Our Fav Places to Eat in Singapore

Ottoman Kebab & Grill @Bedok Mall

Ayam Penyet Ria @Bedok Mall

Swensen's @Parkway Parade

The last and the most favorite one is Nasi Bukhari by Kak Wan @Joo Chiat! Die die must try!

A Couple Year Ago

My husband and I were sitting inside this Cafe located at the first floor of RSCM Kencana hospital, enjoying a bowl of spicy Mie Tek Tek and delicious fried rice while waiting our queue for an appointment with our obgyn at Yasmin Clinic. At that time, we never imagined that the efforts we were doing would finally get a happy ending. Though it was a very emotional and exhausting experience we had to go through, just by seeing our baby daughter's smiles and giggles, I know that we dont want to do it any other way.

4 Months

On Friday 28/8, I never thought that it would be my last day of pregnancy even though I knew that the ending would come any time soon since there were already some bloody shows and mild contraction. Feeling really scared by the misery of being induced, I pushed myself to the limit walking and exercising as much as I could, hoping the dilatation could progress naturally.

Though I was eventually induced anyway, I didnt regret every effort made, as it only took less than 3 hours for us to be completely dilated after the drip has been set up. It was a very fast and bearable childbirth experience for me, where everything was smooth and under control.
Even though that BabyS's weight was only 2,55kgs at that time, alhamdulillah she was born full term and perfectly healthy.

BabyS is now four months old alhamdulillah. I will always pray for you baby, hoping that you'll always be a healthy, happy, kind and lovely person as you are. I can't say that I'm the best mother for you, but I swear I'm trying to.

I'm so glad to know that now we're getting closer to each other from day to day. These days, I love seeing you smiling back to me and laughing everytime I made funny face or funny sounds. I am looking forward to see you sitting, crawling, standing, walking, and every single thing you will do later in your life. Aamiin insya Allah.. 

Cloth Diapering Mama

Our newest batch of cloth diapers has recently arrived! Thanks to a friend who has come back from Jakarta. I can't seem to stop buying again and again because we still need some more as we begin to wash on alternate days. And because it's cheap and easy to maintain too! This Pempem brand is only IDR 70k for each. It's very cheap, isn't it? You know well that everything in Singapore is extremely expensive. We would not consider buying disposable diaper for the long run, at least two or three years until my baby has been properly toilet trained.

I did a little survey regarding the cost of raising child in Singapore once I found out I was pregnant, and then concluded that in the most sensible way, it's best for us to use cloth diapers for our baby after some financial reasonings. We need to get the most bang out of our buck though, otherwise we will be nowhere near ready to go back (for good!) to Indonesia. For that cause, I have to handle additional laundry with poop stains on a regular basis.

This is my very first batch of cloth diaper stash, the picture was taken when I was 7 months pregnant, before they were going to be prewashed for 3-5 times prior usage in order to get the best absorbency.

Our TTC Story

Very long post alert: I've tried to write as brief as I can, I cut explanation parts for some tests and treatments that you can google if you want to know more. I really hope my experience in this post could help someone.


It all began on December 2013, not long after I graduated my masters and finished all works related to the reseach I did for my thesis on September that year. Remembering that it was already a couple year ago, then I'll only write this post according to as many memories as I could recall.

December 2013

Went to Jakarta for a month and had a transvaginal ultrasound for the first time in Yasmin clinic RSCM Kencana on my second day of monthly period. The obgyn suspected that there's an abdominal adhesion, probably between reproductive and digestive organs. I was told to take reproductive hormone test at the laboratorium on the next day to see if there's any abnormalities. The test result was quite good, I got my IgG Rubella positive, meaning that I've ever infected  within these last 6 months and cant get another infection again next time as I'm already immune to it.

Four days later, I had my second appointment with the obgyn, I was gonna get a Histeroscopy procedure to see the condition of my uterus lining. It was a very quick yet quite painful process where a camera was inserted from below where then the obgyn found and removed three endometrial polyps from inside my uterus. The next check for this first round was hysterosalpingogram (HSG) in Bunda Menteng Hospital a week after the histeroscopy. It's a radiology procedure where a specific liquid is inserted through the below part (again!) into my uterus to see the condition of my fallopian tubes. Alhamdulillah they were all good.

So until here, it was still not clear for me what's this abdominal adhesion thing that the obgyn mentioned at the first ultrasound? But I guess we'll discuss about it later. My experience with HSG was considerably not a big deal at all, as for me, the polyp removal during hysteroscopy procedure was more painful. I was still slightly bleeding even at HSG a week later.

Baby S

For a starter, I might just begin with an announcement. Please kindly introduce my baby.. By the time I write this post, she's already 3,5 months old, but in the picture below she was only about 1,5 months old. This blog will somehow talk more less about her, as my life now has revolve around her, her, and her.

Well, This Is A New Hello!

I guess it's the longest hiatus I've ever done throughout my blogging journey, though it's not the first one. Anyway, wow can't believe we're almost at the end of the year, again!

I've been thinking about updating this blog lately but alas, I can't really find quiet time, since now there's a tiny baby cooing most of her wake time, what a truly irresistible distraction. Yes you read it right. After two and half years of marriage, a whole year of medication with a gynaecologist and an andrologist, there's a baby of our own, once and for all.

Okey, I think there will be a lot of things to be updated here, right? Before time passes by way too far and my memory begins to evaporate, it's a good thing trying to write them up one by one. So, where should I start?