Baby Update

Whoop! Baby S is now 9 months old, guys! Can't believe that my tiny pinky baby grows up amazingly. (rabid mom's entry detected) 

Three months ago when she's only 6 months old, I was so worried that she hasn't showed any signs of starting to sit by herself yet, meanwhile the baby of a friend has started learning to stand! I wondered if she's lacking activities that can strengthen her trunk and other muscles. But then, it didn't take long to finally see her trying to sit by herself when she's 7 months old.. All of sudden, because we didn't give her more stimulation or new activities though. Good job baby, you nailed it!

Afterward, we were still surprised that she began to crawl everywhere once she managed to sit by herself. Well, she didn't stop there. A couple of days after crawling, she began to stand, everytime we carried her, she attempted to climb up our face, and when we put her in cot, she stood up holding the railing. And now, she's cruising already. Good job (again), baby!  

The Same Little Prize

So so sooo happy that we could finally see each other again, talk and talk and talk like it's just another lunch, another day, even though actually, it's almost five years since the last time we met! Thanks for visiting me and my baby, dear! And thanks for the thoughtful presents, we love it sooo much! I'm so happy too that we still think of each other after all these years :)


Who is just coming back? Back again? Again.. And again. Well, okay. I still find it hard to steal a little bit of time to write as I promised to myself. There's a moment when I was feeling happy and inspired, I wanted to write. There was a moment when I was all gloomy then I wanted to write too. All things that happened, all about my baby, all my thoughts.. I really want to pour them here like no one would give a damn to whatever it is, but my biggest problem is to find the time to do so. I am all consumed from one morning to another morning by the household chores, looking after my baby, and researching about what to expect and what to do with her developments. That day I researched about activities that would stimulate the strength of her feet, on the other day I surveyed about training cups for infants, and now these days I am still browsing recipes here and there to plan her weekly menu.