True Color of Happiness

Being married for almost two years without any big news about me expecting or carrying a developing fetus inside my very own womb has arose some questions from a number of people including family and friends. Well, some of them showed their sympathy to me for being this sort of unlucky and misfortune, meanwhile at the other hand, some wondered how do I feel about it as I never state any despair or desperation. The only I could express is what my husband and I have done so far, everything that we've been through in order to deal with it.  Plus, I merely ask their sincere prayers.

Sometimes, I, as well, ask myself how could I manage myself not to whine in the spotlight. Am I really fine with this circumstance or am I just avoiding people's attention? Tell you what, I just don't get the point of people showing their adversities and weaknesses in front of others besides they really make themselves look so sorrowful. I wouldn't do that because I can sense that I'm not grieving, even if I was, I wouldn't do it either. I just don't.

As I have stated previously, I can't see the misery in me as I am leading a happy life now with my marriage, my family, my activity, and all. Indeed. Why should one mourn a little scratch while he has a healthy perfect whole body? Why down in the dumps while there are so many blessings to be cherished for, other good things we couldn't even count? That's the prologue of what happiness could mean to me.

Everybody puts so many efforts to reach happiness, as it is the most ultimate goal in life one can expect. Whatever it takes to be so called happy will be done. Should money, luxury, status, popularity, friends, kids, be able to bring the joy in our live, we would like to do anything to obtain it. But, can you guarantee that when you've had all of those things, you'll be genuinely happy? Let's talk about some plutocrats who could buy almost everything they want, or about successful magnates who predominate the business industries, or about some popular world known celebrities. After all that they got everything there, why do some of them still put their selves to death by their own accord? Shouldn't they feel happy with what they already had in hand? Why they end up giving up their lives after all? We now can tell that it's not what the real happiness. Right?

So what is it? Where do we can find our happiness? 

Long time before, my definition of happiness was as obvious as I've written above, but it totally changed after I got married.  My husband, in a certain sense, have taught me a new meaning of it. Happiness is, sort of, a state of mind that can adapt to any kind of occurrences in life. Be it good, or bad, worse, and even worst. When adversities come in no time, we are ready and strong to struggle with perseverance, as we've ever acquired blissfulness beforehand. Happiness, in some extents, focuses to gain the pleasure of Allah, once we know we are in Allah's guidance, we can face the hardships and reassure that there will be easiness afterward insya Allah. Anyway, whatever happens then, we've reconciled that it's the best providence Allah has designated for us. Moreover, one thing we should always be aware of is that this temporary life of us was reserved just to obey and worship Allah hence we'll be rewarded us in the hereafter according to the finest deeds we had been doing.

Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer - We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do.

(An-Nahl: 97)

So, why bother thinking about the convenience in this perishable life?

Just then, I won't put myself on distress for one thing that I haven't got yet. No matter how big and complicated the situation is, all I suppose to do now is to be grateful for what I've been given, what I've achieved, and what I've surrounded with. I wouldn't let myself succumb with the condition, even if I feel like falling apart, I shouldn't! Because I have my husband as the biggest blessing with me, and I also have Allah, where I could always go back and ask to.

I can't totally deny that there's some time I can feel down in sadness, but before I drown deeper, I affirm myself that the foundation of happy life lies within ourselves. As long as we feel sufficient with the blessings Allah has given us, we would get tranquility toward the infinite happiness.

It's amazing the affairs of a believer. Indeed all of his affairs are good.  
And it will not be obtained except by a believer
If he gets the pleasure, then he is grateful. So it is good for him
And when he gets in trouble, then he is to be patient. Then it's also good for him.  

(HR. Muslim no. 2999, From shahaba Shuhaib)