prayers. I don't know how should I thank Allah for all these countless blessings He showered me with. Subhanallah..

I never really know how to love or to have this kind of feeling before. It was so much different with what we read in fiction books, what we saw in the movies, what we heard from the love songs, or even the cheesy one we felt in the teenager life! Hehe. I never knew what it's like, till there was you.. my other half. :)

PS: Know what's the difference? It feels so real and unbearable. 

A More Beautiful One

Marriage over wedding

Hoohum… a bit teary eyed just preparing this post. This is one emotional blog entry.

My parents is celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary today, 8 December 2009. Forty-three. That’s quite a long time.

As their ‘real’ child (they have lots and lots of children, hehe… more on that later) I know things haven’t always been easy on them. They have gone through a lot. My brother’s birth (my older brother is paralyzed from birth), family issues, character differences, economic crisis of 98, and of course, raising me (hahaha… kidding).

I often got reminded that no matter how beautiful your wedding is, how extravagant and how amazing the pictures turned out, all those pages of memories is nothing, zero, if you don’t have a great marriage afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I work in this industry, but seeing them working their marriage day by day, I often got reminded that no matter how beautiful your wedding is, how extravagant and how amazing the pictures turned out, all those pages of memories is nothing, zero, if you don’t have a great marriage afterwards. That is why, deep down in our hearts, we know there’s nothing more heart-warming like the sight of grandad and granny walking down the road, hand in hand.

Everybody who is doing weddings week in week out could easily got bored seeing the flowers, the dress, the pictures, the decorations, etc. But we are always inspired by stories of great marriages, where you know that ‘love’ is not just a phrase on wedding invitations, but often means tears, sweat and sacrifices.

I often said this to my couples just before I left them after the party, “Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. Let’s have a more beautiful marriage.” I say this by no means that I am an expert. Far from it. But only as a fellow married couple who reminded one another that the journey just had begun.

So to my parents, congratulations on getting through this far. I know, first-hand, that the road hasn’t always been easy. But I pray to the Lord that starting from now on, in your old age, only laughter and joy will dominate your days.

UPDATE: Just like it was meant to be, I bumped into this great companion article for this post from the New York Times: Married Happily (With Issues) – great read for us young couples.

Love you guys,

Catch A Cold

It's been a week since I've got this flu and recurring evening fever. My mother who took care of me forced me to swallow the acetaminophen almost every 6 hours. The fever was still coming last night, so starting today, she prohibits me to step out of the house door.  
Meanwhile I still have some things to be done.

When I'm 64

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, everyone!
So it's February already and I've just written three posts in January, which is not productive according to my blogging history. Anyway, it's getting near to the event we've been prepared for this whole four months. I never really count it down until it almost reaches the day.. So this is gonna be my last weekend as a little girl, insya Allah. I just can't describe with words how time flies really fast, and how Allah is so generous to me.. Alhamdulillah.

As the wedding ceremony and reception will be held in two separated days, which will be preceded by the wedding ceremony (akad nikah) first on the next Friday and followed with the reception in Sunday, there is a long list of things I should prepare for both events. Please note that this is totally not a rambling, not even a complaint. But if I am allowed to say my own wish about a wedding, I'd like to say that I want a simple banquet with several round tables with relatives and closest friends around, having meal and soft drinks together. But as we can't forget that our parents have colleagues,  extended families have families as well, and as we ourselves have wide range of friendships starting from elementary, junior high, senior high, college, until our coworkers; I think my dream wedding is just unlikely to be held. Hence, here we go, preparing everything to present a very luxurious wedding reception of my own, which I've never ever dreamed of before, I just couldn't imagine something as glorious as this. However, I thank Allah for the all of the easiness during the preparation, alhamdulillah everything is already 95% done.. 

Aside from the wedding events update, when it's only another 5% to go, I suddenly need someone to tell me that it's for real, that I am not hallucinating. That I'm preparing my own wedding, and getting on my own future marriage life. Please, someone! Punch me on my face! :D

Since it's only 5 days to go, I've delivered the preparation to the members of committee, I'm so blessed to have a very supportive extended family, and extended family from my future husband's side as the committee for our event. (Oh yes, future husband! This is the first time I write that phrase here! Please somebody, punch me!! I need to know that he is real, hihi). As they will do the finishing part, I won't really know how this wedding event thing will eventually turn out, but let's pray and hope that everything will be going as planned, insya Allah. 

In the meantime I'll have some me-time to condition my mentality before the day finally comes. Hehehe

Quoting my best friend's sentence: "elo mah yang penting KUA beres ye mussss" :)) True! ;)