Cloth Diapering Mama

Our newest batch of cloth diapers has recently arrived! Thanks to a friend who has come back from Jakarta. I can't seem to stop buying again and again because we still need some more as we begin to wash on alternate days. And because it's cheap and easy to maintain too! This Pempem brand is only IDR 70k for each. It's very cheap, isn't it? You know well that everything in Singapore is extremely expensive. We would not consider buying disposable diaper for the long run, at least two or three years until my baby has been properly toilet trained.

I did a little survey regarding the cost of raising child in Singapore once I found out I was pregnant, and then concluded that in the most sensible way, it's best for us to use cloth diapers for our baby after some financial reasonings. We need to get the most bang out of our buck though, otherwise we will be nowhere near ready to go back (for good!) to Indonesia. For that cause, I have to handle additional laundry with poop stains on a regular basis.

This is my very first batch of cloth diaper stash, the picture was taken when I was 7 months pregnant, before they were going to be prewashed for 3-5 times prior usage in order to get the best absorbency.