First Few Days

You don’t want to be named as anybody’s girlfriend, and now you’re (going to be) someone’s wife.
For all these times, maybe what most people said about me were right, either I was a cold blooded, heartless, dreary girl, or... just being banal. But no, I'm not, I know I'm not. It's then truest thing I should do I've finally did that when they told me to stop being picky, I insisted to not to stop, because once I eventually picked one up, I wholeheartedly knew that this is it.
That's even truer when in the other hand some closest friends said that it was just too rush and unpredictably so sudden, I keep telling them that this is the best thing I should decide that I've finally decided. Regardless to the big question marks of how and why that everyone could throw. I've asked a lot of how and why to this picked one prior to the decision making process was done, hence when I wake up in one morning and felt sure about what I've got to do, I know that this is it.

I've took everything into consideration, my dearests.. You know I must have thought about this marriage thing from all aspects before everything else, don't you? Of course we do.

However, I hope that nothing between us would be vanished away when each of us (especially me, in this case) steps on the next stone. I can't bear loosing so many; what we've had these years, the ups and downs, our lives themselves.. the indispensable ones. And it's the least thing I wish to happen and I'll guarantee it won't happen. Nothing can take away us from us. :)  Maybe we just need some time to comprehend what we will have going forward. Even I myself still try to figure out this thing inside.

I can't believe that I'm saying this. I know maybe I've just taken what we have had so far only for granted. It is as it is. But knowing that some of you might still have hesitations and felt unsure about later, this is what I can do that I hope we all can relate to.  Love you all.

PS: The first line was adopted (with minor changes) from the scene of (500) days of summer movie.