Cheat Meal

We've started our gym membership a couple months ago which has brought a quite good result for a beginning. But to gain an additional support, we changed our eating pattern to a more healthy one as well. Upon joining, each of us has lost about 3 kgs in the first two months, but after following through our healthy diet, each of us is now around 6 kgs lighter. ;)

Won't tell much about the diet itself, because it's all already kind of popular these days, such as low carb intake, infused water, less salt, oil, and sugar, not to forget in putting some more vegetables and fruits in the menu. At first it was so hard to totally cut out carbs, but eventually, we've thrown over it from our daily food. Now we can hold up to have a proper amount of carb on the cheating day at the weekend. We're so excitedly looking forward to Saturday where we can set our diet menu aside and have what we currently want at that moment. 

It's so exhilarating even though we should still keep an eye on how much we let ourselves into it. And another fun thing is, that we tried making on our own at home, together. Yeah, it's time for a team work! :) We love eating and cooking! These are some of our November's cheat meals.