It's 2014 Already

Well actually, it's almost the end of Q1. I can tell that time becomes faster and faster every single day without us noticing it.

Anyway.. Before 2014's coming, we've (this we word always refers to my husband and I) spent our last month of 2013 full in Indonesia. We went to several places with family and met some friends, and as well, started our journey visiting gynae.. Ha! We haven't reached our first wedding anniversary yet, but I however already felt that this was the perfect timing to do what we should do. Will consider to share story about that later!

2013 was closed nicely with having so much time being with the family from both of my husband's and my side. (Hurray for babysitting the kiddos! They're adorable!) Yet I should blame this moment for giving me 4 extra kilos! You'll figure it out if you see me in real life. Huhu
At the first week of 2014, my father in law's relative in MY held a wedding party for his son, so father in law and mother in law decided to come as they're invited, and surprisingly asked us to join them! Yay or Nay? Yay of course! 

The next day after the party, four of us headed to Singapore, FIL and MIL chose to stay with us for a couple of days before they go back to Jakarta. It scared me so much to think how messy our flat was, remembering that it hasn't been cleaned for more than a month and we're really in a rush on the day we left to Changi airport for Jakarta. Alhamdulillah everything ran well, though we haven't served our parents at our best, but we've tried to make them as comfort as possible during they stay until their flight back home.

That's how finally we reside in Singapore for not too long as our appointment with the doctor has been scheduled in the end of January.

I need to stop writing here cause I have to deal with the washing machine. Till then!


Hello Again


That's the only name that came into my min when I decided to open this blog again. Yeah right, it has already more than a year I set this one discreet and create another new address without even posting it on a regular basis. I believe that I don't have a good sense of belonging to that new one, cause I have been blogging for almost 5 years here, and when talking about blog, this one is all I can relate to.

Back at that time, I chose to set my blog private due to privacy issues and make it available to invited readers only. I thought that there are too many personal things I posted and it's kind of odd to find my personal things overspread world wide, thanks to search engine. It's what I truthfully felt not so long after I got married. It didn't mean at all that my husband prohibited me to blog like what most people could think of. It's me myself who clearly feel that way. Maybe it's just my twitchy nature as I have just faced a very big change in my life.

Well actually, in the manner of it, I beseech a "give me time while I acquire myself a new life to live and fit in".

Those old times, the main intention of making a blog in the first place is to get myself accustomed in this writing thingy since I thought that myself just being in love in reading book is not enough, so then I hope that by writing simple things or share little thoughts in my everyday here would be kind of helpful. Later on, I somehow always felt more secure to write my personal thought in the blog rather than expressing it in my Facebook account that I've managed to delete a year ago, you may ask why? because I have some professional colleagues connected there; my ex-boss, clients, even the acquaintances I don't really know in real life. But then by the time goes by, it's unsafe now that some people who intentionally want to know more could easily bing or google my name and then finally stumble upon here, and.. end up misjudging. Who am I to complaint? I should have known the risks of having a blog and writing personal things online, but do I care?  I can say that at that time I was consciously dared to take any risks given, since writing a blog was a very best way to pour my feelings out in either joyful or oppressed time. I even didn't feel like feeling sorry for saying rude about a thing and all as I thought that if this is my blog so I have all the authorities to say everything though it's not good at all, people are pleased to think their own way, and there's no need to explain things from my side.

Although knowing and realizing that I've ever be in that state of being has made me sad in some extents,but in a wiser side, I am really happy that this going through has delivered me into my-recent-self; pleased enough to have a wider perspective to see and a drill to ease myself in revealing my feelings and thoughts and all with words in every single day.

Regardless to all those previous behaviors, now I'm eventually back. I see that I really need a place to catch up with words of my thought, my anger, my fear, my anxiety, my gratitude, my happiness, my lovely surroundings, and all that my life. Of course after my husband's continuous favor.

Hello again!